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Expert Tips on Podcasting: Part I with Charley Valher

July 7, 2021



Are you someone who is thinking about starting a podcast, is in the middle of starting a podcast or is interested in growing an existing podcast?

If so, these episodes are going to be for you.

My good friend Charley Vahler, a podcast connoisseur and the CPO (Chief podcasting officer) at Valher Media, is joining me to talk about all things podcasting! 

I am breaking this interview into two parts because there is so much valuable information that I want to share with you whether you are just starting a show or you have had one for years.

You can expect to hear who should and shouldn’t be starting a podcast, what’s working right now to reinvigorate shows, the types of shows that you can use to differentiate, all about video podcasting, and more in this episode which is Part I!


On Today’s Show You’ll Learn: 

  • The benefits of podcasting
  • The effect of saturation in the podcasting space
  • Who should or should not start a podcast
  • How to differentiate your show from the next
  • Common mistakes made by new podcasters
  • Ideas for differentiating the format of the types of episodes
  • What to know about Facebook and Audible for podcasts
  • How to keep up with what’s new in the podcasting space 


Remember, it is absolutely not too late to start a podcast! I get asked this all the time by my Accelerator Coaching members, and I always tell them that!

If you already have one, and you’re looking to differentiate a little bit and grow so that you can reach more people within your specific niche, I hope you found Part I with Charley super helpful. Don’t forget to come back for Part II where we are covering how to promote your podcast!

Speaking of, I want to invite you to apply for my Accelerator Coaching Program! This is for those of you that already have some success but want to scale and optimize toward seven figures or more while working less. You can apply at!


Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode:


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