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ISM 052: Facebook Advertising – How to Create a Profitable, Automated System of Leads & Sales

May 28, 2014

Facebook ads

In this episode of the Inside Social Media podcast, I bring you part two of my two-part series on Facebook marketing.

If you missed part one, episode 51 with Amy Porterfield, don’t miss it as it’s chalk full of tips and strategies you can start using right away.  You can check it out here.

In this solo episode, I share with you the 7 steps to creating a profitable Facebook ads system that generates leads and sales for your business on autopilot.  These are proven strategies that I use every day in my business as do my students.  And the best part of it is once your ads are set up and getting you profitable leads and sales, you only have to check them but a few minutes a day.  

You’ll also hear me share my Internet advertising background as well as why and how I got into Facebook marketing to give you some context about this podcast.  I figured now was a good time since we’re not on episode 52.  🙂

I’ll be reopening access to the course soon — you can be notified here.

Also, I will be launching my second course called FB Ads For Newbies, in the immediate future.

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Specifically, In this Episode You’ll Learn…

  • A proven 7 step process for creating a successful, automated Facebook ads system.
  • How to grow your email list of targeted, highly responsive leads even if you’re starting from scratch.
  • The different targeting options for your Facebook ads and how to choose the right ones for your campaign.
  • The top four Facebook advertising myths debunked.
  • All about my training course The FB ADvantage: Automated Facebook Ads Made Simple, which I am getting ready to re-open enrollment for as well as my brand new course FB Ads for Newbies: Killer Facebook Ads On Less than $10 a Day.
  • I cover all of that today and a whole lot more!

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Insider Show Notes: How to Create a Profitable, Automated System of Leads & Sales

On The Proven Seven Step Process to Creating an Automated Facebook Ad System…

  • #1: Be clear on your why. What’s your ultimate goal for your ad system? This is going to be at the core of every decision you make, it’s important.
  • #2: Create your landing page (LeadPages aff) where you will be sending people from your Facebook ads.
  • #3: Write killer copy for your ad.
  • #4: Find that photo or image that pops and helps your ad stand out in Facebook’s newsfeed.
  • #5: Get your ad in front of your perfect customer, I go into great detail on how to target your ads to find your ideal prospect.
  • #6: Measure your results to see what’s working and what’s not. When you know what’s working, you can repeat it in step 7.
  • #7: Pay a little for big results. Now that you know what’s working, you can know exactly where to send your money for the biggest return on your investment.
  • #7.5: Measure and tweak your system so it runs on autopilot – have a system!

On How to Grow Your Email List of Highly-Targeted, Responsive Leads, Even If You’re Starting From Scratch… 

  • Be clear on your campaign’s objectives: do you want to generate leads, bring in new customers or make sales? This sets the tone for everything you do.
  • Use Facebook’s Unpublished Page Post ad to target different groups of people. This is the number 1 ad I recommend people do.
  • Write your ad copy to get your prospects’ attention, hook them in and then inspire them to take action. When they take action, make sure it leads to them being added to your list.
  • Know the different Facebook advertising options to get you in front of your ideal audience. Know their demographics, their behaviors and their interests so you can target them accordingly.

On The Different Targeting Options For Your Facebook Ads And How to Choose The Right Ones For You… 

  • If you already have an email list, you can use the custom audience feature and upload your list. Facebook will find them and target them for you.
  • Website custom audiences is another way to target your Facebook ads. Using a pixel on your web site, you can track people who visit your site and then have Facebook find them. If they don’t buy from you on your site, this is a great way to remind them of what you offer.
  • If you don’t have a list, try targeting people with specific demographics and specific interests would be useful. Specific interests in particular are very powerful. For example, you can find people who like Forbes magazine or The Four-Hour Work Week. You can also target other people’s pages, including your competitors.
  • Facebook gives you the option of targeting based on people’s behaviors. It’s a bit more advanced but it does work and makes sense to use this if it is appropriate for your industry.
  • Already connected with people on Facebook through your fan page? Use the connections audience feature to reach your fans with your ads.

On The Top Four Myths About Facebook Advertising…

  • Myth #1:Facebook ads don’t work.
    They do but you need a system in place to run these ads. Use the seven steps I go over in this podcast and listed above and you’ll have everything you need to make your Facebook ads work for you.
  • Myth #2: The technology behind Facebook advertising is too difficult to understand.
    With a little guidance and learning, it becomes much easier. Technology isn’t an obstacle you need to be concerned with.
  • Myth #3: You can’t reach enough people through targeted Facebook ads.
    Not true! You can absolutely target your ads to your exact target customer. You can get so specific that you can put your ad in front of your perfect customers.
  • Myth #4: You have to spend a lot on advertising.
    Use the seven steps I walk you through in this podcast and you’ll see that you don’t have to spend a lot, but you can get a solid return on your investment.


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