#161: (Case Study) Facebook Ads Success for Local Fitness/Yoga Studios with Nick Wolny - Rick Mulready

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#161: (Case Study) Facebook Ads Success for Local Fitness/Yoga Studios with Nick Wolny

November 1, 2017

Art of Paid Traffic listener, Nick Wolny, joins me on the show today for a Facebook ads case study.

Nick helps boutique fitness and yoga studios in the Houston, Texas area and he’s been using what he learns from the podcast here to get some incredible results for his clients.

Today we dive in and break down two campaigns:

  • One where he generated $15,000 in class sales on a Facebook ads spend of just $50
  • and another campaign that brought in over $58,000 in revenue with a spend of just $330.

He reveals the strategies he used for each of these campaigns and how he’s been able to successfully grow his Facebook ads business.

Nick also talks about how he gets his clients, how he’s charging for his services and what exactly he’s helping them accomplish in their local markets.

Nick’s success is a result of his having a great mindset.  Not just because he listens to the podcast and implements, but he learns and doesn’t stop there — he takes action.

And, he’s just one example of living proof that what we talk about on the show works 😉 .

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • The strategy he used to generate $15,000 in class sales on a Facebook ads spend of just $50
  • He then repeated that success, but even bigger, bringing in over $58,000 in revenue with a Facebook ads spend of just $330.
  • The significant gaps that Nick has noticed local business owners are facing as they scale to multiple locations
  • What the relationship with his typical client looks like
  • What Nick’s clients really want and how he knows he’s doing his job well
  • How he’s niching down to his ideal client and why this should feel uncomfortable to do
  • Why Nick isn’t working with brand new businesses and those under a certain threshold for monthly revenue
  • The ways he’s been able to use Facebook Live videos in his client’s launches – and why everything doesn’t have to be sophisticated and “perfect” to work!

Coming up in the next episode, you’ll hear an interview with a local business owner who’s here in San Diego, and he shares how he’s been burned a few times by local marketers promising amazing results (at a cost of thousands of dollars).

He opens up about how he’d like to be approached by somebody to locally market his business, and how he’d like to work with that person.

Excited to share that one with you as I interviewed him on the fly in his business.

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Transcription of Today’s Episode

[00:00:06] This is the show where I bring you the best tips tactics and strategies for using paid traffic to grow your business on autopilot. You’ll also hear what’s working and not working right now from the top minds in online marketing so that you can get more leads and sales every day without having to empty your wallet in the process. All right. Let’s jump into it.

[00:00:28] Welcome back to the art of patriotic podcast everyone. What’s going on Rick I’m already here. Really appreciate you for giving me your time today hope all is going well for you whatever you’re up to today. This is episode number 161. And today I’ve got a Facebook ads. Case study for you. I’m going be talking with a listener actually of the podcast here. His name is Nick Woolsey and he’s been using what he learns here in the show to get some pretty incredible results for boutique fitness and yoga studios in the Houston Texas area. We’re going to be breaking down to campaign specifically one where he generated fifteen thousand dollars in class sales on a Facebook ad spend just $50. And another one where he generated over fifty eight thousand dollars in revenue on an ad spend of just 330 dollars. Really cool stuff. You’re going to hear his strategy. We get into the offers he used and we also talk about how he’s grown his Facebook ads business including how he gets clients and how he charges for his services. Now speaking of running a Facebook ads business if you are interested in creating a business around managing Facebook ads for other businesses. I’ve been doing a bunch of Facebook lives over on my Facebook page over the past couple of weeks talking about different topics related to creating and growing a Facebook ads business so if you want to check those out. Head over to my Facebook page which you can get to by simply going to Rick Mulready dot com forward slash Facebook page.

[00:01:58] And I’ve got some live online trainings coming up starting on November 13th. For people who want to create and grow a Facebook ads business are going to be doing three live trainings that week again starting on November 13th. And going to be sharing details for how to register for one of those free Live Online trainings within the next couple of episodes here on the podcast. Really looking forward to doing those trainings in November. All right. Without further ado let’s go hang out with Nick Wollemi.

[00:02:27] Nick welcome to the podcast. How are you man. I’m great. How’re you doing. I’m doing great. Thank you so much sir for coming on here really appreciate you reach. Now we’ve been talking over messenger you are one of my listeners of the show here and we were talking on messenger you give me some feedback about the show which I super appreciate and we are also sharing with me about the cool stuff you’ve been up to with Facebook ads which I was like I’ve got to have you on the podcast to talk about this and the type of success that you have been seeing. But before we dive into what I’ve been working on the types of success that you’ve been having with the with your clients and so forth Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background and how you got so where you are at now.

[00:03:07] Yeah definitely. So my name is Nick I helped Jim grow. That’s my little two second elevator pitch. Shrek. Nice. What really got me and in with this industry is from a personal experience a personal transformation. Is really over weight. So I’ve lost about 105 pounds. Congratulations. Thank you. And I kept it off for about 15 years. So I think since you know that since that happened I’ve always wanted to be in and around space. And in terms of working with studios and working with change of studios the last several years what I noticed is that studios and businesses local businesses they’re really good at the community piece. They’re really good at bringing people together and it is actually something like a gym or a studio that has a recurring monthly membership. People that they’re not just coming to work out or coming to get connected. Sure. And so these these people these owners these thought leaders they’re fantastic at generating community and frankly they’re less fantastic and kind of like back and marketing and operations piece that can just help them attract more clients. So that’s what I focus on now is I work with clients around creating ads on awls and creating really good copy that’s going to help them convert more people in their community.

[00:04:28] Awesome. And how long you’ve been doing on the on the marketing side how long you’ve been doing what you’re talking about right now.

[00:04:33] I’ve been in it for about two years focusing more fully on marketing. Prior to that I’ve been more like regional operations roles and something that I wouldn’t notice especially when a location begins to scale into multiple locations is that it is completely bananas. It’s just totally crazy. There’s no time to do anything you know for all my producers we’re more in the space of oh oh i should sleep test this this way and then is for local business owners like I can’t find my password so I guess I’m not going outside right. So it’s kind of like a theater where those Shurmur coming out of operations and in marketing I just noticed something that that was what was making the biggest difference for these people in terms of helping.

[00:05:14] Yeah. Very cool. Now one of the one of the questions I always get and we end we cover a lot and my ad manager program is how to get your clients how to you you know how do you go out and get clients as far as why especially when you’re first out you know it’s a very it can be an intimidating thing. Not really sure where to start. How did you start to get your first clients or were you just where did you start working with the businesses that you’re asking with from an operational standpoint.

[00:05:42] In the first year a lot of the businesses that I worked with were they were local or they either knew me or were acquainted with me in some way prior to being in the studio space I worked for Lemmon for several years here in Boston.

[00:05:55] So that gave me a little bit of an advantage in just in terms of having a big rolodex in town and being able to connect a lot of people kind of test out what was working and what was not working. Some people had great results and people didn’t have a great results. That was also was kind of going over that learning curve that X learning curve. Sure. So more recently and it’s actually what I’m working on now is you know rather than look there’s not really a fishing hole for super busy local business owners that you know they don’t even have time to that you call on. They couldn’t find a Basford right. Right. So they’re not accessing all it you know. After being an online worship or couple years it had to on sort of the band and that’s a promotional strategy. Think more in terms of OK just general spreading this message getting really clear concise examples of people you know they not only see how this particular business was successful but they can see how they themselves can reproduce the results of their own business. So yeah.

[00:06:55] Okay. So with that are you running their ads and then teaching them to do it longer term or what is that look what does the relationship look like.

[00:07:06] For most of them it will start with some sort of like a trial period or even like a road mapping period that will either use you know to see the next day like create a really really tasty carrot and you know let’s go and let’s get some ads running what’s fun it adds to your warmer traffic.

[00:07:23] What was going on in terms of referral opportunities. It’s just that they can get those really great results. You know what I find is is that they are actually local business owners are actually really open to the idea of ads. It’s just like the platform is what intimidates them. When they content you know they don’t want to hear you talk about ad copy. But Lot split testing. They just want to hear Hey I put $50 in. Dollars. And then once you’re able to like bring those results back to them with their own business then they’re like yes let’s do this. And so I’ll charge a monthly retainer you know variable in price just depending on how much work it is. Sure. And in from there you know we’re off and running. I’m doing my job but when they just see the numbers going up and they’re not even having to think too much about what’s going on.

[00:08:08] Yeah. And you’re specializing in the in the boutique fitness and yoga studios. Right. Is that boutique fitness. And then also yoga studios are those like those ones studios that specialize in both.

[00:08:24] It’s more it speaks more to the business model.

[00:08:26] So I’ll work more with a lot of you across the box rather than a 24 hour fitness. It goes back to the community piece that spoke to earlier shipmen. Also in terms of the business model they’re usually driving toward some sort of monthly membership option. And they’re also driving toward classes rather than just having like an open gym experience. It’s just what I personally have most experience with. And then also you know you had a previous guest on the podcast that also spoke to this and his name is leading me right now Rob. Yes I think that’s where it was. You know if we’re going to lose 50 leads for a real estate agent that’s going to be a truckload of work. There’s actually like some labor issues with that. But for me for class based businesses you know you know the prison is going to teach the class whether it is for people in class or whether it’s 40 people because they are so really. So there’s actually there’s a lot of marketing opportunity there to just get butts in seats and you know really how Packo’s losses impact causes are a reflection of brand shock. People get it when they can’t get into a class because it’s completely sold out. That’s actually you know that’s a marker brand credibility you have for color. So we want to. Yeah exactly. We want to pack the classes as much as possible.

[00:09:37] Yeah. So when you are running these campaigns and getting these clients are you.

[00:09:42] I mean Houston is a big area so you reach down into this you know into these types of types of business I think is really smart because you get to really you know systematizing create processes around what works and you can just roll what worked into you know your other clients that you are working with and two other similar businesses right. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. How are you. Because this is one question I get a lot is if you are within the specific needs like you are and then you are talking to other similar businesses. Now granted again Houston is a huge area. How are you. Are you running in any problems with somebody saying well you’re already working with so-and-so. You know from a competitive standpoint have you run into that at all.

[00:10:24] I have not personally because me I have not worked like I have not had any clients on retainer that have been in like a very very similar niche set an example someone who’s going to be more on the bootcamp side versus someone that’s going to be on the plot side. It’s it’s unlikely that that’s going to you know be in the picture. And I think but I do think it’s something that definitely starts to come up and starts to bubble up for people you know in terms of you know having you know a scarcity of totality around that life. You know how am I going to target those people who are these people. So also for me in that role knapping session to get things started or focus more on like you know kind of OK let’s get to the final. And then you know if you want to just take this you know if you don’t want to move forward you can take this run and fight back. You know and maybe we’ll connect on a testimonial later something that that are just kind of getting this getting marketing savvy out of these people. Yeah there’s does. The thing is there’s a lot of people in Houston too. Right. So even if that starts to bubble up they’re like oh my gosh you know there’s only so much that’s going to be happening. There’s truckload of people here. Yes.

[00:11:29] And are you using I’m assuming that you’re using these testimonials in case studies from your existing clients to get new ones. Because there are similar types of businesses you can and you you’re you’re an expert in this area because you so you can speak to directly to these businesses saying hey this is what we’re doing over here and these other businesses and this is what I can do for you.

[00:11:49] So one thing that’s unusual for example that I’ll speak to is that studios have unusually large lists and are some kind of remedial on the lead generation side. Sure because they’re generating all these leads just from people signing a waiver that have just come in. That’s usually how people end up on a scan and the letter is actually like in terms of. And then like there’s been zero brain cells or brain power put into that. You know but then people come in and this is six thousand eight thousand. The studio that I worked with for the first case study was just 39000 people and they’re like Oh what’s a bag like that. Right. So speaking it out for example like hey you know like your list is this size in your list of 3000 people in your you know that all of them are from and you’re scratching your head on why you’re coming back. Dr. King you know like this might be why start to leverage at this point or to leverage. And that’s again why the niche is specific to us based business. Sure. I can’t speak to it. You know what. Someone a Gold’s Gym looking at the piano.

[00:12:52] Got it. Got it. I like I mean I like that. And I always talk about eating down. I mean you’ve you’ve really missed out on like you’ve gone. You know you’re in like the fitness but you’re saying I want to work with class based businesses in the fitness yoga platies that type of space. And you know you’ve identified someone who is like a bigger box chain like a you know 24 hour for example is not your target customer. And I love that you done that because like like we talked why here in the podcast a lot of talk about my program that the quickest way to scale your business is to do exactly what you are doing because you can take what’s working with one business and then start rolling it into the other ones. Now I want to get into the case study specifically here that you’ve had some really really good results with. But I want to dive back to you. If you’re open to talking about it or not that’s totally cool too. But you mentioned you charge a monthly retainer based on the spend that they’re doing. Are you are you open to sharing. You know what that retainer is and what kind of how your pricing structure is set up.

[00:13:56] Yes it is. It will vary. It’ll just come down to someone who doesn’t mind working per hour.

[00:14:02] Maybe it’s like I’m still working like an in an essence in a full time capacity with a studio. And this is a consulting on the homicides it starts to grow. So just in terms of you know how much you like Usually I’ll quote something between what they want to less than 500 but they usually malting more than thirteen hundred fourteen hundred a client that I have at the top and it is around that range. And it just goes back so you know in addition to operating the you know the ads manager and things like that you know how much time is needed in terms of video editing. You have to be you know on contracting any parent’s job or to do that. And then also like for me speaking to niche and I’m so uncomfortable right now that’s what I’ll say like I’m having I’m collecting traction by business. I think probably for the first time since I’ve been doing this consulting thing and I’m also horribly uncomfortable in terms of how niche my niche is. So just to speak to like if you’re not horribly land comfortable you’re actually down. Right. So consumers are comfortable. But it’s also it’s just people are it’s just dialed in like people are there need to generate revenue and things like that. So usually you know I’ll connect with the business owner. For me I will. I usually don’t work with a business that’s that’s Paulian less than 25 K of revenue per month.

[00:15:20] Because And for a studio that could be you know if they’re if they’re pulling in it they have like a hundred odd numbers or more they’re usually pretty easily clearing that number. And that just tells me that there’s going to be traffic there’s going to be some basic systems that are already in place they’re going to eat able you know they got enough staff that maybe she had already figured out a graphic design at all that helps you know that helps me filter out. Wasn’t filtering out for a while. A brand new device that’s coming to me and the branding business is the little bit tired. You know the year to really figure out who or Avatar is who it is it’s who you know. I mean like 75 percent of our members are we thought we’re going to be this ideal client profile but they’re actually that kind.

[00:16:03] Of interest. How are you figuring that out like as far as like how many members I can hear somebody thinking like well OK there’s a studio like in our neighborhood here and new platies studio opened up.

[00:16:14] I don’t know a few months ago. Does it look like it’s doing super well but how would I know. How would somebody know how you know roughly how many. How many members so they can start to start to think the way that you’re thinking about is a really really smart. How would somebody know you know how well you know a studio is doing or a business is doing to be able to make that determination.

[00:16:36] Well I think there are several variables right. Because there can be there can be a membership.

[00:16:42] In this case study the membership is $79 a month which is really low for an unlimited membership. And then you have businesses that are like skating into the you know the 180 that you use if you get $300 a month. And right. So for that business there are obviously more need to be as many members. I think another big factor is the capacity of the class. So it’s difficult to really clear that membership number if you have a Galotti studio and you have six reformer machines. Right. Because as you know it’s just it’s just it’s a classy conversation. It’s not going to be very helpful to send 40 leads an hour when you’re at a cost capacity of six. So I think you know in terms of like just the personal studio that you’re going to or a local business that you go by for sauces urge is there just a really good indicator that that business has their pricing dialed in or they just they’ve got out there and you can take out like a in class let’s have 60 bytes in the room. You know if people were in class and they’re not quite dialed in on something in terms of pricing or in terms of you know something else they need to bring the pricing down in order to get us in seats. It could be a number of factors but usually I think all losses are just a good indicator of a thriving studio.

[00:17:54] Now to play devil’s advocate on that and I can see some people thinking like well okay that’s great. I get it. I can see how well the business is doing. Yes they do have some systems and processes down very likely if their classes are full. But on the other side could we be thinking well they probably don’t need any kind of marketing any kind of Facebook advertising for example because their classes are full.

[00:18:21] Well it’s I mean it can be it can be tricky right because they might be wanting to create more leads they might be wanting to overcome churn which is a really big factor.

[00:18:33] You know for a lot of businesses the churn has run 30 percent or more you know so you’ve got these people that you’re teaching to and they’re like I love you you changed my life and then six months later you never see me again. That kind of happens especially in kind of an urban population like Houston. Now that that number would be lower in a more suburban population. But usually we will build to the assumption that we will have 30 to 35 percent of them because of a year. So it’s just kind of getting new people in the door. And you know when classes are full or when you’re starting to experience waitlist or overflow and you can add more costs right now because you’ve got to 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. Saturday and it’s time it at an 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. Yes time and people are crazy enough then you throw us an AM on marriage. Here we go let’s do this dance. You know how that happened and maybe and maybe that’s $10 drop it until you start to really get that. So just opportunities there and the thing is you know it kind of feeds into that he said too. You’re paying overhead 24 hours a day he says. Right. So it’s like if you’re only running it in terms of class based business if you’re only running three hours a day you know it’s like OK well you’ve got a really nice expensive office with the other time Alison. Yes. So we might as well you know figure out what we need to do to just get more people.

[00:19:48] And if we’re experienced in asking how can we troubleshoot that in terms of more classes of classes.

[00:19:54] You know when there’s enough cash in the bank the repetitions it makes sense because you know going back to what we’ve been talking about here as far as that signified that they have kind of their stuff together right their systems down.

[00:20:05] They get it. And at that point if they do have full classes they do get to they’re going to have that churn rate. Whereas as someone just starting out in their classes or only a third full I to say you know they probably understand is going to be a churn rate but aren’t quite there yet. So that’s a great point. And you mentioned a case study I want to dive into. You have two case studies. I want to deafly talk about the first one where you were you did a Facebook live and so and did really really well from a revenue perspective on a very small spend. Tell us about that.

[00:20:37] Yeah. Yes the two case studies they use a really similar structure for the first case study I was teaching to this yoga studio and taught with them for years. I bet it was the studio for which I’d previously worked in regional operations.

[00:20:52] And while I wasn’t doing that anymore I was still teaching for them. So I had I had some polls let’s just say that and I coerced owners that we’ve got to spend time during the day. Right. Which you know I can for most class based businesses it’s not really very logical to have a class between say 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. you know just you know all of your all of your audiences are kind of busy with something. Sure but they’ve got access to a lot access to Facebook so or you know or they’re you know or their mobile device. So let’s just start to play with something really interesting. So we hosted a class A Facebook life class at 2pm on a Wednesday afternoon a time when basically there be crickets in business otherwise. And we hosted a live class what we tack on to that class is that we offered a steal of a deal essentially we offered a 10 class package for $69. The normal price point is $150. So it was a healthy chunky discount and we people were allowed to purchase one of this pass. But if they showed up live they could purchase as many as they wanted. And so they wanted to stock up or for their friends or anything like that.

[00:22:04] So this was just one of them. So this was it was an actual class going on in the studio and that you guys were just broadcasting it via Facebook live. What did that look like.

[00:22:14] We did a pop up class. So it’s not a normal time that exists on the schedule that we began promotion for this class about three weeks out. OK. So there was actually what was really fascinating about both of these case studies is that you use Facebook as kind of this fulcrum within. This really does launch so to speak. You know we’ve been framing people three weeks out and then that you know got a little bit more clear on hey here’s the here’s the offer we’re going to offer which you know we were kind of back and forth on that a little bit. Like do we say what it is we decided you know one week out we’re like hey we’re going to have this offer. And here are the stipulations of the offer and we’re going to open the doors when you show up on this Facebook lot. We’re super excited states applied. Never done a Facebook live. It’s just beginning to kind of like drawn into the psychology of the community. Sure. And so it was it was funny it felt like we were doing something right because people were literally begging. I’ve been asked to like to buy it and that’s like I don’t know if I’m going to be in this meeting. I don’t know if I would be able to show up live but if it ends I want to buy six of them. That’s the law. What a great problem to have. Like I want to six of them. Right. So we had the audience the audience was already warm. And we got the audience red hot.

[00:23:29] And then in the status of that live video we we just gave them the link to where they could purchase the deal. A mind body we basically slapped the coupon code in the status of the line and say OK it just you know go on Facebook go find it for us. So in that. Hour we sold 145 passes at $69 a pass which gave us ten thousand and $5. I could kiss the person that bought the 140 pass because that is in a bunch. Now my testimonial and my plans me up to you know a five figure hour. And it’s just you know people were buying several. They were just really really excited. And they had access. You know I think Facebook Live is such a cool container right. We know that it gets considerably more reach than normal posts. Even video posts so just taking and putting it in front of people and getting me getting already excited fanatic community red hot about how this was you know this stuff might go wrong and stuff was totally different that’s like I was teaching a class where I had a wireless mike that was plugged into my phone and the wireless mike had a range of about five feet. So you know so the person that was in the room you know kind of work in the tech wise comes up to me and she’s like hey no one can hear you know like black people or people or in her office cubicle doing this year US along with you right now like that. You need to figure this out. So we got to like them I we throw that away.

[00:24:55] All that stuff. So I think that’s one thing to really land is that it was not the most of like live video right. Not the most perfectly manicured video experience right. The lighting was very questionable and people could hear me for 15 minutes of this class. All that stuff right. But it just creates this kind of you know voyeurism. Little bit on her ability to so authentic. Yes. And so that just set us up really well for when we got ready to do staff post right we had over when we were done with a video we needed about 20 minutes to process and stuff like that. Sure. We email the existing lists like hey doors are open Here’s the link to the post. We purposely didn’t put the coupon code in the email we just put a link to Facebook by just to rack up some extra video views. Smart. And so we went into the booster post with about 75 likes me and about 100 comments which was great because it’s just from moment one that we have a lot of social proof. And so yeah. So we did it in this post. It was not done. It was not the most sophisticated targeting that planet earth has ever seen by a long shot. Free to 30 year fans we were tired yet we partied. People who liked the page. And it and it helped us just we only had to open for one day.

[00:26:18] We did a $50 post or we did a $50 boost excuse me on to this live video and you know in terms of reach I think when so many comments haven’t so many lights and reactions. And then also for these because the community is really tight I think a lot of people probably saw were probably getting you know indicated that other people like their friends were also interacting with Zappos right. So that just we held that open for 24 hours and in that we did another fifty five hundred twenty bucks. That’s a grand total of 15000 $524 come with an ad spend it ebox. That’s awesome. Yes. That’s a very large percentage are alike. It’s not. I want to be clear. I think it’s like part of like Law and strategy. Right. But it’s just it wasn’t even the most sophisticated copy it was just taking the time to reframe that you know hey this thing is going to happen. And you know we’re really excited it’s going to be an event. Stuff might go wrong and some of probably will go wrong and it did go wrong. And but you know just that the community was really really excited to do that. And now since then that business has gone on to do a lot of other. You know Facebook likes things and also whenever they do some kind of a promotion like how I find out that they’re doing promotions. Is that all there is a gap. So that really is kind of cool you know like getting over it.

[00:27:39] Absolutely. How many fans do they have on their Facebook page just curious.

[00:27:43] That page has about 11000 fans. OK. So I get into this day she is a explications do you know. So in terms of like funneling people it’s an unusually large mailing list right. Thirty nine thousand people. That is a sprawling list. The business have been open for eight years. Things like that. So they were you know in terms of just like size of list size and reach. There were a lot of things that were all really really working in the studios. Faber chef and he was just about leveraging it through copywriting and through Facebook live as a as a container to really get in front of a lot of people in a short amount of time.

[00:28:23] Yeah I love it. I love it because I know that you’ve then repeated that same process with another client for with a larger offer. Tell us about that one.

[00:28:33] Yeah totally. So I think on my end you know I was expecting to do maybe like a couple thousand bucks with that first case study. So I almost you know I was kicking myself a little bit that the cart was only open for 24 hours. You know that’s pretty short. Just in terms of what other people are juggling or have going on. Sure. It’s another studio owner who’s now a client reach out to me and said hey you know I saw what you had created that’s really interesting and we we want to recreate what you what you wrote about this study. So I got on the phone with her and there were there were a couple of different interesting challenges the picture. One is that the offer was considerably larger. They were interested in selling a $350 offer. Basically it was we had we had their events near the end of July and the offer was to buy a membership like a five month membership or just kind of like a buy out their membership through the end of the year. Right. August through December for $350. The second thing in the picture was that we knew this business had a lot of Groupon people or people that were on an introductory offer their introductory offer was 20 days for $20. OK. And it ended for me like I was Gunjan my butt cheeks a little bit because I was like gosh 20 to 350 kind of a big jump and they’re pretty quiet right.

[00:29:57] So you know I just I’m not sure how it’s a fly versus when we had this like crazy red hot like please. Can I sleep like I’ll give you extra. Let me buy early kind of fanaticism happening. That was kind of the interest of this business. And then what we also did is we go to a I wanted to cart open bonker. I just feel like there were missed sales opportunities there. Yeah. So we had to we have a class class the same time we build out the funnel we prove framed in pretty much the same way. But we have the card opens for six days. So from Washington state and when they had the class all the way through to the following Monday. OK. And that allowed us to really do on the back end as we did I believe we did a three e-mail sequence on the back and so we did an e-mail right after the live video was done going into the video. We did a Friday e-mail and then we did a Monday last call. And it’s in that business. That business did 166 sales of this past which came out two fifty eight thousand one hundred dollars which is the and which is awesome. And also their and their community is smaller. They’re just about 13000 people. You know it’s a four location studio. Two of them were acquired somewhat recently. So it was cool to see that with some tweaks that this is like this is kind of like a almost the sort of live launch strategy. Yeah business is the reproducible phenomenon. And it was also cool to see it with that business during the live video.

[00:31:35] You know in the first case study during the live video we sold about two thirds of the assets. Right. So our super duper hot they were a jumped on immediately. I think also since we had that urgency trigger that if you showed up why you could I’m old or I think that contributed to that having about two thirds of the passes were bought during the last hour. So it’s great for this for this business. It was closer to 1 or so during their live. You know they had a really got communication that they had a similar experience of people being Mike BLAYSE let me I’d like I want to make sure I get one of the passes you know that kind of thing. So they sold 55 passes in their hour which came up to just over my T.K. which is still not a bad call for a time of day when otherwise the studios getting mocked. Right. You know and it just by having just having the car open a little bit longer and you know I think having to touch points and then also having the live video who stayed for 60 period. You know I just think that me a much bigger difference for sure. And for them also the audience was slightly different.

[00:32:40] Rather than boosting to page likes that boosted the subscribers and you boost it to the email list correct. Got it. OK. We did not fans.

[00:32:51] No we just did it for that.

[00:32:52] Just in terms of creating like OK let’s since we have this e-mail experience that’s going on and we’re going to have this posted video drip of e-mails happening. Let’s see what happens if we just kind of like hammer them on two different touch points to see what that generates. So yeah. So even similar to most launches that business did about another one it had a big bump on the last day on that Monday. Six days after this video had been shown they pulled in about another 50 K which was the second Chumpy yesterday. So I thought that was really cool that you could take the principles of online entrepreneurship and you know launch sequences and stuff like that. And you know it really applied to offline buyers psychology for sure.

[00:33:37] What was the ad spend on that when you were when you’re targeting the e-mail customer audience.

[00:33:41] Yes that adds that it was a total of $330. It was a little more beefy is still very you know I’ll take that I’ll take that all 330.

[00:33:51] I mean that’s less than less than what the offer itself.

[00:33:54] Yeah it actually one of the yeah. Yeah. So that was not you know knocking down the door they kind of paid for this whole ad strategy and I think it just goes back to something that you said and that I’ve really learned from you is that you know someone’s going to someone’s going to jump into ads that they should really be exploring warm and hot traffic first. Yeah for sure. And so I think that’s where a lot of local businesses and where you’re just listening in terms of market research listening to you know why a lot of businesses are of Erse to jumping in Shambat that you know they’ve actually tried ads before but it was an ice cold traffic and a out and a myriad of other things. Right. Not a clear offer that type of structure correctly. So you know for both of these businesses these really sexy numbers are coming out and that’s just the results of how traffic began to actually engage. Yeah.

[00:34:40] And I love it you’re using I mean it’s the low hanging fruit right. It’s it’s the one it’s you’re starting off with the warmer high traffic you’re nurturing those people you really don’t know about the special offer there is scarcity involved. You

[00:34:52] know there’s a special pricing involved and we’re using you know something creative in that a lot of local businesses aren’t doing. From a Facebook Live perspective and really creating an event around it and you mentioned I think you bring up a really good point as far as Laddie’s businesses these types of businesses are communities. And so when they can rally around this type of event and you know and be talking about it and sharing it news begging them like let them in on this offer I think that that’s a really really cool thing that you’ve created with with these types of businesses and. Congrats man on the success here. And I also want to. I also want to acknowledge you on taking action on what you learned. You know like a lot of people will listen to the podcast now like ok cool. Maybe they’ll take a note or two but they actually don’t you know don’t take any action on it and that like that that tears me out because I was like This is live you are living proof that this stuff works. When you it when you test it out. So I want to acknowledge you on that. Nick this has been really really helpful. I want to make sure that people can connect with you if they want what they want to learn more about you and if they’re in I don’t know if you’re working outside of the Houston area I’m sure you’ll get a lot of questions around that. But with that said where can people connect to you.

[00:36:11] Yeah people can definitely connect with me and I definitely work outside of the Houston area. So please blow my phone up blow my inbox. And I know. And I brought a little gift to put something together. So on my site if you go to all me dot com slash Rick I’ve got. I took some of these live launch concepts and put it together and make a complete beginners complete beginners guide to monetising Facebook Live for your yoga business. But you don’t need to be running if it is true a good business to take a peek at it. And you know it’s juicy 13000 words. It’s plenty of time to read through. And one of the chapters typically breaks down all the screen shots kind of the entire launch strategy. That first case study all of do’s and don’ts. So that’s just my name’s sites and nichrome dot com. And I see k w o l and y dot com slash.

[00:37:13] Awesome. Thanks for doing that man I didn’t know that you’re a new That’s a very very cool. Now we certainly put up on the short notes for the episode today. Nic thank you again so much for coming in. Really appreciate it.

[00:37:21] And thanks for having all right you got a lot out of this interview with Nick here today. If you were looking for hands on help with your Facebook ads you’re definitely not going to miss my upcoming SBA live event here in San Diego which is December 7th eighth and ninth FBI live. This is my live implementation workshop they do twice a year and we’re going to be actually working on your Facebook ad campaigns together over the two days and we’re going be having conversations around strategy and areas for improvement for your campaigns. I mean let’s face it so much has changed is Facebook ads over the last two months let alone this year. And my goal is to have you walking away with things set up the right way and improvements made. If you’re already running Facebook ads and you bring your campaigns into the workshop. My goal is for you to leave that event with your campaigns performing better. Also something new for this December event. When you sign up for the workshop it’s going to win clewed access to one of my training programs which you are going to need to go through as much as possible prior to the event. And the reason for that is I want this workshop to have the biggest impact for everyone attending And so for that reason this is not going to be for complete beginners. All right. So that is why if you have not done Facebook as before and you want to attend you will have to go through whichever program is most relevant for you of mine before the event.

[00:38:48] Now if youre already one of my students you are going to get a big time discount off the cost of the workshop or youll get to come for free. And so that I can have the biggest impact on working with everyone their spots are going to be limited to just 40 people at the time I’m recording this. About half of those spots are already filled. So if you want to check out all the details and reserve your spot just head over to Rick Mulready dot com forward slash FBA live. This is one of my favorite things I do all year long these these libe workshops. Love hanging out with all of you for a few days and really helping you move your Facebook ads and your business forward. Really can’t wait to see you in San Diego here in December. Again that link is Rick Mulready dot com for FBA. Live now coming up in the next episode. I’ve got an interview with a local business owner who’s here in San Diego who has been burned a few times by quote unquote local marketers. He’s lost thousands of dollars after being promised these amazing results by these local marketers. And so I talk with him about he how he as a business owner would like to be approached by and work with somebody to market his business locally online. I really had to share this interview with you because this is something I tried out. I sort of interviewed him on the fly in his business and recorded it.

[00:40:10] And I want to share with you all here on the podcast that’s going to be coming up in the next episode. So until then my friends as always keep testing your paid traffic to find out what works for you and your business. And the new more of what’s working and I’ll see you in the next episode.

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