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ISM Episode 13: Coke’s Ash Brown on the Coke Social Media Strategy & Content Marketing

June 10, 2013

Inside Social Media PodcastAsh Brown, Coke’s Group Director, Digital Communications and Social Media is my guest this week on The Inside Social Media Podcast.

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Coke’s been one of the most requested brands to have on the show and Ash doesn’t disappoint today.

He’s super honest about how he thinks social media fits into a small business’ objectives and his answers might surprise you.

On today’s show we talk about:

  • Coke’s content strategy and Ash’s thoughts on the type of content that small businesses should be creating and sharing.
  • How Coke decides which social platforms to be on and how you can model their strategy.
  • We chat about how Coke leverages LinkedIn, which I thought was really interesting because it’s far more than for recruiting purposes.
  • Ash also shares why social media might not even be the right strategy for your business.

And of course, there’s a ton more actionable content you’re going to love hearing.

The Coke Social Media Strategy: Tips & Insights from the Show

  • LinkedIn is more than just a recruiting tool and business-to-business platform.  It’s an extremely effective social platform full of influencers, professionals, thought leaders, etc. who might be a great target audience for you to reach.
  • The social platform your business is on should depend on your audience and your objective.  Align those things with the right platform, starting with the most mainstream ones like Facebook or Twitter.
  • Once you’re using a social platform, be consistent with it.  Don’t let it get stale.  It can look poorly on your brand.  Have a strategy for keeping it updated.
  • What value are you giving to your consumers who are giving you their time?
  • Content is king!  But remember, what you want to talk about and what your consumer wants to hear is rarely the same.  Always be thinking of your customer — what they want to hear.
  • Create content that people want to engage with and share.  Authenticity matters and look to have a story at the core of the content you’re producing.
  • Coke doesn’t have it all figured out when it comes to social media marketing.  They are experimenting just like we all are.
  • Social media man NOT be the best strategy for your business objective.  Every channel has it’s place and just because it’s big does it mean you have to be there.
  • Key point to remember: social media is more about communication than marketing.
  • Determine the framework of your core message and a communications plan around it.
  • Daily deals along with location-based marketing is a trend that Ash sees becoming more mainstream over the next 12 months.

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