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How To Write Copy Like the Pros: 23 Copywriting Tips From Today’s Experts

February 23, 2016

expert copywriting tipsLet’s be honest…

Writing copy, whether it’s for your ads, sales page, emails, etc. isn’t always so easy.

It can be overwhelming and intimidating.

But here’s what I’ve come to realize:

If you want to write great copy, you have to learn from great copywriters.

When I was creating The Art Of Paid Traffic podcast, I selfishly went after today’s best copywriters to come on the show so that I could learn and bring you valuable content along the way.

My biggest takeaway?

While writing copy for ads is very different than writing copy for email, ads, and sales pages (there’s an art for each one)…

There are underlying similarities to each one too.

In this article, you’re going to get tips and strategies for making writing copy this a whole lot easier from some of today’s best copywriters — subjects like:

Let’s dive in to 23 copywriting tips from today’s experts…

Things To Do Before You Start Writing

Talia Wolf – Ep. #47: Build A Strategy First

It’s exciting when you’re writing a blog post, fixing up a new ad, or creating a landing page.talia

But before you sit down to write, or before you think about what you should be testing, you have to have a strategy in mind.

Think about the most important metrics you’d like to drive, or have a hypothesis – an educated guess about the metric you think will be impacted.

When you’re working with a team, this is how you guide them and keep everyone making progress on the same goal.

Ray Edwards – Ep. #13: Write To A Friend

Sometimes we over complicate things as we brainstorm the “perfect headline” or opening statement.ray

But when you get down to the bottom of it, you want to have a personal relationship with your subscribers.

That’s why you need to think of your email list as friends.

Using phrases like “Hey, are you coming tonight???” or “Check this out” have worked great for Ray in his email headlines.

Take a second now to go through previous emails from your personal network and learn from what’s made them not feel ‘salesy’.

Talia Wolf – Ep. #47: Sell The Dream

Marketing is about selling the dream.

Yes, your products and services need to be helpful…

But people buy emotionally.

Understand your customer on an emotional level and know how your product will help them achieve that result.

Do this right now:

Write out a few sentences that starts with where your target customer is in their life before they find you and then what happens after they discover you.

Then think…

What transformations do they experience?

How will their life change?

When you have those answers, your copy will be better equipped to attract others who have the problem you’re best fit to solve.

Joanna Wiebe – Ep. #57: Mine Amazon Reviews

Are you unclear about what problems to solve for your audience?joanna

An easy way to get the ball rolling is to find the book that solves the problem you’re looking to solve…

…but don’t read the book.

Instead, search on Amazon and go through the reviews for comments, words that your market uses.  What language are they using?

This is great insight into how your potential customers speak and you can use their language in your ads and copy.

Ryan Johnson – Ep. #56: Record Yourself Speaking Your Message

This might be hard, but it’s a great exercise for breaking through tough concepts.RyanWJohnson_Headshot

This isn’t intended to be a “record in one shot” type of thing.

It’s intended to be a way to pull out the things that sound best and most natural from your voice.

The next time you’re stuck writing, or when you want for your passion for your offering to shine through, whip out your handy smartphone and simply record yourself.

Let it all out!

Then, watch or listen to it with a fresh set of eyes to pull out the words and phrases that connect with your market.

Writing Email

Neville MedHora – Ep. #48: Life + Your Topic = Email

Too many people experience the problem of “not knowing what to write about”.neville

I know, I’ve been there.

So when you’re feeling that, think about things that are going on in your life and how they might relate to your niche.

I tested Neville’s advice during my last launch of my flagship Facebook ads training, The FB ADvantage, by sharing more details of my personal life.

The result?

Tons of replies and people saying that they could completely relate.

It works.

Here’s an easy way to do this in your next email or blog post:

  1. Think through simple experiences that have happened to you in the last week
  2. Consider the topic you’re wanting to discuss with your audience
  3. Connect the dots by thinking through the potential lessons or overlap in the stories that can help get your point across to your readers

Ray Edwards – Ep. #13: Read Your Email Outloud

Sounds too simple, right?

And, you’d think more people would be doing this – but they aren’t.

It’s easy to get “wordy” when you’re writing to your list. You want to get it “right”.

If you aren’t reading your copy out loud before you send it or hit ‘publish’, then add this to your checklist asap.

In fact, take the time right after reading this post to go through your blog or your most recently sent email to see how it sounds.

Tweet me here to let me know how it went.

Steve Erl – Ep. #34: Write Your Emails Starting With Your Audience’s Pain Points

When you dive deep into your market’s mind, you get a feel for what they’re struggling with and how you can help.steve

When you’ve found those pain points, you have a starting point for your email sequence.

You’ve “hit the spot” when you’re able to talk about the problem better than your audience can.

Here’s how you can make this easy for you:

Create a spreadsheet that consists of questions your audience has and reference it everytime you go to write an email or post, ad, and sales page.

Talia Wolf – Ep. #47: Ask Yourself… “Why would someone open this email?”

Your audience has a million emails coming in.

That means that you’re fighting for attention from your readers.

An easy way to stand out: your email subject lines.

Talia is a beast when it comes to strategizing here, and recommends you ask this question to yourself:

“When is my audience most likely to open or care about this email?”  Send your emails during those times.

Joanna Wiebe – Ep. #57: Use Your Market’s Word As Headlines

If you can write great headlines, you can write great copy.

I love what Joanna said about getting better at and finding good headlines for your posts, ads, and sales pages:

Listen to what your market is saying, and test those words and phrases as headlines.

Pretty straightforward, extremely effective.

Here’s what you need to do now to implement Joanna’s advice:

  1. Write out 5-7 questions you’d like to know from your audience
  2. Create a survey using Google Forms or WuFoo with those questions
  3. Send the survey to your email list or ideal customers, collect the data then sort through the answers
  4. Use your audience’s language from those answers in your messaging going forward

Ryan Johnson – Ep. #56: Write As Many Headlines As Possible

No one gets headlines correct the first time.

(even the best of them)

That’s why you need to write out as many as you can think of to get out the “not so good ones”.

When you’ve hammered a list out of 10-20, then you can start combining them to make the best ones possible.

You’ll find the exact books and resources Ryan recommends to learn and swipe from in today’s bonus.

Get that here:

Click Here to Get Access to the Free Copywriting Resource List


Copywriting Best Practices

Talia Wolf – Ep. #47: Address Your Customers Emotional Needs

Knowing your market on a deep level means understanding the result your market is looking for.

In reality, they are trying to feel something…

Useful, loved, or a part of something bigger.

Once you know the feeling they’re seeking, reflect that in your ads, on your landing page and in your sales copy.

At the end of the day, people act on emotion – so think through how you can integrate the emotional aspect through your entire message.

Neville MedHora – Ep. #48: Study The “Greats”

This is bigger than you think.

You see, for hundreds (if not thousands) of years, people have been telling stories and learning what provokes action.

One famous and often recommended person to model is Gary Halbert – known as the greatest copywriter of all time.

Neville suggests printing out a free copy or purchasing his infamous “Boron Letters“, which he wrote from Boron Federal Penitentiary to serve as marketing lessons and letters to his son, Bond.

Here’s a great start from Neville on how to become a copywriter.

Ryan Johnson – Ep. #56: Print Out Your Copy

It’s simple…

Sometimes, you’re just too close to the trees to see the forest.

If you want to overcome this, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Print everything out and post it on wall.
  2. Step back so you can see what the process looks like vs tons of tabs on your computer.

If you don’t have your own copy or launch sequence yet, learn by printing out someone else’s.

Copywriting Do-Nots

Neville Medhora – Ep. #48: DO NOT Think That Anyone Cares About You


Because they don’t.

The number one question anyone is asking themselves while reading your copy is simple…

“What’s in it FOR ME?”

The quicker you find your answer to this, the faster your audience will be receptive to your copy and to your offers.

I’m literally considering writing this out and sticking it above my computer.

Join me by handwriting this question out and posting it on Instagram.

Tag me and Neville (@nevmed) for extra credit.

Ray Edwards – Ep. #13: DO NOT Make It Hard To Read Your Copy

As time goes on, and the more you write copy, the better you’ll be.

When you make your copy easy to consume and read, you increase the chances it’ll get read.

It sounds too easy but it’s completely true.

The more you make your audience think the harder it is to get your point across and get the conversion you’re wanting.

Talia Wolf – Ep. #47: DO NOT Think Of Your Landing Pages As A Bunch Of “Elements”

If you take a bird’s-eye-view of your email, launch, or ad sequence – you’ll realize that everything needs to piece together.

All too often, we get caught up on what’s in front of us and end up reinventing the wheel instead of using the progress we’ve made.

Just like a good book, every word creates a sentence, sentences create paragraphs, paragraphs create chapters, and chapter make the book.

It all has to flow if it’s going to make sense.

Here’s a great article to help you implement this now.

Joanna Weibe – Ep. #57: DO NOT Sound Robotic

I’ve had struggles with this because I come from the corporate world.

Sometimes you know exactly what to say, but you sit down to write the copy and it just doesn’t come out right.

If you want your copy to flow, keep it natural.

An easy way to make steps towards this is to strip out the jargon and unnecessary words.

Ryan Johnson – Ep. #56: DO NOT Focus on features

It’s easy to fall into this trap.

Most people want to focus on “How many widgets you’ll get”, vs what the widgets will actually do for the customer.

The market always cares about benefits.

To overcome this trap, sift through your copy and follow up every feature with a benefit and ask yourself “so what?” while revising.

Insider Tips

Steve Erl – Ep. #34: Know Your Customers better than they know themselves

Here’s the truth, if you want to have a successful business, in any field, then you have to know your customers.

What are their objections to your offer?

How do they explain their problems?

What other products or services do they buy?

The genius way of finding out: Surveys (like we talked about above).

Run one to your list so you can discover how you can better help them.

Another advantage to surveys is you’ll also discover your audience’s problem in their words.

Talia Wolf & Neville MedHora: Split Test

On The Art of Paid Traffic podcast we hear about the importance of split testing a lot.

I feel like it doesn’t need to be said, yet so many people still aren’t doing this.

Things like heat maps tools and LeadPages (affiliate link) make it easy to understand which variables work best so that you can learn from and tweak your approach.

Action step:

Decide on ONE aspect of your next email, ad, or sales page and focus all of your intention on just testing that one element.

Joanna Wiebe – Ep. #57: Get Out From Behind The Computer

If possible (and I think you can find a way regardless), you need to “eavesdrop” on your customer.

Too many people base their copy and products off of assumptions that don’t convert.

Let’s say you’re creating copy for lawyers…

Can you shadow a local board room and record the experience?  Sit in the lobby of a local hotel where there’s a lawyer association meeting?

Replay the recording and sit back to hear the words and problems your market is expressing.


Brainstorm 5 ways you can get into your market’s mind by being in their environment.

Ryan Johnson Ep. #56: Rewrite Classic Ads

If you want to get better at writing copy, it’s as easy as finding the best ads from the past and rewriting them to fit your business or offer.

I used to think this was a weird way of improving my copywriter but you know what?  It works!

Rewriting great ads and sales pages is a way to ingrain the best practices and flow from the world’s best copywriters.

Here’s a resource of the greatest sales letters that you can start with.

Next Steps

I’ll be the first to tell you that copy isn’t always easy…

That’s why I’ve taken all of the resources these copywriting masters mentioned in their episodes on The Art Of Paid Traffic and made it into an easy to reference list.

You can download the complete copywriting resource list by clicking the below button:


Click Here to Get Access to the Free Copywriting Resource List


A question for you…

Has your copy been a focus in your business?  Did any of the tips & strategies from the experts resonate with you?

I’d love to hear…leave a comment below about your experience with copywriting.

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