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High Organic Touch in No Touch Times, with Elaine Lou

February 2, 2022

My guest today is Elaine Lou Cartas. She’s a business and career coach, as well as a speaker. She specializes in helping women of color, entrepreneurs. and industry leaders land their dream career, and create business opportunities through relationships, both online and offline.

She’s also the founder of the Color Your Dreams Movement, which is an initiative to inspire and support women to create their business dream.

Elaine is an expert in what she likes to call “high organic touch in no touch times.”

We’ve been in a pandemic for almost two years. So, we haven’t been able to connect with people on a personal level, especially in our businesses.

For most of the conversation we’re talking about quote unquote, “higher ticket” programs, and how to leverage personal connection with people. We talk about going the extra mile to create that connection, and how that can help you grow your business.

Her background is in fundraising for nonprofits, and she has taken what she learned in the nonprofit space and raising money to running her very successful online business.

She takes us through her three-step system for how to do this, and she shares some specific numbers from her business. It’s a really wide ranging conversation. I think that you’re going to get a ton out of it.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Actionable steps to increase connection with your audience
  • Does asking for audience feedback mean you’re not an expert?
  • Why caring about your clients is unique
  • Savvy tips for writing copy that resonates with your audience
  • Principles and practices for making connections on Instagram
  • How Elaine builds meaningful relationships with people
  • The importance of setting mental health boundaries

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Elaine:
The high organic touch is not just a way to get people into the sales. I’m constantly asking for feedback from my clients on what I could do to improve.

If I notice something is not working, sometimes I’ll just Voxer a client. One of my best clients, like, “Hey, I’m noticing this is happening. Do you have any feedback for me? Should I do this or this?”

I really attribute my success for my high referral and renewal rate from listening to my clients.

[00:00:56] Rick:
What’s up, my friends. Welcome back to the show. Thank you for tuning in today, as always. Super appreciate you.

My guest today is Elaine Lou Cartas, and she’s a business and career coach, as well as a speaker. She specializes in helping women of color, entrepreneurs and industry leaders land their dream career and create business opportunities, relationships, both online and offline.

Elaine’s also the founder of Color Your Dreams Movement, which is an initiative to inspire and support women of all colors to create their business, dream, and life. Elaine is an expert in what she likes to call high organic touch in no touch times.

Now, the no touch times, we can take that a couple of different ways.

Number one, we’ve been in a pandemic for two years. Almost two years. So, we haven’t been able to connect with people on a personal level, especially in our businesses. But also no touch times. I look at that, and one thing I think about is we are talking to them about how we can help them in our business, for example, or through an Instagram DM, or through your podcast, or whatever it might be. This is unfortunately kind of rare in this day and age in the online space.

So, Elaine is going to, this is a wide ranging conversation here, with Elaine, and for the most of the conversation we’re talking about quote unquote, “higher ticket” programs and how to leverage this personal connection with people, going the extra mile to create that connection, and how that can help you grow your business, especially your quote, “higher ticket” coaching programs.

Her background is in fundraising for nonprofits, and she has taken what she learned in the nonprofit space, and raising money, and connecting with donors to running her very successful online business. You’re going to hear exactly how to do that here, today.

She takes us through her three-step system, if you will, for how to do this. And like I said, it’s a really wide ranging conversation. I think that you’re going to get a ton out of it, and she shares some specific numbers from her business.

Before we dive into it with Elaine, if you, speaking of connection, if you are an established online course creator, or you’re an online coach, and you’re looking to take things to the next level in your business, you’re looking to scale.

But you’re not quite sure what to do. You’re feeling stuck. You’re feeling overwhelmed, maybe burned out and you’re doing all the things in your business. Well, I want to invite you to apply it to application only for our accelerator coaching program. This, when I say establish. what I mean by that is you’re already doing at least a hundred K a year from your online business.

And what we help you do is to create more profit, right? Cause more avenues. Great. How much of that is actually going in your pocket? More profit, more impact with less hustle. Okay. So if you are interested in learning more and applying, go to Rick mulready.com forward slash accelerator. All right. My friends without further ado, let’s go hang out with lane.

Atlanta. We were just talking before we hit record here and you’re doing a, a, one-on-one coaching session here coming up. So we’re recording this like the first week of December and someone’s actually coming in, flying into to coach with you. And one thing they were super excited about was the ability to.

Holy cow to this in person be around, you have a coaching session with you and not have it be over zoom or anything virtual. And he said that that was like, you know, a big selling point because, Hey, let’s do this in person. We’ve been in a pandemic for two years and we’ve really been missing the. The personal touch, if you will, the ability to get together and communicate.

I know that for our accelerator coaching program, we haven’t been able to do a live in person, retreat that we normally do, the last one was literally the first weekend that COVID quote unquote became official if you will, in March of 2020. And so it’s been almost two years and. We’re not out of the woods yet.

And so I wanted to talk to you. I want to have you on today because this is something that you specialize in and having to, or having the ability to have higher touch with people in we’ll call them, you know, higher organic touch in these note, quote, unquote, touch time. Right. This is something that you’re super, super good at.

And I know that, a lot of our students, a lot of listeners have been talking a lot about this and their desire to connect with people, but it’s that much harder when we’re not able to do it in person. So I want to dive into all that with you here today. And I’m really excited to welcome into the show. And as we dive into it, let’s have you introduce yourself who you are and a little bit about what.

[00:06:25] Elaine:
Yeah. So thank you for having me, Rick. I was telling Rick, I have been listening to his podcasts whenever I’m at the gym, working out washing dishes. So basically, you know, when I can multitask. So my name’s Elaine Lukeheart is I’m this, this and career coach for women of all colors and allies, and I help women of color and allies scale their businesses, where they’re creating a legacy.

That’s just more than themselves, not just based off of what their parents and family members told them what to do. And what I mean by legacy. It’s not just creating a business, but also. That time off. So if you want a three day week go have a three-day week or four day week, whatever it may be, or if you just want to do absolutely nothing and just Netflix and hang out, then do that.

So I’ve had my business for almost four years, and I’m also the founder of the color dreams. My career prior to being a business coach was I was a former grassroots organizer and nonprofit fundraiser. So my experience prior to being a coach, being a fundraiser and why to meet fundraiser, I mean, Elon Musk being my donor and I got to meet him in person.

So a lot of my methodology for higher organic touch came from my past experiences as a fundraiser and grassroots organizer to now. And I always have to remind people behind a product or service as a human being. So I’m excited to delve deeper, Rick.

[00:07:53] Rick:
Yeah. So how do you define, how do you define having the ability for high organic touch And connection? How do you define.

[00:08:03] Elaine:
Higher. Got it touch. It sounds so simple, but it’s truly listening and understanding the individual that you’re connecting with. Like Rick, we were talking about it. I know you’ve mentioned in the podcast before where, when someone applies for your program, you’re looking at what they do, making sure that they’re a great fit.

Right. And for me, when I’m connecting with someone who’s elite, I’m also looking at them. If they’re a great fit, Prior to even engaging in a phone conversation. Not necessarily because I think I’m too good for them, but just anything you want to make sure it’s a good fit and listening to them.

[00:08:39] Rick:
So is it basically, is it as simple as kind of just doing your homework

[00:08:44] Elaine:

[00:08:45] Rick:
Before a conversation?

[00:08:48] Elaine:
It’s kind of, I remember we’ve talked to before and I w when I was a fundraiser, I would do my research, right. So one of our donors, I’m not gonna share her name or what she does, but, we wanted to get a $100,000 scholarship from her. And we found out that her daughter passed away from cancer in her thirties. And so I remember meeting with her And we presented this you know, we’d love to honor your daughter. And she was so excited. Now you might be thinking on other side, Elaine, did you just stalk this person? Like that’s very personal at the same time, it was just all over anyways in the newspapers. She talks about it.

But when you compare that in the online world, it’s similar to what we do with ads, right? To the granular level of what someone’s hobbies are, where they live their age. And Rick you’ve shared this so many times when you really know your ideal client, you just need to continue just talking about what their needs are, how you could support them over and over again.

[00:09:54] Rick:
So you have, higher unquote unquote, higher ticket. Offers in your online business. And you’ve used exactly what we’re talking about here to grow your business, taking everything that you’ve learned in the fundraising space, et cetera, and being able to leverage the success that you had in having people, you know, donate to certain causes.

What have you, and building those relationships with people. For your programs. How do you go about doing that? well, because you have people you don’t do, you don’t do much cold outreach. Most people coming to you for coaching and correct me if I’m wrong, most people are coming to you for coaching are consuming some form of content. That you have, or are learning about you prior to them even filling out an application? Correct?

[00:10:55] Elaine:
Yeah. So I was, I know that wrecks all about tracking numbers and which you and I were talking about. So 84 point 29%. Yes. I know it to the decimal point comes from referrals or. But something that has changed because I am heavily referral and renewal base is I listened to what my sales calls are doing.

There is, there is special people, like a couple of people who told me, yeah, I just searched you on Instagram was like, okay, what keywords did you use? And they said, w O C co business coach, or a woman of color coach. And I started thinking about it as I was planning out a trip to Santa Barbara and San Diego, which I know you’re from.

Best hotels in San Diego, I was Googling it and it kind of dawned on me, wait, if I’m Googling, this people are Googling for me or for a woman of color business coach. And so I actually, this past year started investing in Google SEL, which I was sharing with you. So. If you consider that cold. but I’ve had a 512% ROI from that.

However, to what you were saying with cold is they are stalking me. You know, they’re going to my media page lists. I don’t have my own podcast yet, but they’re listening to my podcast interviews. They’re reading articles, they’re reading my blogs similar to you, Rick. You do the podcast. Cause I know you love it, but you also get leads from it as well, and people are consuming it.

And what’s great is you don’t necessarily have to build so much of the individualized relationship, but by you just showing up, you’re getting so much trust and that’s why your podcast is so great.

[00:12:41] Rick:
So if you, I know that we, when we talked previously, you were talking about, if you are connecting with somebody, say on Instagram, you mentioned.

And again, going back to the success that you had as a fundraiser, how would you do that sort of thing? How would you take those principles and practices and use them within making connections on Instagram, for example, and maybe it’s you reaching out or maybe it’s somebody who’s DM-ing you about your programs to learn more.

[00:13:14] Elaine:
I don’t do it as much because what’s great is I have a busy coaching business, but what I did before was what happened when some people added me on Instagram, I actually took time when I didn’t do it every day, probably once a week for 30 minutes where I was looking at their profile and see who their mutual friends are, because like I said, let me look at my numbers right now.

35% of my clients are referrals. So I want to see if they know any of my clients and if they happen to be friends or mutual friends with my own clients, I will leave a voice memo. So they know it’s personal. Right? Hey Rick, I see you’re friends with India. India is actually a good friend of mine. We met up in Baltimore.

I would just love to know more about what you do. So if you notice didn’t even pitch, I. Just found what that commonality is.

[00:14:07] Rick:
What about when people are reaching out to you to ask questions? is it the same sort of approach now? Again, I want you to repeat that number that you said before that when I said I was so impressed that what percentage of your business is repeat people who are just continuing to work with you, they’re signing.

And also referrals.

[00:14:33] Elaine:
And it’s funny, cause I know Rick is a numbers guy and so am I. So I have my spreadsheet in my other monitors. So it’s not, it’s not based off memory. I just don’t want you guys at the game. Impressive, but it’s a 48 point 57% renewals. And then 35 point 71% referrals.

[00:14:52] Rick:
So that’s huge, obviously. What do you attribute. To the, well, I don’t want to like tee this up, give you a softball here, but like, what are you, what do you attribute that to? Because that’s amazing, right? Like, because so many people think like, oh, You know, putting too many eggs in this one basket of, Ooh, I can’t control the number of referrals or I can’t really control whether somebody, you know, signs back up with me or not but I can control lead flow from this ex external source, like paid ads, for example, what’s your thought on that whole.

[00:15:32] Elaine:
So it goes back as, I mean, what I said earlier in the podcast it’s it’s the listening. So the higher organic touch is not just a way for it to get people into the sale. I’m constantly asking for feedback from my clients on what I could do to improve, or if I even noticed that something is not working.

And it’s, and I don’t just do it in a group call, but sometimes I’ll just Voxer a client, you know, one of my best clients like, Hey, I’m noticing this is happening. Do you have any feedback for me? Should I do this or this? It’s like a marriage, right? I mean, right here, married I’m, I’m in a relationship asking for that feedback from the part, from your partner on how to improve things.

And I’m not saying you do everything your clients tell you to fix, but it’s what in complete alignment. And so I really attribute my success for my high referral and renewal rate from listening to my clients. It’s interesting. Even recently this past year, I had my rose the year of changing my services and exactly who my ideal clients are and my best clients were telling me you lane.

I don’t think some of these clients deserve to be with you. Like, what do you mean? These are the type of clients I see you with. And they gave me the exact words to use. And just like what you and your copywriter mentioned in your past podcast. I use those words and basically use it on my sales page and whatever I’m on sales calls, I’m in this great place where clients are just coming to me. I’m so happy.

[00:17:05] Rick:
Now I would think so. I would hope so. most people and I used to think this too. Most people think that listening to feedback from our customers Like asking them for feedback is kind of a sign of, and I’m just putting myself in this. Like, I’m just using my own words, because again, this is something that I used to think, in this way that It would lessen the quote unquote

I’m the expert. And they’re learning from me, but yet I’m asking them for feedback, like what would they like to see different? Does that make sense?

[00:17:49] Elaine:
I think so. so how I frame it is I want to provide a better service for you. One of the pillars that I do. I’ll give you an example. one of the things I changed up, so I have an accountability portion in my business, and I did hire an accountability coach to support me who was great by the way, what we realized though, she’s a lot more better doing my, like doing my events and retreats as my vendor sheets manager.

And none of my clients were really messaging her and it wasn’t her, they just ended up messaging me. I’m like, okay. Then what was the point of doing that? and so what I do instead now is I actually have such a simple answer. I have a spreadsheet and I have like a, not a spreadsheet. Sorry. I have my form of project management, which I use monday.com all my clients and where they’re at.

And then I just simply Voxer them to see where they’re at. And then something that I’m building out with my team is they could extract think of it like doctor’s notes. You know, when you go to a doctor now they’re not doing pen to paper, they’re typing out your notes. When you go see a doctor now, now we’re just figuring out how we could automate it through emails.

So. That was one thing that we changed my business. I thought it was a person, but it wasn’t a person. It was actually a system and asking for that. So I noticed it. I asked my clients for feedback, Hey, this is what I noticed, why it validated it for me to change it. So I’m still the expert knowing that they need the accountability, but how to roll that out as a deliverable.

I noticed it and then it was just validated with my clients.

[00:19:28] Rick:
So wait, you’re looking to automate this accountability process and updating process through email.

Is that right? I understand that correctly. How are you doing that?

[00:19:41] Elaine:
I’m still in the process of it.

[00:19:42] Rick:
Okay. What’s the, what’s the plan.

This is a selfish question.

[00:19:50] Elaine:
No, you know, I just hired on a new client concierge. So as of right now, it’s me sending you the voice memos, but what’s really brilliant. as you know, when you have someone, you and your team, she has a fresh set of eyes. So I don’t want to exactly implement it yet. I need her to see all the things and then give me the feedback. And then do that.

[00:20:13] Rick:
At what point does this become? Not scalable?

[00:20:18] Elaine:
Hmm. That’s a good question.

[00:20:21] Rick:
Do you even worry about that?

[00:20:23] Elaine:
No, I don’t.

[00:20:25] Rick:
I’d love to know why, and I’m asking this because also selfish question, but also a lot of like our accelerator members, for example, who have coaching programs are looking to scale, but a big reason that they’re, that they align with. Myself and the program and the, in our, in our business is because of, you know, values base.

And they want to continue to have as much personal connection as possible. We know that can only scale so much, right. One thing that people love when they apply for accelerator, for example, is they love the fact that it’s not this huge, massive group. It’s a very, manageable group for them where they get, I mean, they get a ton of one-on-one attention, both for myself and our coaches and I’m very accessible and it’s, that’s all very intentional.

I want it that way. Could it be much bigger, a hundred percent, but. We are doing this intentionally so that we can keep that you know, that level of intimacy and the connection, if you will, without, losing it through a much bigger program, just love to hear your thoughts on how you’re thinking through.

Is there even something that you’re planning for when you don’t want to lose that level of connection that you currently have?

[00:21:55] Elaine:
Yeah, I am the same way as uric. I think we live in that integrity, where I unfortunately, in the past I signed up for masterminds before, and then you don’t get the person that you signed up for. They were just. They were just the figurehead for the sales process, but then you get someone else and you go there for them.

So, and I’ll be honest. I actually am similar to Eric. I enjoy coaching shockingly. There’s a lot of coaches that don’t enjoy it. They just have the title and then whatever it is. But for me, what I’ve done is I’ve hired actually clients that have been in my program. And actually there, they don’t replace me, but they actually help provide other things that my clients do need.

So for example, one of my clients, does marketing and messaging. They went through my mastermind program. And I was like, why don’t you just come in and do marketing messaging once month? And so that’s been really great. And what we’ve been doing this past year is I’ve been on the calls with, with Monica, Monica, Shaw is their name And eventually I’m going to have my client concierge to be part of those calls. They’re just getting used to Monica. So then I eventually kind of fade away and it is Monica. But what I love Rick is Michael will literally say, to say, well, it’s, I love and hate it at the same time, Monica will literally say the same thing and say, well, Monica said this and oh my gosh, that was so life changing. And I tell my clients, I literally said that to you a week ago. So Monica comes in as a cool aunt, but it’s not exactly. I mean it’s marketing messaging was, has to do with business, but that is their niche. And then I have another client who’s been through my mastermind program. Who does mindset coaching.

And so that’s, and I was on vacation for a full week. She got to take care of my clients. Everyone was happy. And so what’s really great is I just get messages for my clients. I really love Monica. I really love Nicole. And that’s great. And Hey, by the way, sometimes my clients will want to work with them like one off, like on their own thing.

And that’s fine too. I believe in an abundance mindset. So I’m still there, but I have these aunties. That’s what I call them and they just love them. And I just joke around, I know how much you guys love Monica and Nicole more than me. And it’s just such a great compliment to what I provide.

[00:24:21] Rick:
I was just going to say, and that’s complete Testament to what you’ve created because otherwise. They wouldn’t be exposed to the brilliance of these people that you have brought in that you’ve cultivated, that you’ve already helped, especially when they’ve already been through your program.

So they know it’s that much more relatable, right. For your current members to somebody who’s already been through it and then helping them with their expertise.

[00:24:51] Elaine:
Yeah, there seemed like role models and superheroes, which is great. Like I could be them.

And also what I noticed with the two people who are my two coaches where each other is great referral partners.

So if I meet someone they’re not ready for me, I’ll refer them to Nicole. Who’s a mindset coach. If they meet someone that once my marketing and messaging and not so much business, I’ll refer them to Monica.

So it’s just a win-win situation for everybody.

[00:25:16] Rick:
Some prior to. Realigning your offers over this year. Were you doing anything quote-unquote lower ticket.

[00:25:26] Elaine:
I did have a lower ticket product that I tested. it’s actually, that’s why I trademarked it. It was my higher organic touch events and sales training. So it’s a training on how to do online and in person events, because that’s what I’m known for as well as I believe it’s like 52 pages of sales scripts.

So. I have that in the beginning of the year. And I’ll be really transparent. I didn’t put as much energy as, as I would. I sold about seven of them. and then when I went through it, I’ll just be on as I just kind of analyze it. Do I really like my energy being spent here? No, I actually enjoy doing my high organic touch stuff.

Now that doesn’t mean it was a complete fail. But what I do with that, I still have it. So if someone’s not a good fit, I’ll refer that product to them when, and then to anyone that joins me in my higher level programs, that’s just a bonus for them, which is a foundation of what I do anyways. So it wasn’t always the time it was.

So it’s still something that I use for all of my clients.

[00:26:33] Rick:
And I was asking that with the thought of, are you still like, do you still approach that quote unquote lower ticket product with. The same principles, the same intention, as far as connection and sales And that sort of thing.

[00:26:51] Elaine:
I do, but I, I mean, because it is low, it’s what I mean by low it’s 4 97. It’s not like I’m going to go through a sales call with them. Right. So for example, if someone applies to work with. And I noticed they’re not at a level ready to be part of my mastermind or inner circle. I’ll just send them a message like, Hey, I know you’re at this level.

And so excited for you to want to work with me, but I do want to respect your time in mind. You’re not quite ready and this course may be actually a better fit for you. So I’m still doing the listening part. And what’s really important for me is being an integral. To what’s the best for a client, even if I am not their person.

[00:27:31] Rick:
I love that because you actually, you actually care about. And this sounds kind of weird, but that is kind of unique in this, in the online space, unfortunately. Right. but it’s one thing like this, everything we’re talking about here is one huge thing that allows us to separate ourselves from. All the noise, if you will. And everybody else doing, you know, all the other online coaches, now you’re very specific in who you help and how you help people. And we were just talking before we hit record about your, you want to be, you want to start a podcast and, you know, talking about, being very clear on your, on your niche and really being niched down. Everything we’re talking about here today is a huge differentiator. In your P like, I know you’re not doing it for positioning, but that is a result of the types of things that you’re doing because of the fact that so many people don’t do this.

[00:28:36] Elaine:
I mean, I, I was a fundraiser, like you’ve mentioned before Rick and I remember, I mean, I’m getting into the nonprofit world by the way, and getting really touchy during this giving season when this is being recorded. And December, I remember that. I was at a scholarship event and one of my board members was with a college student.

I worked at Passy city college as a fundraiser, and the student got a $500 scholarship and I know $500 doesn’t sound like much, but for a community college kid and for anyone that’s been in college, that’s a big deal. Do you, have any books you could buy with $500? it’s a lot of bucks, but he just went to him and just said, thank you so much. Thank you so much. And that board member never forgot that story. That board member donates $20,000 a year.

[00:29:28] Rick:

[00:29:29] Elaine:
Like it is that personal type of connection. And sure. That might be like in person, but. I also want to remind you, like, for those of you that date, which I’m going to assume as every human being, whether you’re a married, single, whatever it is, what did she want to be on a date with someone that remembers something about the last one? Like, oh, I remember you said you liked sunflowers. So here it is. Or I’m going to deliver that to you the next day. It’s those small little touches.

[00:30:00] Rick:
Because of what you said before listening, Regardless of who it is and our life and our business and the context we’re talking about here, listening to our members, listening to our students, what I love it. Like they’re telling you how to rewrite and like the words to use. Like that’s brilliant.

I’m actually going to go talk to some of our accelerators and get that to like using that information to better attract. The people that we really want to be attracting for our programs. And that is a form of, you know, what we’re talking about here, high organic touch in a sense of we’re simply listening.

And then we are showing that we are listening. By using that information in all of our marketing so that when somebody is reading our marketing or watching it or whatever it is that we’re listening, whatever it is that we’re doing, they’re like, oh yeah, that is me. That person gets me. and again, which is the connection part or the beginning of the connection part.

[00:31:10] Elaine:
Yeah. Like for example, I have, sales calls this week and it was someone who actually works in the nonprofit field and wanted, and has her own business as well. And just having a bit of imposter syndrome. And I mean, that’s what she mentioned the application and then obviously stopped her and found her.

And I just told her, oh my gosh, I actually have similar background as you. I also do events. I’m so excited to work, like connect. She didn’t even, she didn’t even realize that. I mean, you could research that. Right. But she was like, wow, I didn’t know. You came from the nonprofit world. It makes me more excited to work with you.

But as simple as that, that you took the time to really get to know somebody and I kind of compare it to people it’s or not people, but even to Ivy leagues, right. People spend a lot of money to go to Harvard. For that professor to work with as a small student to teacher ratio. and I’m not trying to, yeah.

I want to be an Ivy league essentially. And I want clients know that when people come to work with me or if anybody knows that they are working with Elaine and her team, that they get the best support.

[00:32:23] Rick:
Yeah, which again is quite hard to find in this, you know, today in the online space, like. Same thing it’s actually actually happens quite a bit. we had somebody reach it. Somebody apply for accelerator at the time recording this just the other day. And they said that they had signed up for somebody else’s mastermind.

And it was a quote, well known person and they paid a lot of money for it and were completely disappointed because what was sold. Was actually quite different than what was actually delivered and just keeping this approach of what we’re talking about here completely sets us apart from, you know, other coaches, other people doing these types of these types of programs. So if you were to sum it up in a few actionable bullet points for people to increase that. we’ll keep calling it the organic touch to increase that level of connection, whether it’s with our existing, you know, students or members or people who are not yet students, how would you, how would you say that?

[00:33:38] Elaine:
Okay. So when take your ego out, take your ego out and then second, listen, listen to how you could better serve your clients. and third is remind yourself, why aren’t you doing this in the first place? why did you come into this universe, the world, whatever higher power you believe in God, the universe beyond say, maybe it’s all three, but for me, it’s all three. but what I mean by that is, you know the reason why I do it. So I’m a first generation immigrant. and I learned this because my grandmother passed away in March.

Thankfully not from COVID, but just being older. And she raised me, like she was my third parent, but I didn’t know this until she passed. She had her own business. She was doing hair. Yeah. She was doing hair, but I didn’t know that when. Forever in my life. I’m in my thirties now. I didn’t know that until she passed, but the reason why she couldn’t continue doing that was because when my mom was 16, well, my grandma’s husband passed away, from being in the army.

And so she had five kids to raise. And so I remember my why, because what a privilege it is for me to have this life of choice, right. To be able to do this podcast interview with you,

[00:34:55] Rick:

[00:34:55] Elaine:
And to just be able to support others like that is my why. And it’s because all of my ancestors and generations before me sacrificed so much, so I could have this life.

I’m not saying your story has to be similar, but why are you doing this in the first place? because. It’s so easy. Unfortunately, I get caught up too in the wait, hold on. How many likes, how many comments that I know Rick, you and I talk about numbers and sure. You can look at those numbers, but you could also look at your numbers of what is your client retention, or maybe you don’t have a program that’s not meant to retain people, right?

Maybe it’s meant to be three months, six months or a year, whatever it is, then what’s the referral rate.

[00:35:36] Rick:

[00:35:36] Elaine:
I mean, these are good questions to ask or how do you get your clients?

[00:35:40] Rick:
And being able to track that and do more of that, which is what we talk about all the time here on the show. What about research? Would you add research or is that more of a listening thing for you

[00:35:53] Elaine:
Yeah, I would say that’s part of it. It’s the listening. So something I didn’t share here too. I used to do research in my undergrad. I also got my masters in leadership and management. So I had a thesis, but a lot of my research was doing the qualitative research. Right. So asking these questions and the followup questions.

So research and listening as both are both important. I mean, I know we’re kind of talking about likes and comments, but what’s even interesting is I know you just, at the time of this recording, you just recently released the podcast with you and your wife. Right. And I joke around with my own boyfriend. I’m like, I get so many likes when there’s a picture of you and me. I don’t get it. But, I tell him we need some more pictures together, but he, he is not as extroverted as me. He’s like, no, I remember I’m a rare commodity. We can’t show myself in your social media as much.

[00:36:47] Rick:
Well, that brings up a good point though. Actually, I think we’ve talked about this before. I personally have a hard time. I had this huge block around sharing on. I’m working on it, but one thing that makes it more challenging, you know, from a connection standpoint, et cetera, like exactly what we’re, what we’re talking about is, you know, something that my wife and I have decided to do very intentionally is not share pictures of.

My daughter, Maya on social, which makes it even hard. And there’s because, you know, Amy, my wife shared pictures early on in her life, on her Facebook page, on her business page or what have you. And somebody took it and was posting it and so freaked us out and that’s made that decision that much easier.

So anyway, but that makes it harder for me because she is. My, you know, like she’s why I do everything and such that’s our number. That’s my number one value is his family. But yet I have a hard time sharing that because everything we’re talking about. And so I just find it more challenging to open that side up of me, which is again, number one value.

Also a big reason why people. Come join accelerator, for example, is for that reason, we have a lot of parents and growing a business and having kids, et cetera. But anyway, I just, when you brought that up about your boyfriend, like I just, that, that brings it up, you know, it just makes it harder for me personally. And I haven’t quite figured that out just to be honest

[00:38:28] Elaine:
I mean, I don’t post about him as much, and I know me and him have talked about when we want kids. I wouldn’t want to post either as well in the future. and one of the reasons why I do want to, as you and I were talking about the beginning, when to start a podcast more, as opposed to in social media, it is a cancel culture. And I mean, we live in a council culture. We’ve seen it since the pandemic started. You could say the completely wrong thing, both intentionally and not intentionally and get attacked. and I’ve just accepted the fact that there’s things I don’t want to share publicly. You know, there’s my no list, but it’s okay for me to talk about it.

And I think having those boundaries and one of the things I am grateful for for the pandemic is learning the importance of mental health and boundaries is to be okay to not share everything.

[00:39:20] Rick:
Yeah, Again, topics that not a lot of people are willing to talk about.

[00:39:27] Elaine:
And I want to share this. cause I was about, I was a bit frustrated this past year. I have noticed, you know, it’s interesting. My clients have shared with me. I know I need to be vulnerable and share my most vulnerable storm. Like what if you don’t need to? Just because so-and-so is sharing. The trauma that they have been through.

That is fine. They could do it, but that doesn’t mean you have to, and it doesn’t mean that you have to, in order to get clean.

[00:39:55] Rick:

[00:39:56] Elaine:
There’s just been this trend that people should share. and I also want to remind, I am also not a licensed therapist, but I do believe in therapy. I have gone through therapy and if you’re going to go through therapy, I do recommend EMDR. I love EMDR therapy. but. People go through trauma and life situations differently and respect how you do life.

And if you do not want to share it, do not share it and honor it. Don’t just do it just because everyone’s doing it.

[00:40:23] Rick:
And I struggle with that too personally. And like, and I’m not talking like years ago, like even today, my Instagram, for example, hasn’t grown, I’ve bet the same, same, same follower range for a long time. Right. And so, there’s, there’s more to it for, you know, like I’m talking about here just being open and transparent about this, but our accelerator applicants and our members.

Don’t come from Instagram for the most part, for the most part, I, you know, people DM me and stuff like that. I don’t mean that cause people DM me and ask me questions and we connect, et cetera, et cetera. It’s more so this podcast, because talking about connection, like right now, I’m hearing, I’m wearing my AirPods. That. And you mentioned like you listened to, to this show when you’re at the gym, when you’re washing dishes or what have you like, we’re connecting on that level. You’re getting to know my personality, even though I think I can be even more open with my personality here in the show. cause

I’m super, I’m just a goofy, just looking at different ways in what aligns with you And how you want to deliver value and to connect with your audience in whatever way yeah.

Suits their audience, but suits you and what lights you up in the way that you deliver it.

[00:42:00] Elaine:
And I mean, it was a huge realization I had even these past two months and Rick, you and I were talking a bit. I have been doing more long form content, emails, blogs, because I own that content. And if anyone’s mad at me and doesn’t like the content, they can just hit reply to my email And say whatever bad nasty words, or just subscribe to me and podcasts. I get to just speak freely and it’s not scripted. And I think that’s what hasn’t turned me on so much from social media as much lately as it just feels so scripted. It’s like a high school yearbook. And let’s say you are in. I’m not saying the negativity, but you do enjoy creating content because you love creating the reels and tech talk.

Like, that’s great. Like if that’s what you love and that sets you on fire, you go do it. But I hope what people are hearing from both me and Rick it’s like, where do you actually enjoy producing your contact and communicating with your audience, that lights you up? And so I’ve just owned. This is what I want to do in my corner.

And I don’t have to do all the things. I mean, this is how Olympic athletes become Olympic athletes. They’re focused on that. I always get the Michael Jordan comparison, like Michael Jordan was known for basketball, and then he tried baseball. Wasn’t as great on it. Then went back to basketball.

He didn’t win any

[00:43:18] Rick:

[00:43:19] Elaine:
Medals or championships baseball, but he did the basketball cause he just really understood his talent and skillset.

[00:43:26] Rick:
Yeah. And you say you owning your quote unquote little part of the internet. You have, you have, you have an, you have a flow coming into your business. X your exact people that you want to be working with. And that’s a good thing, right? Because you’re doing all the things that we’re talking about here today.

[00:43:47] Elaine:
Yeah. I mean, getting that first six figures is so hard cause you’re throwing spaghetti on the wall and figuring things out, but then when you just become better at it, like really become that CEO. and yes, I believe in the feminine of. The booth, like really journaling, reflecting, but also really being the CEO of looking at your numbers, seeing what’s working kind of the machine of it, like combining the two, it’s just perfect because every week I get two leads coming in and they’re so ideal and it’s just been happening these past

[00:44:21] Rick:

[00:44:21] Elaine:
But I’ve just set it up in the past four years.

It’s been amazing.

[00:44:25] Rick:
Yeah. Where can people connect with you? Instagram? I’m just kidding.

[00:44:32] Elaine:
You could go to Instagram.

[00:44:34] Rick:
You can go to Instagram.

[00:44:35] Elaine:
Yeah, you could go to Instagram at I’m at Elaine Lou E L a I N E L U underscore. And Hey, I have a little homework assignment. If you want to see how my higher organic touch works, Dan. And say that you listened to both me and Rick connecting and you’ll see how I just connect with others.

And I’m also online@elainelou.com.

[00:44:58] Rick:
So I want to prepare you because. My listening audience here they come strong. I’ve had people, I’ve had people on this show who say, who have been on a lot of podcast, a lot of podcasts. And I’ve had several people, several of them say, whoa, I have never, I have never received such nicer outreach from people Then listen to your show. So bring it, my friends connect with Elaine on Instagram, DM her.

[00:45:33] Elaine:
Frank. I just want to compliment you. Like I said earlier, I mean, I’ve listened to your podcasts and not just because I have an interview, I mean, I could have easily just listened to one, but then I just got hooked and just listen. So it’s, I mean, you’re just real and authentic. You’re you’re sharing how it is.

Not the sexy stuff. I mean, yes, the sexy stuff, but like also the

[00:45:58] Rick:
Sometimes. Well, I think, yeah, I think there’s, I mean, I really, really appreciate you saying that. I feel like, when people are only hearing the awesome stuff, I call it like the iceberg effect, like people are only seeing what’s above the water.

They’re not seeing all the crap that’s going on below the water. I like talking about in addition to the good stuff, and all the amazingness that’s possible. There’s a whole bunch of other stuff that a lot of people aren’t talking about that’s actually real. That is very, very important, I think to be talking about.

When people are only seeing one side, it’s a disservice. So, thank you for saying that.

So, @ElaineLou_, you said underscore. right?

[00:46:50] Elaine:
Underscore. So, it’s E L A I N E L O U, and then an underscore after that.

[00:46:56] Rick:
Awesome. I’ll link everything up in the show notes for today’s episode, my friends.

Thank you, Elaine, for joining us. Super appreciate it. I really enjoyed this conversation. Whenever we talk, I’m like learning so much from you. I’ve been taking a whole bunch of notes on my end, so thank you for bringing your brilliance and sharing with our audience here.

Really appreciate it.

Hey, my friend. Thank you, as always, for listening today. Do me a favor and reach out to Elaine on Instagram. Shoot her a DM. I’ll link everything up in the show notes for today’s episode. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast if you’re listening on Apple Podcasts, or Stitcher. If you’re listening on Spotify, make sure you hit that follow button so you don’t miss any episodes here on the podcast.

Also if you haven’t yet, I’d be super grateful if you’d leave a quick rating and review for the show over on Apple Podcasts. That’s a huge help still in this day and age here of podcasting.

So, thank you so much, my friend. Until next time, be well, and I’ll talk to you soon.

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