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Do Facebook ads even work? The “Facebook Fraud”

A bunch of people recently sent me a link to the “Facebook Fraud” video that’s quickly making its way around the Interwebz.

If you haven’t seen it yet, allow me to give you the Cliffs Notes version:

The video basically declares that when you run Facebook “Like” ads to increase the number of Facebook fans on your page, the new fans that you’re actually getting are completely irrelevant to your business. 

It also says that when you use the “Promote Your Page” button that Facebook so prominently displays on your Facebook page so you can get more Likes, the new fans that you’re getting, again, are irrelevant to your business.

They are irrelevant because, the video claims, these new “fans” are coming from “click farms” around the world — people sitting around on computers who get paid to click “Like” on Facebook ads.

The video shares a couple of case studies and charts showing examples of where this has happened, although they’re a couple of years old.

Of course, when you have so many irrelevant fans on your page, engagement on your content is going to be scarce.

So, the video finishes by saying that we’re essentially double paying Facebook — once to get more fans and again to reach more of them with our content through boosted or promoted posts. 

Bad Facebook…

Statements like this video can be scary, especially when you’re considering whether to use Facebook ads to grow your business.

You might be thinking…I knew it!  The truth is finally out.

Or, how can they do this!?

Here’s the Deal…

You see, I agree with a lot of what the video says.

I DO think that if you buy untargeted “Like” ads to grow your fans or use the “Promote Your Page” button, you’re getting irrelevant new fans.

I’ve seen it happen time and again.  I don’t like it and I think Facebook needs to do something about it.

But if you’re relying on untargeted “Like” ads or buying fans for your page, you’re completely missing the point of actually using Facebook ads to GROW your business with TARGETED customers.

Smart business owners are using Facebook ads to set up laser targeted ads in Facebook’s Power Editor that not only get them more fans, but also generate leads and sales for their business.

That’s why when I show people how to create Facebook ads that actually grow their business, I NEVER suggest that they use untargeted ads.

Rather, I walk you through step-by-step how to create a profitable Facebook ads system that generates leads and sales on autopilot.

It’s a system that I use today to keep growing my own business and that of my clients —  with big time results.

I cover this entire system in The FB ADvantage: Automated Facebook Ads…Made Simple program.

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One of my clients, who doesn’t fall into the buying untargeted ads trap, is generating $485/day with his Facebook ads using this exact system.  And, he only checks his ads for 2 minutes a day.

That’s what I mean by automated, he’s generating leads and sales for his business while he sleeps — all with Facebook ads.

Another client recently used this Facebook ads strategy to increase her webinar registrations by 1100% and reduce her cost-per-lead by 70%. That rocks.

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Here’s to using Facebook ads the SMART way to grow your business.