Social Media Marketing

[quick video] My Thoughts on the New Gary Vaynerchuk Social Media Strategy. Agree/Disagree?

According to a recent article, Gary Vaynerchuk now has an employee following him around everywhere documenting his thoughts, ideas, meetings, etc. in an effort to create more content for his social channels.

It also mentions in the article that he thinks company executives and other social media “influencers” will start doing the same thing in short time. ¬†

Gary’s new strategy has ruffled some feathers within the social media community but I think people are missing the point of what he’s trying to do by “tripling down” with his content and social media strategy.

I appreciate what he’s doing and agree with it, but I also disagree with some of Gary’s thoughts on this new strategy which I talk about why in this quick video.

Curious to know what you think.  Share your thoughts in the Comments below.