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Evergreen Funnels: Q&A

October 20, 2021


Today, we’re going to be diving into a really, really fun topic. 


If you listened to last Friday’s Quick Tip Episode, I shared with you something that is a bit controversial about how launching in your business is doing you and your potential customers more harm than good.


If you’ve not heard that episode, definitely go check it out. 


So today, I want to do an Evergreen Funnel Q&A. 


These questions are from my Accelerator coaching members and people who have been reaching out to me regarding evergreen funnels. 


So in this episode, you’ll learn the answers to the following: 

  1. Who is evergreen right for? I’ve seen many of my students think that evergreen is the ultimate passive income business. 
  2. Should your offer be on evergreen or live launches?
  3. What do you focus on if you’re not seeing sales on your evergreen funnels?
  4. What offer price will work best?
  5. Do you send follow-up emails to those who didn’t watch your webinar?
  6. Is discounting the price of your course or membership a good idea?


I’m also going to share tons of different ways to sell your online course or membership on evergreen, how to increase sales on your evergreen funnel, and tips around creating urgency in your offers other than discounting. 


Although it’s a continuous and tedious work, there’s a lot of big surprises, successes, and sweet spots you can expect from an evergreen funnel.


And by the way, this is our first Q&A episode that I’ve done in a long time here on the show, and I’m going to do a lot more in upcoming episodes. 


Appreciate you for always tuning in, and hope you enjoy and learn key takeaways from this podcast… 


Discussion Points In Today’s Episode:

0:00 Introduction

2:25 Who’s and who’s not fit for evergreen funnels? 

4:57 Ways to sell your online courses on evergreen 

17:11 Should your offer be on evergreen or live launches? 

22:13 Increasing sales in your evergreen funnel 

32:17 Offer prices that work best for evergreen 

35:43 Should you send follow-up emails when people don’t show up? 

40:47 How to warm people up prior to making offers 

45:31 Create honest urgency with something other than discounting 


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Then my Accelerator coaching program may be for you. 


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