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Two Reasons Why the New Facebook Ads Dayparting Targeting Isn’t All That…Yet.

My wife Amy was in Denver this past weekend for her latest charity tour stop, raising money and awareness for suicide prevention through her fitness bootcamps.

If you’ve seen one of my latest webinars, you know that she and the movement she’s created are a huge reason that I focus so much on Facebook ads.

My business allows me to support us while she is saving lives…literally.

While she was out of town I scored some sweet new-husband-points by dropping her car off for an oil change and a few other repairs that needed to get done.

I Lyfted home from the garage (you have ride-sharing in your town, right?  I LOVE it) and while I was in the car I started thinking about how a business like Lyft could benefit from Facebook’s brand new daypart targeting feature.  

Geeky, I realize, but such is the stuff I think about.

If you’re not sure what dayparting is, it’s when you show ads during specific hours of the day — either when your target customer is online or if there are certain hours of the day that best align with your product or service.  

You know how if you’re watching a morning TV show and you see commercials for breakfast food? That’s a basic example of dayparting.

It’s been a staple of the advertising world forever and we can now do it with Facebook ads.

Keep This In Mind, Though…

I think Facebook ads dayparting targeting is a capability that’s long overdue.  

However, before you get too excited, there are two big factors that you NEED to consider before you start using it with your ads — factors that, if ignored, could quickly waste your time and money.

When Lyft dropped me off on Saturday, I ran in and recorded the above short video (2:30) for you where I share what these two factors are as well as my overall thoughts on this new Facebook targeting capability. 

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I want you going in with eyes wide open.

After watching the video, I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Is this targeting something you could see yourself using?  

Leave a Comment below and share your thoughts.