ISM Episode 14: Eric Kuhn, Hollywood’s First Social Media Agent

Inside Social Media PodcastEric Kuhn, Hollywood’s first Social Media Agent at United Talent Agency is my guest this week on The Inside Social Media Podcast.

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Eric offers a unique perspective on social media in that he helps all of United Talent Agency’s writers, actors, directors, producers and corporate clients think about innovation and digital strategy.

Specifically, how entertainment, content and technology can all come together to move their clients’ goals forward.

The passion that Eric has for social media is contagious and he really brings it here in this interview.

On today’s show we talk about:

  • What it means to be a social media agent in Hollywood. The role Eric plays with the agency’s celebrity clients and why he thinks they should be doing their own social media.
  • The role that social media is now playing in whether Hollywood actors get roles or not, which I found to be really interesting.
  • The latest trends in social media, how they affect small businesses and how to keep from getting overwhelmed by it all.
  • Eric gives his 3 tips for small businesses trying to grow their business using social media.

And of course, there’s a ton more actionable content you’re going to love hearing.

Eric’s Social Media Strategy: Tips & Insights from the Show

  • Social media is not about selling.  It’s about having a conversation.  It’s important to be engaging on social media BEFORE you want to sell something.
  • Social media should be used for listening.  To listen to conversations and hear what’s being said about your projects/business/industry/niche.
  • Social media is used to create a brand and presence.
  • We should never use technology for technology sake.  It needs to accomplish something for you.  Figure out your goal, then determine which platform will help you achieve that goal.
  • Start with your end goal and work backwards.  How do you get there?  What do you need to do?
  • Always think about the user and the platform.  As new platforms come out, put yourself in your consumer’s shoes and figure out how that platform might benefit them.  Ask yourself, would my customer like to hear from me on this platform?
  • The field of social media is so new.  We are all in this together and trying to figure it out.  Find people close to you and get together to share tips, failures, best practices, etc.  That’s how we all become better at this.
  • One benefit of having a strong and strategic social media presence is it makes you more attractive to other people or businesses wanting to partner with you.

On Content Creation

    • Use your mobile device on the go.  
    • Consider getting a student who wants to learn to come in and help you.  
    • Find other people to collaborate with and bounce ideas off of.

On Ideas for Measuring Your Campaigns

    • You could look at the sentiment of your brand.  
    • What positive or negative things are people saying about you?
    • You can look at the volume tweets that are happening over a period of time.
    • Work backwards from your goal.  Are you getting closer to or achieving your goal?
  • Don’t forget some of the basics like email or a handwritten note.  (or Podcasting!)  It allows you to cut through the all the clutter that exists today.
  • Content is KING.  Create content that people want to engage with and interact with.
  • Be social.  Use social media as a customer service tool.
  • Be a curator.  People want to follow you because you represent something to them,  You don’t have to produce all of your content.

On What’s Trending, What’s Around the Corner?

  • Be focused on design and think about the mobile experience.
  • Coding can be a really valuable skill to have going forward.  Plenty of resources out there to learn.

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