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#36: How to Use Facebook Video Ads to Create a Sales Funnel that Converts

May 19, 2015

Today’s episode of The Art of Paid Traffic is a solo episode where I’m going to be talking about Facebook video ads.

I share what kind of results I’m seeing with them, what you should know about them, and some tips & tricks for getting great results with your video ads.

You see, in addition to 2015 being the year of retargeting on Facebook, it’s also about video.

When Facebook came out and reported their first quarter earnings recently, they said that there are 4 billion video views being served every day on Facebook right now (both organic and paid)..

That’s a whole lotta video.

And If you’ve been reading my articles or listening to other episodes of AOPT, you know there’s a shift going on right now with Facebook ads.

As advertisers, Facebook wants us adding value to its users and ideally, in the form of stories that we tell about our businesses.

Gone are the days of scammy offers that aren’t truly enriching people’s lives.

Knowing all of this information, Facebook video ads are a great way to add value to your target audience, engage them and grab their attention.

And not to mention, they’re crushing it right now on Facebook.

I’m seeing video views as low as $0.01 and leads as low as $0.30.

So today I want to share with you how you can get in on the action and take advantage of video ads to grow your business.

What You Should Know About Facebook Video Ads

  • Make sure to upload your video directly to Facebook. Don’t just copy/paste a link to YouTube or some other video platform.
  • A video view is counted after someone watches 3+ seconds of your video.
  • Videos are auto-play (muted) in the News Feed, meaning as you’re scrolling through the video automatically starts playing without sound when someone sees it. You have to tap the video in order to hear it.
  • At the Campaign level, select “Video Views” as your Objective


  • Once your video ad is running, Facebook has some great reporting metrics that will help you determine how well your video is doing. For example, you can see the average duration of your video views.
  • Facebook’s guideline that images can’t contain more than 20% text also applies with video. Your video thumbnail image can’t contain more than 20% text nor can the first 30 seconds of the video ad.

Tips & Tricks for Great Video Ads

  • I recommend Mobile News Feed when running video ads. Not only are the majority of Facebook’s video plays coming on mobile, but when you tap the video to hear/play it, it takes up the whole screen along with a great call-to-action button.

Here’s a mobile video ad example from LeadPages. Notice that it takes over the whole screen with a call-to-action button in the upper left corner.


  • Use video ads when you’re retargeting users who have come to your website or landing page but not bought. It’s a great way to re-engage them.
  • Since the videos are muted until someone taps the screen, you gotta catch people’s attention within the first 3 seconds of the video visually. Get creative here!
  • Always think about how you can entertain and add value to your target customers while also representing your product or service. Tell a story!
  • You don’t need a professional video production crew to do this. Grab your smart phone and start recording.

Ok, now that we’ve covered all that, you might be thinking but Rick, I want to get leads and build my email list so I can sell my stuff. Isn’t video best for general awareness?

Good question.

Yes it is, but by following a simple multi-step sales funnel, you can see huge results.

How to Create a Facebook Video Ads Sales Funnel that Converts

The secret to using video ads to get more leads and customers lies in using a multi-step sales funnel.

Here’s what this sales funnel looks like:

Step 1: Create a short video of you talking about the benefits of your product/service; how you can solve the problem of your target audience. This allows you to start building a relationship with them and for people to get a feel for you.

Within this video, if you have them, mix in a couple video testimonials from your customers. This adds social proof and real-life stories about your business. If you don’t have any video testimonials, it’s not a big deal, but this is another reason for you to start collecting them.

Step 2: Create a Facebook video ad for this video and target your ideal customers. Include a call to-action in the video sending people to your landing page (or website). Also include a URL in your ad copy for where you want to send people.

Step 3: After running this video ad for a period of time, stop it and then follow it up with either another video ad with a very targeted message or a “standard” link ad (the one with a “regular image”) that drives people to your landing page.

Depending on how many views your original video ad got, you then have the option of targeting everyone who watched your first video ad or you can just target the same audiences you targeted originally.

The goal of this follow-up ad is to get conversions now that people have started to build a relationship with you through the first video ad.

Choose the Objective “website conversions” when setting up your ad here and drive people to your landing page.

I’ve seen this strategy work extremely well lately.

Kimra Luna, my guest on episode 26 of The Art of Paid Traffic, for example, used this strategy to help generate almost $900K in revenue in the first 10 months of her business.


Yep, for real.

This video ads sales funnel helps build awareness for who you are and what you’re about.

It “warms people up” to you and your business so it’s easier to get them to do whatever your goal is (opt-in, register, download a coupon, buy, etc…).

Just Getting Started

I think we’re just at the beginning with this whole video revolution on Facebook.

There’s a lot more to come with how we’re going to be able to use video to reach our target audience there.

So if you haven’t already, definitely start testing video ads for your business to see how they work for you.

And if you’re already testing Facebook video ads, how are they doing for you? Let us know in the Comments below.

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