FB AD Manager

More Clients. More Revenue. Better Results.

For people who want to start & grow or scale a business managing Facebook Ads for other businesses

Everything You Need to Become a Wickedly Successful FB Ads Manager


  • You haven’t started your FB ad agency yet (…you’ll get massive traction—fast)
  • You have NO IDEA where to find your first few “ideal” client (…hmmm what do they even look like?)
  • You’re afraid that you’ll be chained to an ads dashboard
  • and stuck working on your clients’ campaigns every single day
  • (…without the ability to take time off to hang with your family)
  • You have yet to learn EVERYTHING about Facebook™ advertising (…don’t worry—you can achieve “Daaaaamn, you’re good!” results without knowing everything)

Kerry Swetmon

“I have raised my prices by a whole bunch. The clients I attract now are multi-million dollar businesses. My average monthly retainer is around $2K... Every single one of my clients is through word of mouth. I have finally attracted this group of rainmakers who have these tremendous businesses and are doing crazy-good things in the world. It’s humbling to play a part in that. The difference in my life is night and day. I’m able to do something I really enjoy, work when I need to, spend time with my family, vacation...It’s a really sweet place to be."

Kerry Swetmon Founder, SystemEnvy.com

The FB ADmanager system is designed to help you nail your niche, package & price your services, and build efficient client management processes, so you can finally…

  • FIND your first batch of ideal, long-term retainer clients who have recurring ad budgets (hellz-to-the-yea)
  • STRUCTURE your pricing & packages so you’re incentivized to succeed (I’ll tell you exactly what to charge)
  • DESIGN an onboarding process for your clients that will save 10 hours of your time each week (so you don’t stare at the screen for 70+ hours/week & turn into a pre-apocalyptic zombie)
  • DELIVER incredible results for your clients repeatedly(one hit wonders won’t scale your business)
  • MANAGE multiple clients in the Business Manager like a starship captain, so you feel in control, confident, and clear every day (…I’ll show you how to do it)

What if you could figure out how to start, grow, manage,automate, and scale your FB ads business ​— ​without burning yourself out, working 70+ hours/week, and getting severely underpaid?

The FB ADmanager system will show you how to get results FASTER, so you can charge more ...and spend less time “working”

Enrollment for The FB ADmanager is currently closed but we’ll be opening it up again very soon! Get on the wait-list to be the FIRST to know so you can jump in.