Try this Facebook ads strategy for big time results…

Here’s a Facebook ads strategy that if you’re not yet using it in your own business, you’re missing a big opportunity…

As you might know, I recently wrapped up a re-launch for my FB ADvantage training program and as you might guess, Facebook ads were a huge part of the launch.

Overall I was happy with how my ads performed but I was particulary stoked about the results I got from retargeting people who visited my sales page but didn’t buy.

So today I want to share 3 tips for how you too can use this strategy in your own business.

Tip #1: Retarget your ads to people who visit your sales page but don’t buy.  

(You can also do this for people who visit your opt-in or registration page but don’t follow through on opting in or registering).

Here’s how you set this up…

  1. Make sure you’ve placed the Facebook pixel on your sales page and your “thank you for buying” page.
  2. Create the retargeting audiences for each of these pages.
  3. When setting up your ads, use the Custom Audiences section to INCLUDE your sales page audience but EXCLUDE your thank you page audience.

What this does is it sets your targeting up to show your ads only to people who visited your sales page but didn’t buy.

This is super powerful because those people who visited your sales page were interested enough in your product/service to want to learn more but didn’t quite pull the trigger.

Just because they didn’t buy, though, doesn’t mean they’re not interested.  They could have gotten distracted by the phone, their kid crying, a text message, whatever… and before they know it your sales page is buried among all the other tabs they have open in their browser.

This is why retargeting them with a new ad is so powerful.  The idea is to get them back to your sales page so they’ll buy.

And here’s where the ninja part comes in…

Tip #2: Use testimonial ads

Testimonials are super effective to include in your ads because it adds social proof and credibility to you and your product/service.

It also allows your target audience, who you’re retargeting, to hear how much you’ve helped people just like them.  

You’re making a connection with your target audience so they think: “If that person can do it, I’m sure it’ll help me too!”

Here’s an example of a testimonial ad I used:

Screenshot 2016-05-03 18.04.08

People loved this ad.  I got a ton of messages and comments from people saying how clever it was.

I loved it too because it worked.

Tip #3: Take it a step further with a video testimonial ad

I tested video testimonial ads again with this launch and it worked like a charm.

If you have video testimonials from some of your customers, edit them into bite-sized soundbites and string them together to make a video testimonials ad.  Programs like Screenflow (Mac) or Camtasia (PC) make this easy to do.

The ad I ran featured 5 video clips from people I’ve worked with and was quick and to the point — only about 2:30 minutes long.

People got to hear (and see) from some of my customers about their experience and success with working with me.

Screenshot 2016-05-03 18.16.31

Click here to see the video testimonial ad I used

Video is so great because it allows people to connect on such a different level than say, a standard image ad.

If you don’t have any video testimonials, try and get some!  

Not only are they great for your Facebook ads, but they can be a great credibility boost to your website or sales page.

I’m sure customers you’ve helped would be glad to record a quick video with their webcam.

Or, if you see them at a conference or meet-up, whip out your iPhone and start recording.  Don’t overcomplicate it…

Following this retargeting strategy, I made 10x what I spent on the ads.  I’ll take that kind of ROI all day long.

So if you’re not already using this simple strategy in your business, start testing today.

If you’ve used this strategy before, how did it work? Do you have any success stories?  Share in the Comments below.