Facebook Advertising

Don’t Make This Mistake with Your Engagement Ads

From what I’ve seen on Facebook lately, people don’t fully understand Facebook’s engagement ads.

Are you one of those people?

I’ve discussed quite a bit how these types of ads are an awesome way to build the number of Fans for your Facebook page.

You know, those ads that have the “Like” with the “thumbs up” at the bottom?

Like this one (no pun intended):

By clicking “Like” I would automatically register as a Fan and start getting updates from Strong Inside Out.

But A LOT of the ads I am seeing lately are making a subtle mistake and the company behind the ads is likely not getting the results they set out to get.

There’s a simple fix, though.

The fix is found in an important distinction that you need to understand when creating your engagement ads.

I’ve created a quick video which explains this distinction so you don’t make these same mistakes.

You can check it out here: Engagement Ads Tip

Are you making these mistakes?

Again, here is the video: Engagement Ads Tip

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