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#88: How to Double Your ROI With Facebook Video Ads

June 8, 2016

If you’re advertising your business on Facebook (which I’m willing to bet you’re doing), then you should be testing video ads in your marketing strategy.

Long time subscribers to The Art of Paid Traffic probably know that I am a huge fan of using Facebook video ads. That’s why I am excited to give you my best tips, tricks and strategies for them in today’s episode.

Facebook has over a billion daily users and they’re watching 100 million hours of video per day.  Yep, you read that right, 100 million hours PER DAY.

That said, the power of using Facebook video ads to maximize your ROI can no longer be ignored.

Let’s get right to it because today’s solo episode is going to bring you a ton of value and you’ll walk away with some specific steps to start using Facebook video ads in your own business right away.

On Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Why Facebook video ads can be more effective than “standard” Facebook image ads
  • The inside scoop on engagement retargeting with video ads and why it increases your ability to turn leads into paying customers
  • What to include in your video ad (plus, there’s even a strategy for the more camera shy people out there)
  • The specific anatomy of a high converting video ad and how you can apply it to attract more qualified leads
  • The low cost of producing video for ads and how I use inexpensive stuff like a $29 mic from Amazon to make my videos
  • How to successfully set up your video ads with Facebook Ads Manager
  • Which specific insights you should be tracking once your ad is up and running
  • My secret to saving time by leveraging Facebook Live to produce high converting video ad content
  • Plus, how Facebook is continuing to change the game for advertisers and why these changes benefit your business
  • And a lot more…

I put together two Video Ad cheat sheets for you that accompany this episode —

The Complete Anatomy of a High Converting Facebook Video Ad and
my proven Facebook Video Ad Script.

These cheat sheets take all the guesswork out of creating a high converting video ad so that you can immediately incorporate them into your Facebook ads strategy.

To download your Cheat Sheets, just text AOPT88 to 44222 — or click the image below:

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