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Facebook Promoted Posts: Lead Generation through Status Updates is an Art (Strategy #7)

Posting specific types of status updates on your Facebook page can be a gold mine for generating leads!

That is, if you know how to properly position and promote them.

Most businesses don’t, though, which means after learning my 7th strategy here in this article you’ll have a leg up on your competition.

Let’s dive in…

When looking to generate leads through your status updates there are a few best practices to follow so as to try and maximize your success.

First, as has been the theme to my system, you want to offer your value-packed giveaway in exchange for someone’s email.

Be clear about what you are offering in your update, with an obvious call-to-action that is within the first sentence and a half.

This is a REALLY important trick that most Facebook marketers get wrong.

Here is an example:

Facebook promoted post

See what I did by including the call-to-action and URL early in the the post?

Shortening the URL and putting it and the call-to-action at the beginning of the post allows you turn the post into a Page Post ad if you want to, with the most important action visible in the ad.

I was able to do this by shortening my URL with bitly (bitly.com).  [side note: not only does this allow you to shorten the URL but bitly also lets you track specific clicks on the URL].

If I hadn’t shortened the URL, the post would have looked really weird with a long URL.  And, I wouldn’t have been able to include much more text.

Here’s an example of a Page Post ad from the above update:

Facebook page post ad

Use Images & Videos to Catch Attention

Facebook posts that include an image or video tend to engage more people than those that are just plain text.

They attract attention and stand out from other posts in people’s News Feed.

Be careful, though.

You’re now not allowed to have more than 20% text in your ad images.  This goes for images used in status updates that you turn into a Page Post ad.

Although this is a GREAT lead generation ad, it’s one that Facebook will likely crack down on due to the amount of text in the image.

Facebook page post ad

Pay to Promote Your Post?

You may have heard that only about 16% of your Facebook fans actually see your status updates.

The reason for this is a little outside the scope of this article, but it has a lot to do with the level of engagement on your Facebook page; how many people interact with your posts on a regular basis.

This isn’t a bad thing, though, and is actually quite normal for online marketing channels.

Think of email marketing.

If you have a list of 1,000 people and you send out an email to them, how many actually open it up and read it?  How many even see it in their jammed email inbox?

Since only a fraction of your fans will actually see what you’re posting, you can “promote” your post.

This is another form of Facebook advertising where you can pay to ensure more people see your post.

You can choose:

              • who you want to see your post (fans or fans and friends of fans)

              • how many people you want to see your post

              • the budget you want to spend

              • When you promote your post it will show up in people’s News Feed which is where you want your ads to show.

                News Feed ads get more engagement and enjoy higher higher clicks than standard “marketplace” ads.

                Here’s a secret tip: If you are going to promote your post I recommend selecting just your fans.  I’ve seen and heard about too many stories where when you select fans and friends of fans, random people who are completely out of our target audience see your post.

                Obviously, when you’re paying to try and generate leads, you only want the most qualified traffic.

                To promote a post:

                                                                      • click the “promote” button next to the “post” button

                                                                      • select your Fans and budget/reach

                                                                      • click “set budget”

                                                                      • Facebook promoted post

                                                                        Recapping My Facebook Marketing Lead Generation System

                                                                        Now that we’ve reached the final strategy, it’s time to recap what we’ve covered over the past couple of weeks.

                                                                        Strategy #1: Tracking your lead generation efforts

                                                                        Strategy #2: Develop your value-packed giveaway

                                                                        Strategy #3: Custom apps and landing pages

                                                                        Strategy #4: Facebook Page Post Ads

                                                                        Strategy #5: Facebook Contests

                                                                        Strategy #6: Facebook Offers

                                                                        Strategy #7: Facebook Promoted Posts

                                                                        I hope that you test to see what works best for your marketing on Facebook and become a lead generation machine.

                                                                        I promise to continue delivering awesome content and value, sharing with you everything I know about Facebook marketing so that you can consistently grow your business while spending the least amount of money possible.

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