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How to Create High-Converting Facebook Ads Landing Pages

I hosted a Google Hangout recently where a bunch of people joined me live for an informal Q&A about Facebook ads.

If you were one of those who jumped on, thanks again for joining!

I originally scheduled it for 30 minutes, thinking it would be enough time to chat, answer questions and teach some new ad strategies.

Was I ever happily wrong!  We talked for over an hour and 15 minutes and had an absolute blast.

In addition to being told I need some more furniture (I was live on camera and people could see my apartment that we recently moved into. Ha, they were right!), there were a ton of great questions.

Many of them centered on Facebook ad targeting and how to reach specific target customers, while others were about tweaks that could be made to make a good ad campaign even better.

Ahhhh, I love when people want to try and improve an already successful campaign!

One tweak I suggested they make is one that can quickly take your Facebook ads from good to great and one we should all, in fact, be testing in our campaigns.

Since the hangout, I’ve heard back from many who joined me that this one tweak has dramatically improved their results.

So, since what I suggested is something that can help anyone who is already running or even considering a Facebook ad campaign, I thought I’d share it with you here.

Facebook Ads Landing Pages Make All the Difference

The tweak I recommended is to split-test different landing page-styles for their ads.  Meaning, use two landing pages for the same ad to see which one converts better.

I also made sure they were including key elements of effective Facebook ads landing pages, like:

  1. Attention grabbing headline that’s consistent with the text copy in your ad.
  2. Sub-headline that supports the main headline.
  3. Image or video of you (or your client if you’re working for one).
  4. Benefits of what you’re offering (simple and clear language).
  5. Social proof, like testimonials.
  6. Simple and obvious call-to-action.

Some on the Hangout were reluctant because creating effective landing pages quickly can been a pain in the butt — especially for “non-techie” people (like me!).

I told them there’s quite a bit of software out there, actually, that makes it really easy to create great landing pages.

One software, in particular, has been a complete game-changer for my business since I started using it about six months ago.  I revealed that it’s one of my “secret sauces” in my Facebook ad campaigns.

It’s called LeadPages and I use it nearly every day in my business.

With my Facebook ad campaigns, I’ve never had such high conversion from my landing pages.

It’s helped me grow my email list faster than I ever have.  I use it for my opt-in pages, sales pages, the launch of my Facebook ad trainings, webinars and a ton more.

And because I am such a “non-techie” guy, it’s great because all I have to do is choose a template, fill in the info I want to include and hit “publish.”

Even More Ways to Generate Leads

Another reason I’m a fan is the team behind LeadPages.  They’re just like us, working to generate leads and sales for their business. 

These guys are always looking for ways to make the software better.  For example, they recently introduced a couple of cool newer list-building features called LeadBoxes and LeadLinks.

LeadBoxes allows you to connect an email lead capture box to any link that you set up.  Someone clicks on the link and boom, an opt-in box appears.

Click this link to see it in action

And then with LeadLinks, you can have people instantly register for your email list or your webinar by clicking on a single link.  They don’t have to opt-in or give any additional info.  If they’re already on your email list, and they click on the link to register for your webinar, they’re then given a special tag for your webinar in your email provider.  Pretty cool, right?

On the Hangout, people asked if I would share my screen and briefly walk them through LeadPages.

So, if you weren’t able to join or you’d like see a bit more about it, I created a quick video for you. You’ll see me walk you through how I quickly create high-converting landing pages in 5 minutes and the exact steps for how I use LeadPages in my business.

Like I mentioned earlier, LeadPages is one of the best software tools I’ve ever used for my business and I’m happy to share it with you today.  If you’re not yet creating landing pages for your business, then keep it in mind for down the road.  If you are already creating them in your business, it’s a great opportunity to accelerate your lead generation and sales.


Note:  Yes, I’m a proud affiliate for LeadPages which means I get a small commission if you choose to sign-up.  Like I mentioned, there are certainly other options out there for creating landing pages, but again this is my recommendation based on my own experience and success with LeadPages.  If you do sign-up through my link, thanks very much for your support!