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Education-Based Marketing: The Secret to High Converting Facebook Ads?

June 20, 2015

ultimate sales machineI recently finished re-reading the book “The Ultimate Sales Machine” by Chet Holmes.

I’d actually started it a couple years ago but then my entrepreneurial ADD brain kicked in and I put it down for another book (or two).

So when the book came up in a recent mastermind call, I decided to pick it back up.  This time around, though, I related to it on a whole other level.

Funny how that happens.

One concept from the book that particularly stuck out for me is what Holmes calls “education-based marketing”.

The concept resonated with me because it’s something I used to do in my corporate sales job.

It’s also a strategy that’s 100% relevant to what’s working right now with Facebook ads and also how Facebook really wants us advertisers approaching our advertising these days.

Let me explain…

Through his years of research, Holmes says that within your given target audience, there is always a “very small percentage of folks buying now” — 3% of your audience, to be exact.

He even breaks it down further, saying that within any given target audience:

  • 3% are ready to “buy now”
  • 6-7% are “open to buying now”
  • 30% are “not thinking about buying”
  • 30% “don’t think they’re interested”
  • and the final 30% “know they’re not interested” in your product or service

Ultimate Sales Machine Chet Holmes

Which begs the question:

How do you increase the % of your target audience who might buy from you?

What are things you could say or write in a Facebook ad (or any ad, really) that would appeal to your ENTIRE pyramid of potential buyers?

This is where education-based marketing comes in.

Still with me?  Good, check this out…

Imagine you sell office equipment and you’ve created an ad targeted to 10,000 CEO’s, the people who make the buying decisions in their company.

The headline of your ad is “The Five Ways Our Office Equipment Can Benefit You.”

That seems like a pretty good headline, wouldn’t you say?

Here’s the problem, though:

This kind of headline only appeals to those people in your audience who are “buying now” and possibly those who are “open to it.”  The top 10% or so.

There’s still the other 90% of your audience who is ignoring your ad.

How Could You Appeal to More of Your Audience?

What if you rewrote the headline to be something like this:

Here are “The Five Ways You’re Wasting Money In Your Operations and Administration.”

See the difference?

That’s a big difference from “The Five Ways Our Office Equipment Can Benefit You.”

This new headline is going to get the attention of way more of your audience.

All CEOs are interested in ways to save money.

Since you’ve now gotten their attention, once they click on your ad, you can share ways to help them save money.

You’ve now become a trusted expert in their eyes instead of just someone trying to sell them.

Holmes says that by taking this approach “you’ve now taken your marketing and selling activity to an entirely new level.”

“The hardest thing we need to do today is grab the attention of potential buyers and keep their attention long enough to help them buy your product.  This approach of offering some education of value to them gives you a significant opportunity to attract more buyers and build more credibility.  I call this ‘education-based marketing’…you will attract way more buyers if you are offering to teach them something of value to them than you will ever attract by simply trying to sell them your product or service.”
— Chet Holmes

Facebook Wants Us Thinking Education-Based Marketing 

This education-based marketing approach is exactly where Facebook ads are evolving to.

Remember, Facebook wants to protect the experience of its users at all costs.  And as advertisers, they want us thinking about how we can add value to users first and foremost (educate, help, and inform).

Here’s how you can use this approach if you want to grow your email list and sell more of your stuff:

  1. Run Facebook ad(s) to a helpful blog post on your site (how-to, videos, interview, reviews, etc…) that gives tips and strategies for your niche.
  2. Within the blog post, include an opt-in area where people can give you their email address in exchange for a relevant lead magnet (giveaway) that’s relevant to the blog post topic.
  3. Also, make sure your website is plxel’d with Facebook’s retargeting pixel so you can also build a retargeting audience of those people coming to the blog post.
  4. Retarget these visitors (who didn’t opt-in) with a relevant Facebook ad for your lead magnet.

My Challenge to You

I want to challenge you to start thinking about how you can use this approach in your Facebook ads strategy.

What can you be doing to increase the % of your target audience who might buy from you?

How will you start using education-based marketing to make more highly converting ads? 

Leave a Comment below.

And if you know someone who could benefit from learning about this strategy, send them a link to this article.

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