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5 Reasons Facebook’s Power Editor Will Save You Time & Money

July 31, 2014

Time Is MoneyMy wife Amy and I went on a bit of a road trip last week, driving up to Northern California from San Diego.

We stay with her family when we’re up there and her second charity fitness bootcamp was held in San Francisco this past Saturday.

It was our first time making the drive from San Diego, since we usually do it from LA, and we’ve already decided it will be our last — from here on out we fly!

9 1/2 hours in the car is just crazy to us.  Not only that but the driving is so draining that we were pretty spent the day after we arrived, too. We decided that our time and energy are more valuable to us than the extra money we would have spent on plane tickets.

During one of my breaks from driving, I checked my email and there was a question from someone asking whether they should be using Facebook’s Power Editor or the standard Ads Create tool to set up their Facebook ads.  They had heard me talking about Power Editor but wanted to know more about the actual benefits of using it.

If you’re not aware, I’m a BIG proponent of using Power Editor — Facebook’s browser-based tool for setting up ads.  It’s the only tool I teach in my FB Ads for Newbies and FB Advantage courses.

I tend to get this question quite a bit so today I’m going to break down why you need to be using the Facebook Power Editor to create your Facebook ads.

Power Editor Is A No-Brainer. Here’s Why…

Before I get into the nitty gritty, think of it like this…

If you’re making a long trip like Amy and I did last week you have two options — drive or fly.

They’ll both get you to your destination but driving is more tedious and going to take a heck of a lot longer. By flying, you’ll get there much faster and be able to do things while you travel (like sleep, read, work, watch movies, etc…).

One method takes more time and the other is faster with more benefits.

Think of using Power Editor versus the basic Ads Creator the same way.

Power Editor will save you boat-loads of time and has better features while Ads Creator has LESS features and takes longer.

It’s a no-brainer.

Let’s look at the specific features that Power Editor has that Ads Creator doesn’t.

These features will not only save you tons of time and money but also allow you to create more effective and profitable Facebook ads.

#1.  The Duplicate Button

Duplicate screenshot

Duplicating allows you to create multiple versions of a Campaign, Ad Set or Ad with the click of a button.

It’s hands-down one of my favorite features in Power Editor because it’s a HUGE time saver.

Here’s an example of how you might use it:

Let’s say you have a Campaign with the objective of Website Conversions.

You then want to have four Ad Sets within the Campaign, each with different targeting, and want to use just one ad in your campaign.

So, you set up the first Ad Set that contains your one ad targeted to the first group you want to target.

You then highlight that Ad Set and Duplicate it.

You now have two identical Ad Sets.

Highlight both of these Ad Sets now and Duplicate again.  Now you have four total Ad Sets, each with your one ad.

Still with me?

Now all you have to do is go into each of the ads, change the individual targeting and you’re done.

You’ve just created four Ad Sets, each with individually targeted ads in a matter of seconds!

Here’s the Duplicate feature in action:

#2. Ability to Create Unpublished Page Post Ads

Unpublished Page Post Ad Setup Screenshot

If you’re not using Unpublished Page Post Ads, you’re missing out on Facebook’s most effective ad-type, in my opinion.

Let me repeat that: if you’re not using Unpublished Page Post Ads, you’re missing out on Facebook’s most effective ad-type.

The beauty of Unpublished Page Post Ads is they give you the ability to create ads for the News Feed that look like Facebook posts, yet they don’t actually show up on your Facebook page.  Thus, you avoid spamming your fans with a bunch of the same posts on your Page.

The other benefit is you’re not limited to 25 characters in your ad’s Headline nor are you limited to 90 characters of text in the body of your ad.  This is huge.

Here’s how to create an Unpublished Page Post Ad:

#3: Exclude Certain Custom Audiences

Facebook Excluded Audiences

The ability to exclude custom audiences in your targeting is key.

Say you’ve set up a Website Custom Audience pixel on your website and you’re building audiences, among others, of those people who visit your sales page as well as those who visit your “thanks for buying” confirmation page.

Using the excluded audiences feature, you can target your ads to people who have visited your sales page but didn’t buy your product or service.

Customize your ad copy so it speaks directly to these potential buyers and you’ve got a LASER-TARGETED ad.

Here’s how to exclude audiences in your targeting:

#4. Saved Audiences

Facebook Saved Audiences

A saved audience, also called a Saved Target Group, allows you to reuse targeting groups that you’ve already created.

This makes creating multiple ads a whole lot easier and quicker.

Here’s how you might use it: let’s say you set up a target audience for one of your ads and it has several criteria — countries, age range, demographics, interests, etc…

And, you know that you likely want to target this exact audience again in the future.

Well, having to remember the exact audience that you setup and then going through all the steps to re-set it up would be a royal pain in the butt.

This is where Saved Audiences come in.

Rather than having to go through and set up all of the criteria again, you can simply save the original audience for future use.

When you’re ready to use the same audience again, choose it from the “Use Existing Targeting Group” drop down menu and it automatically populates the targeting for you.

This is a huge timesaver when setting up your ads and currently only available in Power Editor.

Here’s how to save an audience that you’ve setup:

#5. Target Specific Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices Screenshot

If you’re someone who has a product or service that is meant for people using a specific mobile device (iPhone, etc.) you’re absolutely going to want to use this placement targeting feature in Power Editor.

Yes, in Power Editor and the basic Ads Creator, you can specify whether you want your ad to run in Facebook’s desktop News Feed or Mobile News Feed (or both).

But only in Power Editor can you choose to show your ads to users of specific mobile devices.

Say your an app maker and you want to use Facebook ads to drive downloads of a new iOS productivity app.

If you simply targeted your ads to the mobile News Feed, you’d be reaching all mobile Facebook users thus wasting a bunch of money because not all of these people are your target audience.

Get more granular by targeting JUST people using iOS devices and then layer in other relevant targeting and now you have yourself a laser-targeted ad.

Time & Money Saving Features

As you can see, Power Editor offers some really powerful features that will save you time and money when setting up your Facebook ads.

I’ll take a tool that will make my life easier and my ads more effective any day of the week.

It’s for these reasons that I ONLY use Power Editor in my business and it’s what I teach in my FB Ads for Newbies and The FB Advantage training courses.

Now I’d love to hear from you:

Are you using Power Editor to create your Facebook ads?  If not, what’s holding you back?  If so, have you used any of these features?  

Let me know in the Comments below.

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