Lead Generation

Facebook Page Post Ads: Targeted Lead Generation (Strategy #4)

Now that you have your value-packed giveaway and a great landing page that makes it easy for people to give you their email address, it’s time to let a targeted audience know about your free product and get them to your landing page.

The first traffic driving strategy I want to show you is using Facebook page post ads to target your specific audience.

Page post ads are one of the most effective and inexpensive Facebook ads available.

The Page Post Ad & Case Study Example

A Page Post Ad allows you to promote a status update that you’ve posted on your Facebook page as an ad, and target it to your ideal audience.

It can appear in the right side of people’s Facebook page (the “marketplace”) as well as in the News Feed.

The reason this ad is so effective is twofold: they are larger than any of the ads in the marketplace, and ads that appear in the News Feed perform MUCH better than standard marketplace ads.

Here’s an example of a status update, and then a resulting Page Post Ad:

Here’s how to set up a Page Post Ad that will generate leads:

1) Create a status update on your Facebook page that includes a call-to-action and URL.  Your update should promote your giveaway, include your landing page URL and an eye-catching image or video.

2) Post it to your Facebook page.

3) Go to your Ads Creator (http://www.facebook.com/ads/create/)

4) Select your Facebook page as the Destination and then choose “Promote Page Posts”.

5) Choose the post you just created from the dropdown menu.

6) Set your targeting so you are reaching your ideal audience, and set your budget.

7) Submit for approval.


Page Post Ads In Action – A Case Study

I recently worked with a client who wanted to drive traffic to his landing page where he was selling a $497 product.

He also wanted to generate leads, but wanted to test the direct sale first to see how it did.

He previously ran standard marketplace Facebook ads with decent success (0.05% click-through rate [CTR] and a couple sales).

So, we decided to change the strategy and create a status update on his Facebook page and then turn it into a Page Post Ad.

With the new ad, we targeted interests closely related to his niche.

Here is what the post looked like:

And, here is what the Page Post Ad looked like:

The results?  Awesome… 

The average CTR was 4.6% and the campaign resulted in four sales.

With a tweak to his ads strategy, we were able to get him a return on investment of 100%.

In fact, the strategy worked SO well that he decided to only focus on sales for this campaign.

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