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ISM Episode 29: HBO’s Sabrina Caluori on Creating a Smart Social Media Strategy

September 29, 2013

HBO's Sabrina CaluoriHBO’s Sabrina Caluori, VP of Social Media & Performance Marketing, is my guest this week on the Inside Social Media podcast, as my journey to connect with the biggest brands in the world and share with you how you can model and adapt their social media insights and strategies continues. 

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More About This Show

When I ask my guests who they think is doing cool things in social media, who they think would be good for me to have on the show, I get a lot of different opinions.

One name that has come up a lot, though, is Sabrina Caluori who heads-up the HBO social media team.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know anything about her or much about what she and her team were doing at HBO, but after doing a ton of research on Sabrina and HBO’s social campaigns, I couldn’t wait to have her on the show.

She’s doing some amazing things at HBO and the cool part is, these are things you can model for your own small business too.

I had a blast talking with Sabrina and I could have talked to her all afternoon.  In fact, I already want to have her back on the show at some point.

In today’s show, you’ll learn:

  • We break down and simplify how to develop a social media strategy for your business.
  • How to go about finding your brand voice.
  • The importance of looking at what your competitors are doing and how to use that intelligence for your benefit.
  • And a whole lot more!

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Episode Resources

Connect with Sabrina:


HBO Connect

Connect with HBO on social media:

Rebel Mouse: Organize your online presence into a social site simply

Storify: Create stories using social media

Hootsuite: Social media management dashboard

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INSIDER SHOW NOTES: Model Sabrina’s HBO Social Media Success 

  • Don’t publish the same message across multiple social networks at the same time.
  • If you have a social media team, it might be a benefit to view them as digital marketing strategists rather than “just” social media strategists.
  • Dive into the social channels and really understand how people are using them.  Be a super-user of it!
  • Be careful of who you put in charge of your social media.  It’s important to have someone who is passionate about digital and social.  There’s gotta be love for it.
  • Make sure social is not a separate silo in your business.  MUST be consistent with your voice/message. 
  • Social is a 365 day a year job.  It’s an always-on strategy.

On Developing Brand Voice Within Social Media…

  1. What does your brand stand for?
  2. Who are you trying to be in the marketplace?
  3. What is that core gut connection you have with your consumers?
  4. What are your differentiating qualities from your competition?
  5. What’s the value you provide to consumers?

**Then, you can get down to a clear value proposition between you and your consumer.  And that’s how you develop your brand voice.

  • If you have an active website for your business, integrating social feeds that aggregates relevant content to your industry can be a really effective strategy.
  • Platforms like Rebel Mouse and Storify allow you to take content from different social media sources and create a digital experience.  It’s a way to add social conversation to existing digital platforms.
  • Hootsuite is a great free tool that allows you to schedule messages.  It also allows you to set up a multiple column view so you can listen to different conversations that are going on about your business and topics relevant to your industry.  GREAT for research.

On Putting Together a Social Media Marketing Campaign…

  • Start by thinking about who your audience is.  Do your research!
  • Really understand who the potential consumer is.
  • What do they do online?  What are their digital behaviors?  Are they on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc… How do they use them? Where do they live? It can be a good practice to develop personas for them. 
  • Look at your competition.  What are they doing?  What’s worked for them and what can you learn from it?
  • Experiment on platforms yourself if they are new to you.  How does the consumer use that platform?  As a consumer, what kind of message would you like to receive on that platform?  What would really feel valuable to them?
  • What’s already been done on a platform by other business and how can you do something different?  How can you surprise and delight?
  • How much time, energy and resources are going to go in to using a social channel to provide value?  If it’s a lot of time and resources, maybe you wait.
  • How could you use a platform like Tumblr to aggregate content from your customers/fans?
  • What are you trying to achieve with social media and what are metrics of success that you could put in place BEFORE creating any content?

On the Top 3 Things to Start Out in Social Media…

  1. Have a clear business objective
  2. Clear understanding of your audience
  3. Look at what your competitors are doing and what you can learn from it.


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