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#82: What’s the Best Facebook Ads Objective? (and Other Q&A)

On today’s episode of The Art of Paid Traffic podcast, we’ve got a rapid fire Facebook ads Q&A.

I recently held 3 live online Facebook ads trainings and each went for a couple of hours due to all the great questions, but there were some I wasn’t able to get to.

So, I decided to do a rapid fire Q&A here on the podcast to answer these questions.

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Questions Answered on Today’s Episode

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Q1: I was told that retargeting only works if there is already a lot traffic already going to your website and that you should start a retargeting campaign right away. What are your thoughts on this?

Q2: How do you use a conversion pixel to exclude proven customers when running ads?

Q3: What’s the best objective if you have a website that sells physical products?

Q4: Should you use the conversion objective to get an opt-in even when starting for scratch?

Q5: If you’re A/B testing ads for a target market, how can you ensure that each one gets exactly the same budget and exposure?

Q6: Can you explain the difference again of using the clicks to website or the conversion objectives in FB campaigns?

Q7: I‘m wondering if you can still target your FB ads to someone else’s FB page audience? How exactly do you do that? The Power Editor keeps changing, and it doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Q8: Where does the “Standard Event” code go? FB indicates, at the end of the FB pixel.

Q9: Will Facebook ad’s work for B2B?

Q10: How do you use frequency?

Q11: I wanted to target the fans of my Facebook Page and Power Editor said the amount of people was too low to target, but we have 2000 likes.

Q12: Will this work for local businesses IF AND ONLY IF you do the follow-up email system or can you make a special offer type of ad?

Q13: I’m the digital marketing manager for a fashion company and have only been using Facebook ads for 2 months. I’ve seen really good results but have been struggling with the 2 questions below:

  1. When testing interests, which objective should I use? CPM or CPC? I want to drive more traffic to the site but I’ve found that every time I test ads to drive traffic to the site, they all show pretty much the same number of clicks so it’s hard to tell which performed better.
  1. I usually run ads to target Facebook fan, email list and web visitors. I drive one ad per audience (promoting the same content for all of them) and I run them all at the same time. The question is, if I run an ad for Facebook fans, should I exclude my email and site traffic audiences from that ad since there’s a lot of overlapping on these three audiences? Every time I run an ad for one of this audiences, should I exclude the other two? I did this last week and my conversions went down and my CPA went up.

Q14: When do I “BOOST” a post I’ve already made in Facebook, versus creating an ad through the Ads Manager/Power Editor? I’m not sure what the advantages of the Boost might be over the more sensitive targeting the other option seems to offer. So far, I’ve only just boosted posts I’ve already made, but it doesn’t seem like you can target a specific “look alike” audience that way.

Q15: If the idea is to capture your leads (people who click on your ad and go to a landing page somewhere) and then capture them into another funnel to more specifically retarget to them, how do I get those email addresses and customer demographics from the Facebook ad? Is that something the Facebook pixel will show somehow? Do I ever get the actual email addresses to put into my email content management (I use MadMimi right now)? Not sure I grasp this concept of how to capture email addresses.

Q16: When I place an ad on Facebook either through Promote Post or through Ads Manager or through other stand alone tool – let’s say I place an ad with an objective of website clicks with a nice ad copy and and image, I get tons of website clicks but not a single like. Similarly, if I place an ad with an objective of likes, I only see likes on my report but on a website click. How come? Is Facebook deliberately filtering likes or clicks for my respective ads based on the objective or is there some other logic behind it that I am not aware of? This has been my experience so far, for whatever ads I have  placed on Facebook.



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