#86: How to Make High Ticket Sales from Cold Traffic with Chris Evans - Rick Mulready

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#86: How to Make High Ticket Sales from Cold Traffic with Chris Evans

May 24, 2016

This episode is jam-packed with actionable insights and strategies from a returning paid traffic expert here on AOPT.

In this interview with Chris Evans, you’ll learn exactly how he launched his new company and went from, as he says, “0 to 60” in a matter of days. In just a few months, his business is doing 6-figures a month selling high-ticket services to cold traffic.

Chris has been “behind the scenes” building funnels and driving paid traffic for the past 7 years while working with several very successful online entrepreneurs.

His experience recently led him to co-found his company at TrafficandFunnels.com. Chris’s company coaches experts to market their offerings systematically and optimize ROI on paid traffic — specifically cold traffic.

I was pumped to bring Chris back on the show because his recent business moves have been, well, bold. And also brilliant.

The topics Chris and I cover will give you a unique perspective on how to work with paid traffic in marketing your own expertise to customers who are willing to pay “high-ticket” prices.

On Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How Chris and his business partner created a 7-figure business from primarily cold traffic
  • A specific strategy you can apply to use your funnel as a filter and optimize ROI on paid traffic
  • The definition of a “high ticket offering”
  • Why this paid traffic expert actually advises clients to start by generating leads from organic traffic
  • What the biggest time-wasters are when it comes to creating a sales funnel for high ticket offerings
  • Two different ways you can immediately increase your revenue by adding offerings that attract cream of the crop clients
  • Why it’s better to be the brain surgeon in your industry
  • The best way to target Facebook ads to maximize the filtration power of your sales funnel
  • How to segment your sales funnel so that you instantly add value and gain credibility with cold traffic
  • Chris’s method for qualifying potential clients before investing any time pitching his offering

And, I put together a checklist for today’s episode.

This free checklist walks you through Chris’s 7-Step Sales Funnel For High-Ticket Sales that you can use to start getting more cream of the crop customers who are ready for your high-ticket offerings.

To download the checklist, text AOPT86 to 44222.
Or, you can also download the checklist by clicking the image below:


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