Strategy Sessions: Facebook Ads for a Security Company with Jeri De Martini

This is another bonus Strategy Sessions episode where I’m going to take you inside a Facebook ads strategy call with one of my students.

This is a call with Jeri De Martini who owns a local commercial and residential security company, called JadTec Security Services. They’re in Southern California but serve clients all over the US.

This strategy call focuses on how she can use Facebook ads to get more leads for her sales team so they can continue growing their business. We also talk about how they can leverage their existing client list to increase their business, offers to test, and also their ad copy.

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Transcription of Today’s Episode

[00:00:06] This is the show where I bring you the best tips, tactics and strategies for using paid traffic to grow your business on autopilot. You also hear what’s working and not working right now from the top minds in online marketing. So they to get more leads in sales every day without. Having to empty your wall in the process. All right let’s get to.

[00:00:28] Hey what’s up guys. Welcome back to the art of paid traffic podcast Rick Mulready here. Hope this finds a new nation doing really really well today appreciate you forgive me your time for this episode today. This is another bonus strategy sessions episode I have to slow down to say that for some reason I had the hardest time saying bonus strategy sessions episode where I get to be taking you inside a Facebook ad strategy call with one of my students in today’s call is with Jerry Demartini and she is with a local commercial and residential security company called Jad tech security services there in Southern California. But they serve clients all over the U.S. and I thought this was an interesting call to share with all of you because this is sort of a different type of company that you might see advertising on Facebook can be extremely effective because you can get so targeted with with a business like this but not something we really talked about a whole lot here on the podcast of course we talk about local businesses a lot. This is just another type of local business that’s serving a national national clientele. So this strategy here is going to focus on how she can use Facebook ads to get more leads for her sales team so that they can continue growing their business. I think she said their close rate is about 40 percent on all leads coming in. So obviously the more qualified leads that that they can get coming in the sales team can close it close them into into new business.

[00:01:57] We also talk about how they can be leveraging their existing client list to increase their business. We talk about offers they can be testing out and we also dive into some ad copy throwing around some different ideas for what she could be doing with their ads so we’re going to dive right into it today. Let’s go hang out with Jerry DeMartini.

[00:02:16] OK. This has been a little slow going for me. I don’t use Facebook. And so I’m coming up. We’re just getting through the tools and all that kind of stuff as well. But slowly but surely I’m starting to feel like I’m understanding it. But what we have is we are a security company. We do both residential and commercial monitoring. Got it. There were were local here and really the big difference between them like a big company like ADT is that we we monitor here in our building 24/7. We don’t throw it out and we don’t have contract. So customers say they pay either quarterly or they can pay annually but if they decide midway through they are canceling for any reason we will refund them whatever it is that has been approved but not you.

[00:03:20] Hmm interesting.

[00:03:21] And because we do that the customer up front so this is the hard sell or up front. They have to buy the equipment where the big guys. They say oh we’re going to let you get in or really low cost or we’ll get you get a amortised in the hardware purchase over the two year contract.

[00:03:45] Gotcha OK. These conditional purchase.

[00:03:49] Well it depends on what the customer wants but it’s going to be anywhere from 600 to a couple of thousand. I would say in general Okay I’ll go. But we also do like if somebody has a system that we can take over which there is a lot of them that we can do then we charge at $65 conversion fee and then they get take advantage of our pricing which is always going to be lower than the big guy because we know we only charge just for the monitoring. We don’t need to mark market up for anything else. Sure. So are our residential start 13:19 by the month.

[00:04:27] And commercial is taking 4:51 a lot like as in $16 or 1600 yet no as in $16.

[00:04:36] Got it. Okay. If not if not huge amount of money for a customer. So really it’s cash flow versus that upfront investment and you’re a numbers guy. So you know over time if you look at it ours is waiting for. But sure we do have customers that are very price sensitive. So.

[00:04:56] So the apartment that we rent here has ADT but it’s not like the owner had installed but it’s not active we don’t use it. So if I were to do so what would it cost me if I were to go to with you guys what would that upfront cost be. Because yes it’s only $4000 a month after that. But as you mentioned there’s that upfront costs what would that look like.

[00:05:18] Yes. So for ADT if you go if you’ve already passed the two year saying so you don’t you don’t have to pay them any money to leave early. It would be.

[00:05:29] And if we can if we can the system is such that we can take over the code and get it so that it’s running to our shop. It’s 55.

[00:05:39] Okay gotcha Okay. Okay. So it’s inexpensive. Gotcha. So who are your existing Who are your existing customers like what sort of a breakdown.

[00:05:50] Like I’m just curious residential versus commercial.

[00:05:52] And then how did you get those customers that you do have Ok so I don’t I can’t remember if it’s like a 50 50 in terms of residential commercial. And I don’t know what the make up is which is what I’m interested in is going through that once I get in and get more information of them to kind of do that avatar that you know that you know you know I I can’t tell you that I don’t know.

[00:06:23] Yeah unless number one is you do you are going to want to know that like somebody customers are we talking about that you guys serve.

[00:06:32] We have about 7000 customers. Oh wow. And yeah yeah. So we serve in Orange County we do go down to we have some account in San Diego. We go up in L.A. But you know the majority are orange county and inland empire. Is that the fault of what can I do.

[00:06:53] And do you know how you how you got most of those 7000 customers. I’m just curious like what’s worked in the past.

[00:07:00] Well it used to be my dad who ran the company. He’s been gone for a couple of years now but he was a great marketer but he did traditional marketing. So they had to do a lot of direct mail saying they tried a whole bunch of thing last week. We do we actually do track. So my fellow people they get a phone. If they close a certain percentage and above. And so we do track where those we come from. And obviously the best lead that we get are the referral Assurant of across the board. We we start doing a lot of the direct mail because we weren’t getting any any hit from it. So right now we have it. It’s mostly just word of mouth they’re coming from the Web site they come from our truck. They have our name on it. And we do do two pieces of advertising in some local newspapers. But those we do get generate some leads from that but those are more sort of our brands you know always being jetset in our local local saying.

[00:08:12] Got it. So what for. I want to kind of go back to what you’re saying. What I’m hearing Jerry is that the all the stuff that that you’re doing. Because he I got the sense he kind of discounted what you’ve been. What’s been done in the past because it’s traditional and that you can’t do it that way anymore. Much of what I’m hearing though is these are these were effective strategies. Some of them you’re using right now you know effectively. So my brain goes to OK how could we do. How could we take those strategies that you’re doing and do them on Facebook where the targeting is extremely You can get very targeted as you know for very inexpensive. Right. So you mentioned direct. You mentioned direct mail before Direct mail is expensive to do. I’m just now that now that I know that and I know that you said that you’ve tried direct mail since you know your sins your sins your dad used to do it you’ve tried it since and it hasn’t really worked. I think that for me the more important question is what is the offer that you are that you’re off that you’re making with that. And the reason I ask that is because you can do the direct mail version on Facebook I just add air quotes and you know saw that if you do if you target it your where your customers are from. So in in Orange County in the Inland Empire area maybe maybe up into a few zip codes in L.A.. Same thing for down here in San Diego that’s a big area. Right.

[00:09:41] So you said that the branding part works well for it. ROTC in some local newspapers or whatever. Or people seeing you know the trucks out and about and so forth. You can do that same strategy on Facebook where it’s much you know obviously it’s it’s free advertising for the for the trucks right to be out there. People see the trucks whatever. And word of mouth but how can you leverage the targeting opportunity that you have on Facebook to do the same types of things that you’re already doing. So that’s just sort of how I’m thinking about this. What were the offers that were making from a direct male perspective.

[00:10:23] I don’t remember exactly what we did. We haven’t done it in so long. And I think sometimes there wasn’t an offer there.

[00:10:30] It was just more we were they were highlighting what it was that we were really good at which is cry no contract were local guy especially now today. I don’t know people do that much where you know they they send it out overseas and things like that where people find it difficult to converse with somebody. And that we install nonproprietary just good hardware. It’s just industry standard stuff. So it gives the customer the flexibility should they want to make the change.

[00:11:06] And so I think that’s more what they were doing the whole thing about the offer is I’ve been struggling with that but I think I actually I watched the gal that you talked to who does the health club in the mall area that part of the you know the whole thing. I listened to that yesterday and it kind of kind of a light went on even to where if I really what I need is I need leave and if I can get some good qualified leave my sales guys close about 40 on average about 40 percent of the men and we’re talking huge numbers here Rick. So I don’t need a client if I try to be good with the money. Oh man that would be great. That would be a great start for me to grow the business. OK. So looking at it all right. If I did something right she said they gave away like a free package. And so you did sort of like a contest thing where Give us your name and information and then one person would win that. Like I I could use that where if the total thing that we did was let’s say seven or eight hundred dollars it cost me well that’s how much I put in an advertisement and now I generated a lot of really good leads. Yep the numbers are and I cannot I I’m going to be way for.

[00:12:34] So what’s stopping you. That’s my guess.

[00:12:36] Well no no it’s not that that was my my that was for life that on yesterday.

[00:12:42] Gotcha OK. OK. And you’re like Rick it’s only been 24 hours.

[00:12:47] I gotcha. Tail that’s how I want you thinking about this because. So and you and I would be thinking about this. Couple of things that you said there. You know you mentioned about the equipment you know like if I’m buying a home security I don’t care about the equipment personally. Like just tell me like how secure is you know is my place is my family what’s it going to cost me. Right. And one of the bits of no contract that sort of thing. I don’t I don’t know or care about like where the where the equipment comes from or whatever. You know I don’t I would be. I love the strategy that you just said I would be doing that as soon as possible.

[00:13:25] I would be touting that you are a like obviously you’re tied the benefits of working with you guys versus like the bigger companies like ADT right. Yeah. And then you can get very Targa. They keep saying that and I would be having a separate campaign for your commercial customers rights because you can target employers you can target job titles at specific companies that are the ones who are normally buying your services and I don’t necessarily know. You know I would think for like a big company and that’s like the procurement department but I don’t I don’t necessarily know this is where you need to know who your customer is. So yeah. So I would be doing two different. I’d have to have like a commercial campaign and then a residential campaign because of the commercial campaign is more of the B2B where you can be targeting by job title targeting by companies that sort of thing. And then again it’s touting the benefits and the differences there. I love the offer that you just that the idea that you just came up with and I’ll be quiet here it is the second let you talk. The other thing that you said you have 7000 7000 customers I’m assuming you have 7000 e-mail addresses of your customers.

[00:14:41] I don’t have 7000 but we have a lot. So that was my that was going to be my strategy is to start there.

[00:14:48] Yes. So I love it because that’s low hanging fruit. So I would upload that email list.

[00:14:53] And you said that word of mouth is one of your big marketing drivers. Why not have some sort of special for your existing customers if they refer somebody to you. They get some sort of you know whatever whatever it is whatever kind of offer the action make to them. That.

[00:15:12] We need to do that. So they get them free every month or two months of monitoring for free.

[00:15:19] Cool so you could do a Facebook God for that and them on Facebook to let them know OK as well.

[00:15:26] OK. So that would be referral. OK. So Mike My question for you is that’s where I was going to start was the warm leagues. I was going to do the look alike because for me for cross-selling once a customer had looked at them there’s not a huge opportunity for cross-selling other than you were now migrating a lot of customers or going off landline to cellular communication to sort of the tonal home where we partner with alarmed. So like you can turn your alarm on and off on your phone. You can do it so that you can open your garage door or you can do all of things and it’s so. So your average monthly price goes up which is good for us. So I had that but that’s not where I want to focus. I’m wondering if when I start out should I do basically two campaigns one for new installs and then one for the conversion. Should that be too. Starting out initially because I don’t know which I would think a conversion would be easier to get because a customer already has a security system and the value in it and I convert conversion.

[00:16:41] The conversion is what you you just talked about I have ADT in here. How long will it get there. A HALF. Gosh they have different but more than that. I think I’m shopping around for a new set.

[00:16:54] Yes so you could target people like homeowners who have an interest in like ADT for example or whatever the other security companies out there.

[00:17:03] Absolutely for sure.

[00:17:06] So if I if I do that this is where I’m a little confused though if I if I did that under I do my I figure out my target. And you know I’ve got that all that can I do each of those campaign using the same database because I don’t know which one they are but what I run. So. So that they could get basically both ad because one might attract them and the other one not ok.

[00:17:33] I’m just. Hold on a sec. I’m just trying to process that. So out of you’re out of your 7000 so that we’re not talking about your existing customers These are new people is that correct.

[00:17:44] Yes those are my lookalike. OK.

[00:17:48] So you keep going to look like I want to make sure that we’re talking in the same language here. OK. So you’re right you how you’re going to have multiple campaigns here. So you’re going to have a campaign for example that is targeting homeowners between a certain age who have an interest in like 80 year wood and other security companies. And that messaging an offer is going to center on you know this conversion as you call it now. OK. You could also test also test the look alike of your existing email database of your of your of your customers.

[00:18:31] I would probably layer in your other like the homeowner and that sort of thing as well.

[00:18:41] I’m just thinking like look like in that instance for your specific needs here that could get a little bit too broad. I don’t know that’s something that’s worth testing though. You know what I mean by that is you could test an ad said that’s just a look alike of your customers. And in that case then yes I would have. Because you don’t know from that look like audience for example you don’t know whether you know they have an existing security system. Right. So yes you can have. Could have two different offers to them. Absolutely. To see which one could burn the better for sure for sure.

[00:19:21] OK.

[00:19:22] And but yes I would start with the low hanging fruit here with your existing customer base because you also mentioned something about like offering other types of services too like adding on services. Have you considered you know your existing customer base. Again they’re already paying customers. What about targeting them with your Facebook ads with an offer for these existing services or for the Nansook matter.

[00:19:50] Yes.

[00:19:51] But right now my initial goal is to grow my database. So my posts are based. But yes I think that and then I feel like if I cry the if I get a little more than Then I can go go and try to sell my existing customers. So that’s my that’s my thought on that for sure. Surekha cool.

[00:20:13] So that my last thought on what you were saying before and I’m glad that you’re thinking this way as well is that you don’t need you know like if you get 50 leads a month you’re super happy with that because you’re going to close.

[00:20:25] You know there’s your sales people are going to close 40 percent of those of those leads.

[00:20:29] Great if you the quicker that you can know what a the value of a lead is to you and to the business.

[00:20:39] You can sort of work backwards from there and say OK you know what I need 50 leads and I’m OK with the a lead costing me. But let’s just say I have a number. A hundred dollars. Right. So you could say OK well then that means that I’m OK with spending dollars a month. Right. Because what you can do what you can do and this is going to get easier with the data will get easier as you’re going along and you get some more data going there. But you can work backwards from that number and say OK I need this many leads roughly the leads are going to cost me you know this much or the lead value is this much to me and just basically work backwards from there. OK. And that will help you figure out how much to be spending on your on your ads. But you mentioned like look if I spend Eternals on ads and I know that’s going to be worth whatever. You know let’s say 5000 to me. OK I’ll do that all day long. And so I thinking about it from that perspective as well.

[00:21:44] OK Tim a couple more quick questions as I know our 20 minutes are right here. When I read about the off line event yes I do. I do my manual tracking already. Again we have the thing that when a week and then the idea is that when I finally went through the system without making the offer and then it is getting captured that that I would already touch that with my other report. So do I really need to do the tiny bit because we have to have a sales person will have to call and talk to the customer give them a quote if not on the computer they’re not going to go like an online purchase for that.

[00:22:25] So I won’t have that data online but I can get to a point where I really know how many leads I have that we do that then I would track and then to say how many do I close. It. Would it still be fine to track that he’s on the record already. You got it. I mean that uploading to.

[00:22:47] Well I would consider uploading to do the offline events just to check the numbers versus what you have.

[00:22:53] I mean I would be really curious about that. OK.

[00:22:57] It can’t hurt you to do it. It can’t hurt you to do both. It’s not going to take you know a whole bunch of extra time to do that.

[00:23:02] So I would I would do both just to check the sort check the numbers against each other Okay and then my last point is no how long do you run an ad for it. It may make that cycle. Before you do then say OK. I’m struggling with you. You have this offer is working but that does it at some point then lose it game and you have to then you can take that in or whatever.

[00:23:32] Yeah. Absolutely and you need to let the stats kind of dictate what you what you do.

[00:23:39] And so you know first of all you want to let your ad run when you first started that you want to let it run three to four days before you do anything with it meaning like you’ve got to give Facebook’s algorithm time to do its thing you got to give the ad time to get into the algorithm and get you some stats. Most people the big mistake that people make is that they they wait like a day and then they’re like oh this has got to be you know this isn’t working so they shut it off when in reality like it just didn’t get in give it time to get into the algorithm. So that’s the first thing. The second thing is like let’s just say you’re going along and you’re and you’re getting some great results after a month or so and you’re like man I really want this to continue. It’s just a matter of watching this stat. So when your ad starts running after a while there’s a couple of key stats that you want to be looking at. Number one you want to be looking at a frequency so the frequency is going to be is going to tell you like one two three four you know five whatever whatever that mean they can really go up from there. But I like to say if you’re above like four and above that’s getting a little bit too much meaning in what frequency is the average number of times that that one person is senior at one person is senior. Right. Have you ever frequency of four. They’re seeing on average four times that’s too much. OK.

[00:24:56] That’s where you start getting into. You know what they call banter blindness where they’re going they’re just tuning out the ad at that point also Also that’s where you start to risk getting into the negative feedback and people hiding your eye which is what you really don’t want. OK. So that’s nice. That’s one that I would definitely be looking at. From there you want to be looking at what the relevant score is you don’t know that score of 1 1 to 10. And then looking at the pattern what’s happened over the past you know whatever whatever time frame that you’re looking at I know is the cost going up or the is the click through rate going down just letting the stats dictate what you do with it.

[00:25:36] Okay okay.

[00:25:38] And if and if you do see that if you see the frequency going up and you see you know Stass starting to fall off now you know okay cool.

[00:25:46] Now I’ve got to change things up. But it doesn’t necessarily. Some people you know at that point they blow the entire ad up right. It could have a great offer all you might need to do is just simply change the image or change the video or whatever. It’s you know because the image of the video is the first thing that people see that catches their attention in the news feed. You might be able to just be able to change one of those things up and leave the rest of the copy or the offer the same.

[00:26:13] Right. So correct. Yeah. OK. Great. Well I’m going to keep plugging away.

[00:26:20] All right. Hope you enjoy this strategy session with Gerri today if you want to learn more about their security business you can visit Jad tech dot com Jaydee. OK dotcom really appreciate Gerri for allowing me to share our call with with you here on the podcast. Also I’d love to hear your ideas and feedback about the podcasts here. And if you’d like to win a 30 minute strategy call with me. Head over to Facebook messenger and you can give me your feedback on this podcast pacifically. I’d like to hear what you’d like to see more of the topics guests actually hear more of right topics guests style the show frequency length. Any ideas that you’d like to share with me. I would love to hear them from you so to share those ideas and feedback. You can message me over on Facebook and I set up a simple link for you. Rick Mulready dot com forward slash messenger. OK Rick Mulready dot for its slash messenger that will pop your Facebook messenger and you can message me right there with your ideas and feedback. I’m going to pick one person at random at the end of the month to win a 30 minute strategy call with me. This is something new that I’m trying out here. The response from all of you has been amazing and really really appreciate it. So that’s why I’m continuing to do this for the foreseeable future at the end of each month. I’m going to pick a winner. We’ll do our 30 minute strategy call.

[00:27:43] I’ll share with all of you here on the show we can talk about your Facebook Ads growing your business online marketing whatever it is that you like to talk about. We can do it during that strategy call. So again Rick Mulready dot com forward slash messenger. Give me your feedback on the podcast. Let me know what you’d like to see more of what you’re digging maybe some things that you’re not liking so much.

[00:28:05] I would love to hear all that feedback. Thank you so very much in advance for doing that. Well my friends that is all for today’s episode. Thank you so much for listening. Until next time keep testing your traffic to find out what works for you and your business and then do more of what’s working. And I’ll see you in the next episode.