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ISM Episode 21: CNN’s Lila King, Senior Director for Social News

August 4, 2013

CNN Social MediaCNN’s Lila King, Senior Director for Social News, is my guest this week on The Inside Social Media Podcast, as my journey to connect with the biggest brands in the world and share with you their social media stories, insights and strategies continues.


I had so much fun during my chat with Lila as talked all about the CNN social media strategy and how we as small business owners can use the fundamental principles of their strategy and adapt them to our own small business while using little to no budget.

In the show today with Lila, you’ll learn about:

  • We’ll talk about the 3 key areas that Lila and her team looks at when determining their daily social media strategy.
  • Lila shares her thoughts on finding your voice in social media and how to go about doing it.
  • The 3 things Lila would do if she were just starting out in social media.
  • And you’ll learn why Lila thinks tools like Vine and Instagram video are changing the way we should be looking at social media. 
  • And of course, much more! 

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Links Discussed During the Show

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Want to report news to CNN?: CNN’s iReport

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INSIDER SHOW NOTES: Lila’s CNN Social Media Strategy Tips

  • Social media is all about connecting with people. 
  • Set a goal for your business and work back from there.  If social media help you attain that goal, then you can figure out which platforms align with your audience and goal and the voice you’ll use to attain that goal.  Everything starts with your goal.
  • If you are going to be on social media, you owe it to your customers to listen and honor their participation.
  • Listen, engage with, and add value to your customers.

On Content Marketing…

  • Identify what your business feels is the most important thing to accomplish and 
  • Think about how you can tell the story of your business through showing the human side of your business in social media.  People connect with people.  Focus your efforts on being human.
  • On Facebook, images with a human face in them tend to get shared more frequently than those images that don’t.  “Humanize” your business.
  • Test different types of content (images, text, videos, contests, etc.) to see which gets the most engagement and do more of what works.

On Creative Ways to Leverage Social Media for An Event…

  • You can tweet and live blog the event, sharing interesting tidbits and behind-the-scenes news about the event.
  • Here’s an idea…if you are doing a webinar and recording it, you could take people’s feedback from your original broadcast and interject it into the recorded version for future viewers.

On Finding Your Voice…

  • How you create content for one channel is likely going to be very different than the way you do it on another channel.
  • Know what your business stands for and what makes you unique.  Then, it’s about figuring out the types of content that allow you to get that uniqueness across to your customers.
  • What matters most to your business?  Make sure that’s reflected in your social presence.

On Where Brands Get Social Media Wrong…

  • Stop talking and talking about YOU.  Listen and be part of the communities that you’re in.
  • The secret sauce of social media is community, people and figuring out what people on a particular platform are doing and trying to be part of that club.  Not forcing your way into it.

On Measuring Your Social Media…

  • Make sure you are mapping all of your social media efforts into your overall business goals.
  • Audience, making money, give fresh and interesting bits of information about your business to your consumers.
  • If you’re using a platform like Facebook or Twitter, you can use the provided analytics to look for patterns over time of what’s working best.  Which updates are getting the most engagement, shares, etc.

3 Things Lila Would Do If She Were Just Starting Out in Social Media…

  • Answer what you are trying to achieve, what are you trying to do?
  • Pick ONE place (channel) to start.  Start small.
  • Listening is probably the most effective thing you can do before jumping into a platform.  It helps you see what people are doing on that channel.
  • Have fun and be true to yourself.

 Trends That Are Affecting Small Business…

  • The ever shortening timeline for videos like on Vine and Instagram video.
  • When you attach video to your social media posts, they tend to get higher engagement.
  • Think about how you can tighten and shorten your video content.  The more clear and concise you can be the better.

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