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How to Create the Most POWERFUL Content You’ve Ever Created w/ Brandon Lucero (Part II)

February 12, 2020

If you listened to last week’s episode, you heard the first part of a two-part mini-series featuring my friend Brandon Lucero. I have a feeling you’re going to love this one too because today Brandon is diving deeper into how to create content that not only attracts and resonates with your target audience but gets them to take action. 

We all know the online business space can be crowded, but what Brandon reveals will help you create content that really stands out. It will allow you to build a following that connects with you on so many levels, and one that ultimately wants to support you and your business. 

Last week Brandon talked about where online marketers are going wrong with the content they create and share, and this week’s episode is tactical. He’ll be offering the solutions to the common issues that exist, and shares how to create the most powerful content that you’ve ever created in your business. 

As I’ve been talking about, Brandon has a 6-part video series being released soon, February 19th, that I want to encourage you to sign up for. It’s called The Content Revolution, and it’s not only helpful, and informative, but it’s actionable! To register for free, go to

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:


  • Why focusing on just the results you provide, your skills and your zone of genius isn’t enough today
  • What’s really happening if you have a message, but no sales…
  • The big switch that Brandon made in 2018 that changed everything for him (and resulted in his company generating $1.2 million in just 8 months)!
  • How to effectively use connection videos and an example of how one of their clients did it
  • More ways that you can start using thought reversal in your business today
  • Why just being “vulnerable” isn’t connecting, how to get into alignment with your messaging, and so much more! 


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