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FB ads just got a WHOLE lot easier – the birth of Power Editor

June 15, 2012

There have been a LOT of changes to Facebook lately, and if you’re like most of us, it’s been a struggle to keep up with it all.

Never fear: that’s why I’m here.  😉

One product you may have missed in the midst of all the madness is one that could help you beyond all the rest!

It’s called Power Editor and it will make your Facebook ads life easier — A LOT easier.

There’s a link in the left column of your FB ads manager.  Go ahead click on it.  You can thank me later.

Power Editor is the updated version of Facebook’s previous ad “bulk uploader.”  It’s designed to make it easier and more efficient to manage lots of ads and campaigns.

My professional opinion? It’s MONEY!

Even if you’re not managing crazy amounts of campaigns, I recommend trying it out; it will make your life SO much easier and save you tons of time.

A little insider info: this tool actually isn’t new; it’s been available to the big spending brands for some time.  Now, thanks to the grace of Facebook, it’s been opened up to smaller businesses and entrepreneurs like us (WOO!).

I’ve created a video tutorial to help get you started with Power Editor which you can check out here:


How Do You Get Power Editor?

Power Editor is a stand-alone application that runs locally on your computer.  Once you download it, it’ll appear as one of your apps within Chrome.

The kicker: you have to be using Google Chrome in order to get it.  (I won’t be surprised if it rolls out across more browsers very soon)

Even if you’re not a Chrome user, do yourself the favor of downloading it so you can use this tool. (P.S. I use Chrome and it rocks!)

Since it’s separate from Facebook’s Ads Creator, you’ll have to upload any work you do in Power Editor to the Ads Creator.  It’s a really simple process though: all you have to do is click the “upload” button after creating or changing everything in the Editor.

What You Have Access To in Power Editor But Don’t in Ads Creator

There are a few things that you have access to in Power Editor that you don’t have access to in the normal Ads Creator.

The coolest one, in my opinion, is the ability to specify where your Sponsored Stories ads will run.

…And, this includes being able to run mobile ads!

[insert angels singing here]

A much-needed step for Facebook ads, mobile access will allow us to get into news feeds when people use Facebook from their phones!

This is the first opportunity we’ve had as smaller businesses to access the mobile market, and opens up a slew of opportunities that weren’t available to us before.

Did you know that half of the 900 million people on Facebook access it from their mobile phones?

Seriously, big stuff here.

Another bonus: You can choose where your ads are placed. Awesomeness.

So, if you so desire, you can choose:

 – All placements (regular Marketplace ads on the right side of a Facebook page, and the desktop and mobile news feeds).

– All desktop placements (includes the Marketplace ads and the desktop news feed).

– News Feed (includes the desktop and mobile News Feeds).

– Desktop news feed only.

– Mobile news feed only.

The other ability that Power Editor gives you, and that I LOVE, is the ability to duplicate several ads really easily.

You simply have to highlight the ads you want to duplicate and click the “duplicate” button.

Bam.  Couldn’t be easier.

This makes A/B testing your ads a breeze, and your life much easier and less pull-out-hair-y.

For a complete video tutorial on getting started with Power Editor, you can go here:


Rock On



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