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ISM 036: 3 Strategies for Finding Exactly Where Your Customers Are Online

November 17, 2013

rick mulreadyThis is a special solo episode this week where I discuss 3 strategies for finding exactly where your customers are online on The Inside Social Media podcast, as my journey to connect with the biggest brands in the world and share with you how you can model and adapt their social media insights and strategies continues.

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More About This Show

I’m really excited to bring you my first solo episode this week!

I won’t be doing many of these solo shows, as the goal of this podcast is to bring you conversations with the most successful brands in the world, but I wanted to discuss a couple of topics that come up on a regular basis.

First, I’ve been asked by several of you if I would talk about my online marketing experience, what I’ve done, how long I’ve been in the industry, what brands I’ve worked with, etc… Many of you have also asked me where this podcast came from — why did I start it and why this concept.

I answer all this and give you the full rundown in the first part of the show.

Second, being successful in social media means connecting with your customers on the platforms they’re using everyday.

But one of the biggest challenges I hear from you is knowing where to find where your customers hangout online.

How do you know?

In Today’s Show You’ll Learn:

  • 3 strategies for helping you find EXACTLY where your customer are online so you can be there as well.
  • How modeling the social media success of big brands will not only simplify your own social media efforts, but expedite your own success as well.
  • Why I started the Inside Social Media podcast and where I plan on taking it!
  • And much more…

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