Lead Generation

Without This You Wont Be Able to Generate Leads With Facebook (Strategy #2)

The second step in my system for generating massive leads with Facebook marketing within the next 30 days is critical.

It’s THE central idea that needs to be in place before you begin adding people to your list. Without it, you’re going to have a hard time getting anyone to part with their email address.

What is it?

Your free offer.

You need to make sure you give something of value away in exchange for a person’s email.

This could be an ebook, video, access to a webinar, free consulting, PDF, etc. within your niche that is of huge benefit to someone.

Go above and beyond with your giveaway and overdeliver in its value.  This starts the process of getting people to know, like and trust you which will make it easier for you to “sell” to them when the time comes.

Want a couple examples of people who are giving away incredible value in exchange for an email address?  (in addition to this lead generation system you’re reading here, of course)  🙂

Scott Dinsmore from Live Your Legend and David Risley from Blog Marketing Academy give away stuff that’s really beneficial.  Scott gives away 10 workbooks to help you do work that you love.  10!  And David offers a free 30-day blog transformation series where he sends you an email per day about how to transform your blog.

This is Critical if You Want More Leads

When you’re marketing on Facebook, you’re creating a lead generation funnel.

You tell people about your offer and then send them to a landing page that’s either within Facebook (a custom app) or outside of Facebook (like a page on your site) where you’ll collect the email address.

Using the “right” kind of landing page is critical to your lead generation success.

Landing Pages that Convert

In the next email, Strategy #3, I’ll show you exactly what type of landing page tends to convert the best when generating leads with Facebook.

The title of it is “Test this Facebook marketing strategy if you want more leads.”

I don’t want you to miss it so be sure you’ve marked emails from me as “safe” so they don’t get caught up in your Spam folder.


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