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#89: How to Create a Killer Facebook Ads Management Business with Kerry Swetmon

June 15, 2016

Have you taken any time lately to consider why you do the work you do?

And maybe even think about the bigger picture of why and how you’re leveraging paid traffic to accomplish big things?

In this episode of The Art of Paid Traffic, I interview one of my FB ADvantage students, Kerry Swetmon, about how she’s created an awesome-ly successful business for herself managing Facebook ads and business strategy for other entrepreneurs and small businesses.

It’s students like Kerry who represent the big picture in my own business. It’s incredibly rewarding for me to play even a small roll in her entrepreneurial journey.

Kerry’s the founder of SystemEnvy.com, a business she started to help busy entrepreneurs with the systems and processes that matter most when it comes to successful marketing and operations.

She’s been a student of mine for just about a year now and since we first started working together, I’ve watched Kerry make a name for herself as a uniquely-niched Facebook Ads expert.

Now, she’s spending most of her time serving her ideal clients through Facebook Ads management services.  Not to mention, some pretty “high profile” clients.

Kerry’s business didn’t start as a Facebook Ads “agency.”  But she’s made some smart decisions that helped her to organically transition into doing the type of work that allows her to live life on her own terms.

Still, Kerry’s currently working to scale some specific areas of her Facebook Ads management business so she can spend even more time on the stuff that matters most in her life (like her husband and 3 kids).

So in this episode, we’re talking all about how to operate and scale a highly-successful Facebook Ads management business.

This conversation was a lot of fun because Kerry and I put our heads together a bit to work through some specific solutions for scaling her business. We cover a whole range of things that almost all entrepreneurs eventually face as their businesses mature.

You’ll find this show eye-opening and value packed — and get ready to walk away with real insight on what it’s like to grow and scale a successful Facebook Ads management business.

On Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How Kerry grew her business 3x in 45 days while juggling family time with her husband and 3 kids
  • Why niching down allowed Kerry to organically make a name for herself among an entire community of experts
  • The 5-Step Framework for Scaling a Successful Facebook Ads Management Business
  • Which systems and processes Kerry uses to onboard new clients — even while she’s growing and training her team
  • Where to begin when you’re ready to scale your business so you can step away from time to time, without everything coming to a screeching halt
  • How Kerry hired team members to handle the most time-consuming aspects of her work (design and working with Power Editor)
  • The top mistakes Kerry’s clients make when they first start working with Facebook Ads
  • Kerry’s pricing strategy for her services
  • And a lot more…

Plus, you can get access to an exclusive download I put together just for today’s episode. This PDF takes you through the 5-Step Framework for Scaling a Successful Facebook Ads Management Business.

The Framework will show you, step-by-step, how to scale ad management offerings for maximum impact (and maximum entrepreneurial freedom).

To download the Framework just text AOPT89 to 44222 (US Only).

Or, you can also download the Framework by clicking the image below:

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