FBA Local

Everything You Need to Get the Upper Hand in Your Local Marketplace

A Complete and Proven Facebook Ads System for Local Businesses Ready to Attract Qualified Leads and Customers Consistently

How to make your marketing scalable, measurable, and raking in consistent results


  • You barely know what FB ads are
  • Your last FB ad bombed and left you deflated
  • You only have $10/day to spend on FB ads
  • You’d never call yourself a “techie” person (that’s ok!)
  • You have no idea how to target your local customers
  • You’re currently running newspaper ads local and local mailers

Local business owners like you need a unique system that shows you exactly how to set-up, run, and test your Facebook ads for maximum ROI. That’s why I created FB ADvantage Local.

Lisa Kuecker

“At this point, 80% of our marketing goes through FB ads and our business is growing year after year. We’ve seen Facebook take over our marketing budget. The coolest part? Our marketing budget has ​shrunk​ every year. Our marketing budget is half of what it used to be, yet we have consistent and steady growth.”

Lisa Kuecker, ​Former​ ​Studio Owner, Red Fish Fitness

Feeling ​overwhelmed ​and overworked​?

Caught on the treadmill of long hours and infinite angst? I hear ya, I really do. But tell me, are you ​too busy​ to…

  • Tap into a growing community of ​1.33 billion daily active Facebook users?
  • Show up on THE most popular social media platform with ​the​ ​most engaged users​ (yep, THOSE engaged users include YOUR local customers)?
  • Put your advertisement SMACK dab ​in front of your local customers​ (so they’re drooling over your offer as they scan their Facebook feed)?

I couldn’t believe it when I heard this → ​93.3% of businesses ​don’t ​advertise on Facebook​, according to Social Media Examiner.

STAND OUT and be part of the​ 6.7%​ of businesses that show up in your ideal customer’s Facebook feed.

THIS edge in your local market is what I like to call your ​FB ADvantage.​ And it’s your undeniable right as a business owner to:

  • OUTPLAY your competition (while they’re intimidated by FB ads, you could be attracting their qualified customers)
  • SAVE MONEY by eliminating marketing channels that no longer deliver a ROI (if you can’t track it, ditch it)
  • GROW your business as fast as you’d like (you control the pace with FB ads)
Want results that will make your friends say, “YOU MADE HOW MUCH​ WITH FB ADS?” I’ve got you covered, even if you’ve never touched a FB ad before OR you swore you’d never test one again…


What would your business look like if you could…

  • Pay Facebook $500 and make $10,000+ in return, like FB ADvantage LOCAL member David Brandt?
  • Retarget people who visited your website? (BTW this is one of the best ways to lower your marketing spend)
  • Create & attract lookalike audiences (AKA people who share the EXACT attributes as your Facebook fans, website visitors, and email list)?
  • You could finally relax, opt out of the daily hustle… and feel CONFIDENT in your ability to make money on demand.

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to FB ads or you’ve launched a few campaigns already (but you know you could be doing ​much​ better), this is for you…

Enrollment for The FB ADvantage LOCAL is currently closed but we’ll be opening it up again soon! Get on the waitlist to be the FIRST to know so you can jump in.