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#58: Case Study: How to Scale from $500 to $11K Monthly With Facebook Video Ads

Today’s episode of the Art of Paid Traffic is a case study of food bloggers, Dustin and Lacy Baier from

We talk all about how they’ve leveraged Facebook ads, specifically video ads, to create a business that’s now generating over $11K per month.

With over 150K visitors a month to their site and 1 million video views, they’ve done a fantastic job building their brand.

In Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • About the evolution of their food blogging business – from a slow start to attracting big time sponsors today
  • How and why they started incorporating video into their business
  • Their monetization strategies
  • When and why they started using paid traffic to grow their business
  • The one catalyst that REALLY allowed their business to take off and then accelerate it even further with Facebook ads
  • And the strategies behind how using Facebook video ads specifically, has been a complete game-changer for their business.

Today’s Paid Traffic Bonus Case Study

For a complete case study of what made Facebook ads a success for Dustin and Lacey, and to apply them to your business, click here or the button below to download today’s Paid Traffic Bonus.

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