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ISM 047: Outsourcing Your Way to Social Business Success with Chris Ducker

March 24, 2014

chris ducker

In this episode of the Inside Social Media podcast, I talk with Chris Ducker. Chris is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, podcaster and one of the foremost experts on outsourcing.

I’ve been friends with Chris for a bit over a year now and I asked him to come on the show because the topic of outsourcing and social media tends to come up a lot in conversations that I have entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Specifically, should you do it? Is it something you should be doing yourself as the owner of your business?

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More About This Show

As business owners, many of us suffer from “superhero syndrome”, a term that Chris uses to describe our thinking we should be doing everything in our business. We’re afraid to give up any control, even if it means it will actually grow our business.

Chris and I break down exactly how working with a virtual assistant can take your social and content marketing to the next level. He shares how outsourcing tasks in these vital parts of your business can be the difference between your customers finding and sharing your content and not being exposed to it at all.

There’s a lot of different directions we can take a topic like outsourcing, but today you’ll learn:

  • If social media is something you should be outsourcing for your business and if it is, how best to do it.
  • You’ll learn the biggest mistake businesses make when outsourcing their social media
  • How virtual assistants can be the difference between people finding your business and sharing your content.
  • We talk about different ways to repurpose the content that you’re already creating and the role virtual assistants can play in that.
  • And a whole lot more here with Chris.

Oh, and make sure to listen to the end of the interview because we’re going to share how you can win a copy of Chris’ new book!

Episode Resources

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Chris’ New Book Virtual Freedom: How to Work with Virtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive, and Build Your Dream Business (affiliate)

Chris’ New Business Podcast

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Insider Show Notes: Outsourcing Social Media with Chris Ducker

  • Time is our most valuable commodity as entrepreneurs.  If we’re wasting our time, we are killing our businesses slowly.
  • “Superhero-syndrome” mentality is killing businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Social is about being social — it’s about taking the conversation away from the blog or away from the podcast or youtube channel.
  • You gotta be where your audience is and that aligns with your business objective, even though you may not enjoy the platform.
  • Chris’ new book, Virtual Freedom, is the essential field guide to virtual assistants and outsourcing the right way.

On the Role Outsourcing Plays In Social Media, Content Marketing, and Content Creation…

  • Your VA can put together prescheduled social media updates but YOU have the final say and approval on the brand voice and messaging.
  • A big mistake companies make who outsource their social media is they don’t check back in with their social accounts to engage with their followers/fans.
  • When it comes to content marketing, virtual assistants can be the difference between people finding you and sharing you and remembering you and not.  There are only so many hours in the day.
  • YOU should be the creator.  Once it’s done, you can turn the marketing and repurposing over to VAs.

Ideas for the Ways Virtual Assistants Can Help with Content Marketing…

  • There are so many things VAs can do to repurpose and market your content
  • You create a podcast episode > VA transcribes podcast > turn transcription into 3 blog post series on your blog > which turns articles into a SlideShare presentation
  • You could turn a video of a live presentation you’ve done and cut it down into 4-5 shorter video clips and market
  • Creating podcasts and videos are great but if you’re leaving it at just that, you’re doing yourself a massive injustice.

On What You, As the Business Owner, Should Not Be Focusing On…

  • Handling emails.
  • Updating social media statuses.

Ideas for Working with Virtual Assistants for Managing Your Social Media…

  • A couple of posts are pre-planned out for the entire week ahead.
  • VA’s job: puts together proposed posts for the week and schedules tweets and posts.
  • Your job: review; make tweaks if necessary; and send approvals, ready for scheduling.

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