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#144: How to Create An Effective Sales Follow-Up Sequence with James Wedmore

Joining me today on the podcast is my good friend, James Wedmore. This episode marks James’ third time as a guest on The Art of Paid Traffic, and today we’re talking all about how to create an effective follow-up sequence with your target audience.

I’ve always respected how James approaches business and he shares his expertise in so many ways here…

He reveals the biggest mistakes people are making after they present their offer, the four elements of an effective follow-up sequence and why email shouldn’t be the only way that you’re doing this.

James also shares his thoughts on how you can come up with effective bonuses for your audience, what are the universal (and market-specific) objections you will face, as well the easiest way to overcome them.

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • Why a longer follow-up doesn’t mean more sales
  • The role social proof plays in all of this…
  • There’s a need for urgency (or people simply won’t buy what you’re selling)!
  • How you can incorporate a value add, as opposed to just discounting your price

You’ll want to tune in for next week’s episode, as I’m presenting a case study of a golf course owner who’s absolutely crushing it with Facebook ads – and she’s going to share how she’s doing it.

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