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Death of the Facebook “Like”? Facebook’s new Interest Lists

Things just got a whole lot more interesting for brands on Facebook.

Facebook quietly rolled out a cool new feature this month called an Interest List.

It’s actually very similar to what you’ve been able to do on Twitter for a while now.

According to Facebook, an Interest List helps you “turn Facebook into your own personalized newspaper, with special sections – or feeds – for topics that matter to you.”

In other words, you can now subscribe to lists that contain Facebook updates from companies, politicians, authors, athletes, musicians, sports teams, etc. within an interest or niche that matters to you.

Check out the short Interest List tutorial I created for you here:


Fan of football?  You can subscribe to an “NFL Players Official Pages” Interest List where you’ll see all the Facebook updates of NFL players who are in that list.

Love reading fiction books?  Subscribe to an Interest List that contains updates from authors like John Grisham, Danielle Steele, and Vince Flynn.

Add Value to Your Customers

One of the coolest parts, for me, is the ability to create your own Interest Lists that you can then make available to anyone on Facebook.

No matter what your niche is, you can create an Interest List that contains as many people/brands/organizations/etc. that are within your niche, as you want.  Then, everyone who subscribes to your list will see you as the creator.

Death of the “Like”?

As I’ve studied and played around with this new feature, it begs me to ask the question:

Has Facebook taken the first step in lessening the value of the “Like”?

I raise this question because you don’t have to “Like” a particular Page in order to get its updates if it’s in an Interest List that you’re subscribed to.

Yes, the stand-alone “Subscribe” button, which does allow you to get updates without “Liking” a Page, has existed for a while now but I haven’t seen it widely adopted.  And frankly, I don’t think a lot of people know about it.

Now with this new Interest List feature, all you have to do is find Lists within niches that you’re interested in, subscribe to them, and you’ll get Facebook updates from everyone who is part of that List – all within your News Feed.

This seems to be one way to solve the issue that I hear so much about — that only a small percentage of your updates are actually seen by your Fans in their News Feeds.

I do really like the new Interest List, but I find there to be a few disadvantages with it as well.  I suspect that Facebook will make some updates to it as time goes on.

To learn about these disadvantages, and all about the new Interest List, you can watch my short video tutorial here: 


If you’d like to jump to specific sections, here are the times:

– One way to create an Interest List (0:35)
– Where you can access your Interest List (2:11)
– Sharing your Interest List (3:00)
– Customizing the types of updates you see in your Interest List (3:35)
– Can you delete a List? (4:14)
– The more common way to create an Interest List (4:34)
– Disadvantages that I see so far (6:02)

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