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#44: Is There a Best Way To Target Facebook Ads? and Other Q&A

Today’s episode of The Art of Paid Traffic is a Facebook ads Q&A!

I’ve received a ton of Facebook ads questions lately so rather than do one super long episode today I’m answering some questions here on today’s episode and then I’ll cover the other questions on the next Q&A episode.

Here are the questions we cover today:

  • How do you track conversions when using Facebook video ads?
  • I’ve heard Facebook is now building retargeting audiences based on people who watch our video ads. Is that true? If so, how does this work and how can I turnaround and target these audiences?
  • When creating Facebook ads, I primarily target pages. I’ve targeted based on professional title a few times and not gotten the best results. What is really the best way to target? Only use ONE targeting option such as Interests, or a combination?
  • Also, I’ve heard from some FB gurus that you should only target one country at a time for best results. I typically don’t do that but have done it more recently.
  • I know it’s not typically a good idea to send people directly to a sales page on FB – especially with a cold audience. I tried that a couple of times with no success. However, I recently heard it can possibly work with low cost items.  What are your thoughts on this? What about sending straight to a sales page if you’re retargeting website visitors or another custom audience you’ve used before? Appreciate what you do Rick!
  • If we want to run Facebook ads for one of our businesses but don’t have a Facebook page for that business, do we have to build that page up before advertising?
  • After I launch an ad, how do I figure out where to adjust to improve performance? I’ve been in marketing for 20+ years so I can think of a dozen reasons why an ad isn’t working, but changing things up to test each of those hypotheses in a funnel seems arduous.  I’m wondering whether there are more telling ways to figure out whether it’s the lead magnet, the Facebook ad or the landing page that is causing poor performance.
  • What’s the latest on using LeadPages URLs, the LeadPages WordPress plug-in Custom URL and Privacy Policy links on your landing pages?

Lots of fun today answering these questions.

If you’ve got a question you’d like me to answer in an upcoming episode, email me or scroll down a bit on this page and leave me a voice message.

Live Impromptu Facebook Ads Q&As on Periscope!

Speaking of Facebook ads Q&As, I’m going to start doing impromptu live Q&As over on Periscope.

Are you using Periscope at all? If so, let’s connect. My username is “rickmulready”.

Have no idea what Periscope is?

It’s a new Twitter app for iPhone and Android devices that allows you to record your own live video stream (and also watch others).

It’s a cool way for me to connect and talk with you and also give you a bit of a behind-the-scenes of my world.

Again, my handle there is simply my name and the same as my Twitter name, “rickmulready”.

So if you’ve got something you need help with, and I’m doing a live stream, you can ask your question.

When I start a live stream your phone will notify you so you can open up the app to watch me, chat and ask your questions.

Cool, right?!

Here’s how to get Periscope if you don’t already have it:

# 1 – Download the Periscope app on your phone from your app store. Here’s the link for iPhone and here’s the link for Android

# 2 – Sync it with your Twitter (super easy, it will ask you to login to Twitter)

# 3 – Open the Periscope app and click the little group of people on the bottom right of the app

# 4 – Click the little magnifying glass on the top left to search and type in rickmulready.

# 5 – Finally, either click my name and click follow or simply click the little “circle+” icon.

I’ll see you on Periscope!

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