#121: Starting a Facebook Ads Management Business: 5 Critical Steps

Want to have a business managing Facebook ads for other businesses?

Maybe you’re trying to get your online business going and want to supplement your revenue with a side hustle…

Or maybe you want to learn Facebook ads so you can have a full-time gig managing ads for other businesses…

Maybe you’re already really good at Facebook ads and now want to create a business with your skillset, but you’re not sure where to start and how to get clients…

If you’re nodding your head to any of these, there are 5 things you need to consider as you start working with clients.

These are actually critical even if you’re already managing ads for other businesses.

You see, Facebook ads are hands-down the fastest and easiest ways to grow a business, whether it’s an online business or a local one.

Yet a ton of businesses don’t want to manage their own ads, which is why there’s massive opportunity to have a thriving business as a Facebook ads manager.

On today’s episode of The Art of Paid Traffic podcast, I’ve answered the biggest questions I get about starting a business managing Facebook ads for other businesses.

In the episode, you’ll learn all about:

  • Figuring out exactly who your ideal client is
  • How to land your first customer
  • The biggest mistake people make with niching down and why it can be the difference between quickly scaling and trudging along.
  • Why being a jack-of-all-trades can slow your progress and growth as an agency.
  • We dive into pricing and how much you can charge for your services.

To accompany this episode, I’ve put together a free PDF checklist for you…

The Ideal Client Checklist lists everything you need to consider BEFORE bringing someone on as a client.

This checklist will make sure you’re setting yourself up for success right from the start when working with clients.

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Transcript of Today’s Episode

[00:00:06] This is the show where I bring you the best tips tactics and strategies for using paid traffic to grow your business on autopilot you'll also hear what's working and not working right now from the top minds in online marketing so that you get more leads and sales every day without having to empty your wallet in the process. All right let's jump into it.

[00:00:29] What's going on. Everybody welcome back to the art of paid traffic podcast Rick. I'm already here. Welcome to episode number one hundred and twenty one. Hope this finds you well whatever you're up to today. Thanks so much for coming to hang out with me. Really excited about today's episode because I'm going to be answering your questions about starting a Facebook Ads management business. I get a ton of questions about this every single week. You know what's the best way to start your own Facebook Ads management business whether this is something that you want to start as a side hustle you know on the side of what you're already doing maybe while you're building your online business right now maybe you want to manage Facebook ads full time as your business. Maybe you're already good at Facebook ads and now want to create a business out of it but maybe you're not sure how to start that business and get some clients going. So today we're going to be diving in and talking about figuring out who your ideal client is how do you land your first customers should you niche down and specialize in a certain type of business. How much do you do for your client like do you write their content do you create images landing pay to set up their web site et cetera and then finally I'm going to be talking about probably the question I get the most from people who want to be managing Facebook ads for other businesses and that is how much do you charge for your service. So before we dive in though I put together a free PTF checklist for you.

[00:01:52] It's the ideal client checklist where I've listed out everything that you need to consider and if necessary as potential clients before you bring them on as clients so this checklist is going to make sure that you're setting yourself up for success right from the start. When you're beginning to work with clients so to download the ideal client checklist just go over to the show notes page for today's episode which is over at Rick Mulready dot com forward slash 1 to 1 Rick Mulready dot com forward slash 1 to 1. All right let's get into it shall we. Let's start talking about you know who is your ideal client. This is something that you really really need to think about as you start with your ads management business because the idea here is to set yourself up for success as much as possible right from the get go. And that means choosing clients that you know you can win with when starting out too many times I talked to people who are starting to manage Facebook ads for other businesses. You know they're just kind of getting going and they're taking clients like wherever they can get them you know they might be working with a local chiropractor and then a local auto parts store and then maybe an online business and they're kind of all over the place and that can be really you know I get why you'd want to do that. I get why you want to just kind of take any client that you can get because of course you got to pay the bills. But I really want to caution you against that.

[00:03:22] And we're going to talk about knitting down here in a few minutes but I really want you to start off by thinking about who is your ideal client. Because once you have an understanding of who that is that's going to set yourself up for success as much as possible right from the beginning. OK. Some of these things to think about as you are you know having these conversations and thinking about who your ideal client is he definitely want to be letting them know and setting the expectations with these clients about things like you know what they can expect for a cost per lead letting them know you know what hey paid traffic is not an overnight guarantee of a windfall of new customers so many small businesses out there and online businesses as well who are not very familiar with Facebook Ads think that you know OK cool ima start Facebook ads and boom I'm going to have you know a hundred new customers coming into my business within the next couple of days. And you know you've got to set expectation with that. So a client too is expecting you to do that is probably not the best kind of client to start off with because those are sort of some false expectations that they can be having of you. And that's really hard to start off with. Obviously you want to be working with somebody who has budget to spend. You know maybe someone whose business that you can measure the success of their Facebook advertising very clearly without having to jump through a bunch of hoops. I've talked to a lot of people who are managing Facebook ads. I feel like chiropractors and dentist come up a lot.

[00:04:57] Those are really really good people to be approaching about running Facebook ads for. But measuring the actual success of those Facebook Ads meaning like someone comes in as a paying customer into those new practices to be able to measure that. You know that's a little bit more advanced so maybe that's not something that you start off with you know right from the getgo. You also want to be looking at the type of business who has an offer. Can you work with them to market with your Facebook ads so obviously you've got to have an offer so make sure that a.. That you are maybe approaching about working with has a really good offer that you could maybe work with them to come up and maybe refine a little bit to go with the Facebook ads. You know it's always good when they're doing other forms of advertising you know are they doing Google Adwords or are they doing weekly like you know those coupon mailers like Vau packs or something like that I get them every week here in San Diego. Are they doing radio or are they doing local newspaper whatever it is that they're doing. If they're doing other forms of advertising that means that they obviously have budget to spend on ads and that would be a really good type of client to consider because then you can get into looking at what are they spending on these other channels what's there are A-Y on those channels. And then you can compare it to Facebook ads.

[00:06:15] Once you start working with them and another one this is if you're it's a local business that you want to approach and they're going to be ideal if you know their business if you know their business and you go into their business a lot. Maybe it's a local restaurant where you I don't know go hang out a coffee shop or whatever it is. If you know them and go to their business quite a bit you know their business because you're a customer of theirs so they might be a good one to start off with there and you're going to have additional information as far as figuring out if they're your ideal client. OK. So remember I put together a checklist for you we go into a little bit more deeply there on the ideal client checklist that you can download over on the show notes for the episode today. OK. So let's move on to how do you land that first customer. OK so once you've identified the sort of the characteristics of your ideal customer you know then you can look at OK do I want to work with online businesses. Do I want to work with local businesses. Do I want to work with maybe a little bit of both. Well if you want to work with an online business you know this is about the low hanging fruit How can you land your first customer. If you're just getting started and if you do want to work with local businesses. Awesome. Well you know think about do you have any friends out there who have online businesses. You know people that you've met in the online space maybe you know their business maybe you're on their e-mail list and you see what they're doing in a really big fan of what they're doing.

[00:07:39] That might be an easy person to reach out to to see if you can start working with them to maybe help them out. From a Facebook adds perspective. OK. Likewise if you want to approach local businesses I'd recommend kind of what we're talking about there with the ideal customers list out and brainstorm all the businesses in your town that you frequent. OK we all have businesses that we go to on a regular basis. There's a few coffee shops just for as an example here in San Diego that I go to quite a bit. They know me by name and face in there and I know about their business because I go there quite a bit. So if I were looking to start managing ads for local businesses here in San Diego I would probably start there because I already have that relationship with them. So think about what businesses in your local area that you frequent and that you go into quite a bit. And if you're just starting out and you've not yet worked with any clients maybe offer to work with them for free for maybe like 30 days. OK. So as long as the business pays for the ad spend then you offered them and like hey I'm going to offer to work with you I'd like to work with you for the next 30 days for free you'd just pay for the ad spend. I'm going to prove to you that Facebook ads can help grow your business depending on whatever their goal is. OK.

[00:08:58] And it’s also very common in this sort of instance there if you’re doing free work maybe you ask them for a testimonial and you could use that experience as a case study to get other clients for you. OK so you prove to them that you can help their business and then from there after maybe 30 or whatever day mark then you can figure out an arrangement for being paid for your work going forward. Okay. And then if they don’t want to continue at least you got that experience and a potential case study and testimonial to take you into the next client that you might want to work with an approach in next week’s episode here the podcast episode 122 you’re going to hear from a student of mine his name is Mike Barnett and he followed this process that I’ve just talked about here to get his first client so his buddies own a pizza joint to where he lives in a town up in Washington. And so he approached them same sort of thing he was friends with them this was a pizza place that he went to so he knew it and he approached them about running some Facebook ads for them. And this is the exact process that he did offer to do it for them for free a little bit. And as you’ll hear him say next week in the episode for the first month he was paid in pizza and high fives. So and he crushed it. So we’re going to talk about that it’s a case study episode coming up next week for episode number one to two. And so you know now he’s talking to them about being paid and what that arrangement looks like no more.

[00:10:22] Well maybe in addition to the pizza and high five so you can put money in his pocket. So let’s move on to the next question get a lot and this is should you niche down and specialize in a certain type of business. And I think hitching down when you want to manage ads for other businesses I think notching down is one of the smartest things that you can do because the quicker that you can niched down the easier it’s going to be for you. And the quick that you’re going to be able to scale your business ditching down allows you to do things like gather very similar case studies and testimonials if you have a group of similar businesses and you’ve got case studies and testimonials that’s going to make it much easier to get new clients. Okay. And then you can also use those similar strategies and tactics for the Facebook ads that you’re running. All right because they’re all similar types of businesses. This is also when you niched down also going to allow you to streamline processes and systems in your business because you’re working with one niche you can be really really efficient because you’re working within one niche. All right now something to think about here. If you are let’s just say you’re notching down within a local area within your local area. Let’s say that you’re working with. We’ll go back to the chiropractor example I used before. You know you might want to consider the exclusivity factor.

[00:11:46] So if you approach a business and when you’re first approach them for business you let them know that this is an opportunity for you to get them results and that you will not work with any other chiropractor within like a certain radius so that can be used for you know when you’re negotiating with them. So that’s something to think about if you’re notching down but I’d definitely recommend that quicker that you can pitch down the better it’s going to be for you. It is going to be far more efficient for you. You’re going to build a scale quicker easier to get new clients because you’ve got similar case studies and testimonials and so on. Then once you feel like you’ve sort of mastered a niche if you want to then you can maybe move into another niche and then you just repeat that whole process that you went through with the original niche where you know you’re creating those systems and processes within that becoming very efficient. And now you’re just working within another niche. A great earlier episode of the podcast here to listen to if you want to hear a great example of how somebody did this and it really niched down episode number one 11 with Rob Bailey. He breaks it all down that was a really really popular episode got a lot of feedback and he texted me after that episode when I was like Man your listeners are awesome because on that episode he gave out his cell phone number and he got inundated. I warned him about that and he got inundated so if you want to check that episode out Rick Mulready dot com forward slash 1 11 Robbs built a very successful ads Management Agency for himself. He breaks it all down how he did it in episode number one 11. So let’s move on to the next question. How much you do for your client.

[00:13:26] You know do you write their ad copy. Do you create their images do landing pages do you set up their web site all these different things. This is really one of those that is completely up to you and we talk about this actually in that Rob Bailey episode and I’m not going to spoil anything but Rob originally was sort of that Jack of All Trades kind of agency where he was doing as CEO and content marketing and Facebook ads and he was doing all these different types of things while he was not happy doing that. And once he you know focused number one just on Facebook ads and then from there he niche down that’s when his business exploded. So when you’re doing all these different types of things of course and this is up to you just like Rob was you could quickly become a jack of all trades kind of agency which as I mentioned again depending on what you want and what your goals are that can get dangerous very quickly and make it a lot harder to specialize. So and of course if you do want to offer more services make sure that you are charging accordingly. So you know if you are going to take on any of those additional services you want to be compensated for it. So but what I recommend though is if you’re starting to grow a Facebook Ads management business try and focus on getting as much as you can from your client you know like images that you can use in whatever kind of ad copy that you can use because they know their business the best.

[00:14:50] You know when it comes to images if they have some images in the business that you could test awesome if they don’t have any kind of images Well you’re going to have to create or find yourself sourced them yourself when it comes to ad copy. As I mentioned they know their business best so if you can get them to write any kind of copy or maybe they are running other advertising that you can kind of look at the ad copy that they’re using there. You know if you can get them to write some copy maybe with your direction that’s going to be really great for you and that’s going to make your job and life a whole lot easier if you need to write the copy yourself. Obviously make sure you learn as much as you possibly can about your client and their target audience that’s a given if you’re going to have to write the copy yourself. You’ve got to know as much as you possibly can about that client. You know landing pages you’re likely going to have to create those yourself because you are the expert. The cool thing is though is using tools like lead pages or insta page or click funnels. You know those tools make it super easy to create those landing pages. So again that’s probably something that you should be doing if you’re going to be managing ads for other businesses that do this sort of part of your service. I wouldn’t recommend when we’re talking about things like setting up their web site or anything like that. I wouldn’t recommend getting into things like that.

[00:16:09] Again you can quickly go down the rabbit hole of being a do it all kind of service which I don’t think is very effective. Again if this is something that you want to do by all means go for it but make sure that you’re going to be charging accordingly. And you know that’s the case if you’re doing things like that. That’s something where I may consider looking at hiring people to how in your team to do those types of things for you who specialize in building sites or you know content marketing or whatever. OK. So let’s talk about this last question here and this is probably the biggest question that I get around managing Facebook ads for other businesses and this is how much do you charge for your service. Well there’s really no right answer. OK. It’s looking at what the market is doing you know other Facebook Ads managers and picking something that feels good to you. Keeping in mind that there is a perceived value in what you’re charging so the higher that you’re charging that’s going to make you more exclusive make you look more exclusive. But there are also the expectations are going to be there too that if you’re charging more you’re going to get you’re going to get results. Okay. And likewise on the other side if you’re just charging maybe a couple of hundred bucks a month or something like that there’s going to be perceived value there as well. You know it’s on the flip side maybe you want to consider that when you’re just starting out and then what do you do you can charge a flat fee you can charge a percentage a month.

[00:17:30] The ad spend a flat fee plus a percentage of ad spend you can charge a you know a one time setup fee plus the monthly fee. So what do you go with. I mean with all these different options well what I recommend that you do is look at this in phases. Meaning working through different pricing options as you get more experience so if you’re just starting out maybe you’ve done a few campaigns for free then maybe you want to start charging maybe like a flat fee of something like three to five hundred dollars per month. OK. Then the more experience and success that you get and you start to scale that pricing maybe you scale it up to say like between 500 and $1000 per month as I’m going through these examples here I just wanna remind you that there’s no right or wrong when it comes to pricing. But with the numbers I’m sharing here is kind of what we see out in the marketplace. OK. Then again continuing with that scaling as you get better and better and you’re really getting good results with your clients are running quite a few campaigns. You know maybe then you can get into that maybe like fifteen hundred twenty five hundred dollars per month plus a percentage of ad spend level. You know we’re moving forward there and again with that higher price comes a perceived value of your services in the market. But also with that a higher expectation of you know the type of results that you’re going to get. Okay.

[00:18:56] And so something that you also want to consider when you are thinking about pricing is how much is your client going to be spending you know are they just going to spend a couple hundred bucks you know a month are they going to be spending tens of thousands of dollars per month. The more they’re spending the more work it’s going to be on us so you’ll want to be charging accordingly. And as I mentioned earlier sort of along these lines something else that you might want to consider is a one time setup fee because it’s a lot of work when you’re first setting up a Facebook ads campaign. You know all the targeting audience research and talking to the client and learning as much as you possibly can and if you’re right in the copy and doing the images and stuff like that and then you have to set the campaign up and so forth. So depending on the size and the scope of the campaign you know this is something that you might want to consider charging a one time setup fee in addition to the monthly fee that you are charging. And you know unfortunately this setup fee could be anywhere from like $500 to $5000. Again this is depending on your experience and the scope of the campaign that you are working with. So I recommend basing whether you’re going to charge a set up fee based on the scope of the campaign that you’re working with and how elaborate it is. OK. And it’s also a good negotiation tool there too it’s a good opportunity for if you’re negotiating with the client if you’re looking to sign a new client you know maybe this set of fee is something that you wave and that will help you sign that client. OK.

[00:20:30] So just another thing to think about but just to recap that really quick I would look at the pricing in phases so you’re just starting out you know you’re only charging maybe a couple few hundred dollars a month may say three to five hundred dollars per month as a flat fee. Then the more experience and success that you get. That’s really key. Then you can start to scale maybe move up between 500 and $1000 per month. And then from there maybe look at doing the monthly fee plus a percentage of ad spend that the company is spending maybe you look at between fifteen hundred and twenty five hundred or 3000 per month plus a percentage of ads been level. So again just remember that how you price your services is going to be a perceived value on you and your services. So it’s it’s higher there’s a greater value being looked at for you and your services but also a higher expectation of getting great results for your clients. So managing Facebook ads for other businesses is a great way to create a business for yourself.

[00:21:32] There is so much demand out there and opportunity and it’s only increasing frankly there needs to be more people out there who actually know what they’re doing when it comes to managing Facebook Ads I hear so many stories they’re not my students but I hear these stories out there of businesses working with people to manage their ads and I’m hearing what they’re being told and you know maybe they’re showing me a screen shot their results or something like that and that person does not know what they’re doing so it’s my goal to make sure that there are more people out there who are going to be managing Facebook ads for other businesses that they actually know what they’re doing. So I hope this was helpful for you if this is something that you’re looking to do you know create an advantage in business for yourself maybe it’s on the side of what you’re doing or maybe this is something that you want to do full time. I hope this was helpful for you as I mentioned at the top of the show. I put together a free PTF checklist for you. It’s the ideal client checklist where I’ve listed out everything that you need to consider and if necessary, as potential clients before you bring them on as client. This checklist is going to make sure that you’re setting yourself up for success or right from the start. When working with clients to download your ideal client checklist just go over to the showboats page for today’s episode which is over at Rick Mulready dot com forward slash one to one. And as I mentioned earlier also coming up on the show next week. I’m excited to welcome Mike Barnett. He is one of my students. Really excited to have him on the show. He’s an awesome guy.

[00:23:05] He’s going to be sharing how he’s very smartly creating a manager in business one pizza and high five at a time so I’m really excited to bring that episode. Thank you so much again for listening to the show today really appreciate it until episode number 1 2 2. Keep testing your paid traffic to find out what works for you and your business and then do more of what’s working. And I’ll see you in the next episode.

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