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#156: How to Hire a Facebook Ads Manager + Other Q&A

It’s Q&A time here on The Art of Paid Traffic podcast!

On the show today I’m answering your Facebook ads questions, diving into topics like:

  • How to hire a Facebook ads manager
  • Who should (or shouldn’t) be looking to outsource their Facebook ads
  • Where to place the Facebook ads pixel and strategies for retargeting audiences
  • Is it ok to make changes to ad sets while they’re running?
  • What does the Estimated Daily Reach mean when you’re setting up your ad set
  • E-commerce strategy
  • And, how do you get people to actually walk into your local business once they’ve redeemed your coupon offer
  • And more…

And specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The questions you should be asking Facebook ads managers before having them run your campaigns
  • The first place you should be looking for potential Facebook ad managers
  • Why it’s a good idea to educate yourself first on Facebook ads before outsourcing
  • Smart Facebook ads strategies for e-commerce businesses
  • How you can get people to come in the door of your local business to redeem coupons – and why you need to be collecting their information
  • And much more!

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Transcription of Today’s Episode

[00:00:06] This is the show where I bring you the best tips tactics and strategies for using paid traffic to grow your business on autopilot. You’ll also hear what’s working and not working right now from the top minds in online marketing so that you can get more leads and sales every day without having to empty your wall in the process. All right let’s jump into it.

[00:00:28] Episode number one hundred and fifty-six today my friends Welcome back to the art paid traffic podcast. I am Rick Mulready. Really appreciate you for giving your time today. Hope all is going well. Whatever you’re up to today whether you’re out walking the dog or on the treadmill or maybe you’re on your way to work hope you’re having an awesome day. Today’s episode is a Q&A show where I’m going to be going into a lot of different questions that I’ve been receiving here recently. But I first want to kind of give you an update on where things are at with with me. I’m actually when this episode is coming out I’m actually in New Hampshire right now I had to fly home to be with my mom. My mom kind of had to have a sort of an emergency surgery and you know I flew back to New Hampshire. The surgery was in Boston and some I’m spending little time with my mom here and making sure that she’s OK and really really fortunate that I’m in a position to be able to do that where I have the flexibility and my business to just kind of up and go. So that is what I’m doing and then I’m going actually right from my time here in New Hampshire out here in New Hampshire because I’m actually recording this in San Diego before I go on my trip. But after my time in New Hampshire I’m actually heading out to back to Montana to go fly fishing which is a trip that has been planned for quite some time.

[00:01:51] If you guys been listening to the show for any period of time you know that I go up to Bozeman Montana they go fly fishing three times a year and this is my fall trip and I am really really excited about it. And my mom was actually very very excited that there was going to be getting to go fly fishing after coming home to visit and make sure everything is OK there. So that’s just kind of an update. I realized that I don’t I don’t really share a ton about me and what I’m up to just sort of in my personal life and in the on the business side. We dive into Facebook ads and stuff and everything like that. But I do want to be sharing more with you this has been sort of a tougher thing for me so I really haven’t talked a whole lot about it. But you know we’re my mom is having surgery. She’s in very good hands she’s having surgery at one of the best hospitals in the country there in Boston so you know like I said I’m really fortunate to be able to go back and be with her and make sure that she’s going to be OK. And that is everything that we are expecting from the doctors and stuff like that. It really seems like things are going to be OK. But like I mentioned I want to go back there and hang out with her and make sure that she’s OK and see my sisters and stuff like that. So that is what I’m going to be doing when this episode comes out.

[00:03:04] And like I mentioned then be heading to Montana do some fly fishing and enjoy some fall weather which she did not get here in San Diego. So anyway that is the latest update on me. Like I mentioned I hope all is going really really well for you and your world. Now let’s talk about today’s episode shall we. This is a Q&A episode. This is actually going to be part one because I’ve gotten a lot of questions recently and I love getting questions from you all so I’m going to take the next couple of episodes. Maybe not the next episode maybe episode after that I haven’t honestly fully decided yet but today anyway we’re going to dive into lots of different questions and so I want to kind of give you an overview right now of what we’re going to be talking about here so we’re going to talk about hiring a Facebook Ads manager who should be doing this and who maybe should not be considering it right now. And also what to look for when hiring a Facebook Ads manager. We’re going to talk about a little bit about where to place the Facebook Ads pixel and retargeting audiences. We’re going to dive into. Is it OK to make changes to add sets while they’re running what does the estimated daily reach mean. You don’t rate when you’re setting up your ad set. Facebook gives you a number over on the right hand side there along with your potential audience audience size. That is called the estimated daily reach. So what does that mean and where is Facebook getting that data.

[00:04:32] We’re going to talk a bit about e-commerce strategy today e-commerce funnel strategy and actually e-commerce by the way is something that came up in a lot of people’s feedback. I’ve been asking and I’m going to mention this again at the end of the episode here but I’ve been asking for your feedback to message me over on Facebook messager and e-commerce was something a topic that came up from a lot of people so we’re going to talk more about e-commerce here on the podcast. I have heard you loud and clear. I’m really excited to bring you more on that topic in addition to what we’re going be talking about here today. Also we’re going to be talking about how do you get people to actually walk into your local business once they’ve redeemed your coupon offer. So if you are a local business or if you’re running ads for a local business and the offer is you know sort of a some sort of a coupon offer to get them in. OK great we can get them to take that offer. But how do we actually get them to walk into the business you know that’s not an easy thing to do. So we’re going to kind of I’m going to kind of brainstorm some ideas and things that that I’ve seen work quite well when we talk about that. So let’s dive right into the first question and the first question comes from Karen Taggert. Karen how are you. It’s great to get this question from you. I’d love to learn more about what to look for when hiring a Facebook Ads expert. This is such a great question and I like to look at a number of different factors. OK so number one is the expert quote unquote expert.

[00:06:06] I hate that word really is the is the Facebook Ads manager that that you’re looking at were they referred to you that’s the first thing I would do. Did somebody that you trust in a reputable person that you do trust and maybe have a relationship with in some facet it did. That wasn’t a recommendation to that Facebook Ads manager so how did you find out about that. Facebook Ads manager that’s kind of the first thing that I would I would look at. You know because recommendations from people that you trust are obviously going to they’re going to be much better than just a cold outrage if you find somebody on you know up work or something like that. But if you do ask somebody well actually I should say this either way. Well if you get connected with somebody whether it’s through a recommendation or you reach out to them and you set up a time to set up a time to talk then I would be asking them a number of different questions. OK. And kind of give you like a little checklist here that I’m actually going to put this checklist over on the show notes page. OK. So if you want to download this checklist here just go to Rick Mulready dot com forward slash one fifty six. OK. So the first question I’d be asking outside of you know how did you find out about this person was it a recommendation or just a cold outreach is you want to know how long they’ve been managing Facebook ads. Right.

[00:07:30] I recommend working with someone with at least a year of experience preferably more but a year is good if they’ve been doing it for a solid year. You know how long they’ve been managing Facebook ads. OK. And then the also I also recommend do they specialize in a specific need for Facebook ads because you know if someone is specializing in all different types of Nishabd that’s not a bad thing in which case are they running ads within your specific niche. OK. So if they are if they are then you want to learn more about what types of campaigns they typically run. They run you know conversion type of campaigns branding campaigns you know traffic retargeting what types of campaigns are they typically running. They specialize in one type of campaign or are they really well-rounded and you know the customer journey and leveraging Facebook ads that take people through the customer journey so maybe starting at the top of the funnel with more of a branding type of Facebook ad camp or Facebook ads and then moving people through using engagement and conversion and so forth. So getting a sense of what types of campaigns do they typically run. OK then I want to know what types of strategies do they typically use for Facebook ads. You know for example are they open to running Facebook ads to content first and then retargeting those visitors or maybe you know are they into. Do they you they like to use Facebook video ads and then retarget people based on how long they’re watching the video try to get a sense of the types of strategies that they use for the specific needs that you are in. OK. Also how much are you spending per month in ad cost per client on average.

[00:09:20] You want to get a sense of what they’re what what kind of budget that they are that they’re managing. Okay. So how much are they spending per month in ad cost per month per client. And then what is the average sort of overall what are they averaging. Or what are they managing on a monthly basis as far as revenue. Okay. And then a couple other things that you want to want to look at a sample of ads that they have created or run for other clients. You know if you I think it’s always a good idea to see other examples of stuff that they have run and if they don’t want to share this stuff with you. This is a red flag by the way I’ve got. I still have more. You know be a part of the checklist here but if they don’t want to share any of the stuff with you I would say that’s a red flag. You know if someone is as a Facebook ads manager that person should be very open and willing to be sharing this type of information with a potential client you know to see if it’s the right fit. OK. Because as a Facebook ads manager it really should be not only the person interview doing you as the Facebook ads manager but also use the Facebook as manager interviewing the person to see if you want to see if it’s a mutual fit. Right. OK. Sample of ads and then also you know try to get an idea of what was the most successful ad campaign that they’ve managed in your niche. Like what made it successful.

[00:10:48] Did they think that that type of success is replicable. You know can they do it. Do they think they could do it again. And if if so why do they think so. And if not why do they think so as well this kind of gives you an idea of how they view the Facebook platform and the changing Facebook Ads platform of what’s working what’s not working and that sort of thing. Let’s see here. And the question that you might want to know is is that person themselves managing the Facebook Ads themself or is there an associate on the team somebody on the team managing you know managing the Facebook ads. If somebody on their team is managing the Facebook guys that’s totally fine. But you might want to get an idea of how much that person that you’ve been referred to or that you’re talking to at that point is actually involved in the ad campaigns. OK. Another nice to have is to ask that person if they have a Facebook ads rep. This is certainly not a deciding factor at all. But if they do total bonus because that person has you know sort of an inside track with Facebook and they can reach out to that adds up if they have any questions or issues or anything like that. The final thing that I would be looking at is to ask them for maybe two to three names of current or past clients that they’ve worked with so that you can reach out to them and speak to those people about their experience working with that. Facebook Ads manager.

[00:12:13] So again here you know there might be some confidentiality things that you might run into but as an ad’s manager they should be willing to give out at least you know at least a couple of current or past clients to speak to again. You might run into some some privacy things there which is totally understandable. But the idea here is to speak to their current or past client and kind of get the experience what it was like for for them to work with that Facebook ads. Manager OK then we kind of move into it. I’m spending a lot on this one question here but that’s totally cool this is a great question. I want to I’m actually getting this question more and more right now. So sources for finding qualified Facebook Ads bounders where do you look. Well if you know people who you respect and you know maybe they have worked with the Facebook Ads manager or maybe their Facebook Ads manager themselves perfect. Otherwise you’re looking for recommendations at that point. OK. You know using a Facebook group if you’re in a Facebook group with other entrepreneurs maybe and that you respect and that you have a good relationship with maybe asking them for other referrals from from there. So that’s those are a couple I’ve been always trying to do word of mouth. Always try to get do always try to do word of mouth whenever possible try to get that recommendation right. So like I mentioned there’s other Facebook groups that you can that you can look at. I have a Facebook McCants program for ad managers so we have an entire army of people in there as well.

[00:13:56] And then also you’ve got sites like up work and that sort of thing. And so that’s getting more into the cold. Outreach if you’re if you’re looking for somebody to speak to not you know you’re not coming from a place of recommendation at that point. But like I mentioned lots of different things that you can be asking that Facebook Ads manager. And this is something that I definitely if you are you know if you are interested in hiring a Facebook Ads manager this is something I definitely recommend that you follow. You know these these sort of these questions here on this checklist and again I’ll make sure that you can download it over on the short notes page for today’s episode. OK. What is the next question here from Tracy Dixon. Hey Tracy should beginners hire help from an ad firm. So basically should a beginner hire somebody to help them with their Facebook ads. And my answer to this is no I don’t think that someone who’s just starting out with Facebook ads or starting out in their business should hire somebody from the get go to manage their Facebook ads. And here is the reason number one it while this is the biggest reason is that you need to have an understanding of Facebook ads if you’re going hire somebody out. You’ve got to have an understanding yourself of Facebook ads. What I’d like to say enough to make yourself dangerous. Right. I have countless stories and I literally just got another Facebook it’s from somebody today saying this happened to them again where they didn’t understand enough about Facebook ads they hired somebody out.

[00:15:36] That person was not getting them any results and charging them a lot of money. They you know this person lost a bunch of money in the process with no results. And they they weren’t able to you know they weren’t able to check the work that this person was doing because they didn’t know enough about Facebook ads themselves to to check. So if you’re going to if you’re going to outsource Facebook Ads definitely educate yourself as much as possible at first. OK. And that means educating yourself. Testing it out yourself getting in there running some ads yourself. I know that as business owners we’re all super super busy but this is one of the best thing that you can do because this is Talk about this all the time Facebook ads is the best platform hands down right now the most effective and cost efficient way to gain exposure for your business and to grow your business. Hands down. Right. So why wouldn’t you want to make a little effort there and spend some time and energy to at least learn again enough to make yourself dangerous so that if your goal is to outsource Facebook ads. OK great. But how that as your goal. Don’t start off there if you know nothing about Facebook ads. I’ve had countless stories. I have had tons and tons of students come into my programs who this has happened to unfortunately. And then they end up learning Facebook ads and running you know running them. I’ve had actually a lot of students come in and start running their Facebook ads. And they do extremely well and actually don’t end up outsourcing because they really get into it.

[00:17:14] They’re getting such good results that they don’t want to give that up. And I’ve had the other students come in and you know just learn it gets some great results. Ok cool. I know it. Now I want to outsource it. So Tracy that is my answer for sure. Beginners hire help from an ad firm. OK the next question is from Heikki. I think I’m pronouncing that right. Heikki if I’m not pronouncing that right. I apologize. Heikki Freidrich. And the question here is when I put event code on my opt in and I think you page do I need separate events or can I use the same code for these pages when I later want to target these different audiences. OK so the question here. I think what I’m kind of getting from this is if you got an opt in page and a page it’s the same Facebook pixel it’s just one Facebook pixel you have one Facebook pixel for your account so that pixel goes on the opt in page and the thank you page. Right. And then you’re going to have to track the conversion on the page and you can do that two different ways one of them is a custom conversion. So you can track it with a custom conversion or you can use a standard event. And so either one either one of those were custom conversion is much easier to to work with. So that way you have the pixel code on the optin page and on the page. And now you’re tracking the conversion when somebody actually lands on your thank you page. OK.

[00:18:42] What I would also be doing here is creating an audience of the people for your optin page and an audience of your thank you page that way. As you say when you later want to target these different audiences then later once you’ve built up an audience for people coming to your optin page and people coming to your page you can now target the audience of your opt in page and exclude the people who are coming to your think you page so you could exclude the thank you page audience and so that’s how you’re retarget people who that’s one way to retarget people is that different ways you can do it. This is sort of the most the most straightforward way or you can actually create one audience of people who land on the optin page and exclude the people from the thank you page you can do it two different ways you can create separate audiences or you can create one audience but they both accomplish the same thing so that as you put you when you later want to target these different audiences now you can target people who land on your optin page but don’t actually opt in. And we have to remember just because somebody lands on your optin page and they don’t opt in doesn’t mean they weren’t interested. You know we all have a million things going on maybe the phone rang or I’m looking at about 20 tabs open on my computer. This is actually pretty good right now.

[00:19:59] And so we are all you know our pages get lost in all of our tabs so maybe we you know go to another tab and we forget that we had that page open or the doorbell rings or you know the baby’s crying whatever it is it doesn’t necessarily mean that someone who was interested in whatever your offer was so I love that you’re thinking Heikki about about retargeting people who come to your Opt-In page but don’t actually opt in. All right. Next question from Shelley griever Shelley says How do you track the changes that you do in an ad set for example increase a bit or change in the bidding strategy. Do you do the changes in the same ad set or do you open up a new ad set. So Shelly this is such a great question one that comes up quite a bit. So guys if you are running an ad set if you’re running a campaign and you’ve got your ad set let’s just let’s just keep it very simple. You’ve got one ad set in your campaign and it’s running and you want to make some changes to it. Right. So you know you want to increase the bid. Or if you want to change how the how the ads set is being optimized. OK let’s deal with the first thing. If you want to increase the bid within your ads set that’s OK. You don’t have to stop it and duplicated or anything like that. You can make. You can change the. You can change your budget your daily budget without making any kind of change to without making any other changes. I should say. Just remember that you want to increase the daily budget by no more than 25 to 30 percent of that daily budget. So let’s just say you’re running $10 a day. Don’t go above say 2050 or $13 total.

[00:21:37] Meaning increasing at two dollars and fifty cents for $3 and then waiting a couple of more days for the algorithm to do its thing. Now if you are bidding on things if you’re bidding on stuff then that way you can you can make a change if you’re manually bidding like that. Right. You can do that. But if you and without making any other kind of changes. But if you are changing the bidding strategy meaning if you’re changing like the optimization then you do need to what I recommend doing is stopping that adds set right and then duplicating and then starting a new add set with that new optimization that you have chosen because when the ADD set starts when the campaign starts the Facebook algorithm is saying OK it’s taking all the things that all the parameters that you have set up and it’s the algorithm is setting you up based on what you do with the information that you have told it from the beginning so if you make a big change like how you want the ads set on the ad to be optimize then you need to start a new ad at a fresh ad set. So you’d stop the existing one and then start start a new one. OK. Good question there Shelly Bree Noble says Hey Bri. I’ve been seeing some new metrics from the right sidebar when doing targeting in as manager. It tells you the reach and then video views or click depending on the type of ad that you’re doing. It’s got a range and that range seems arbitrary it’s never the same as a number that you are targeting.

[00:23:04] For example I’m running a video ad and I see a reach of 624 hundred of 2.5 million video views 540 to 21:00 of 180000. But my target audience is 2.8 million. I was running a retargeting on today and my audience was really small 180 people. It told me that if I spent $20 I would get 38 clicks but if I spent $30 I’d get 51 clicks. Where are these numbers coming from. Especially in a small audience retargeting situation. You can’t possibly predict klick numbers. Anyway just wondering how to interpret these new metrics. Sorry for the length and complexity of the question. No this is a great question Bri. So basically what you’re talking about here is the estimated daily results which show up in the right hand column when you are putting your ads set together. So once you put your audience parameters in there what you want to target the budget and so forth it’s going to give you a potential reach. Right. For the for the audience for the audience number then it’s going to give you the estimated daily the estimated daily results. OK. And that that’s what you’re talking about here. That’s what the numbers that you’re talking about. So for example between twelve hundred and seventy one hundred of $2.8 million right. That’s that’s that’s your reach. Well if your goal if your objective eyes. Excuse me is conversions. It will also give you an estimated result of the number of conversions per day as well. OK. And what they’re basically doing is they’re giving you these numbers based on factors like bid and budget.

[00:24:45] So budget meaning like my daily budget is $20 a day and I’m optimizing for I want to let I want to let Ellison Wholefoods thinking of a whole foods for some reason I want to let Facebook optimize my campaign automatically. Then Facebook is looking at those numbers. There are factors like bed and budget and that’s where it’s coming up with these estimated daily results so these are not arbitrary. I mean they are estimates but they’re not like sort of random numbers that Facebook is just sort of picking out of left field. It’s based on the audience size that you’re targeting who you’re targeting. You know the audience the audience that you’ve set up daily budget. And then also the bid on how. Because remember we have to remember that Facebook is a an auction site it’s an auction platform. OK. So those are not really those are not arbitrary numbers. Those are actual estimated numbers based on bid and Budget that the fact that the Facebook. Facebook is taking from the information that you have given it. OK. Really good question there Bri. OK. Uri Weinberger’s says for e-com or apparel businesses how many touchpoint layers are recommended in a funneling strategy for example drive traffic via video retargeting based on web visitors and retargeting via video viewers. That would be considered three different touch points. What’s the best practice. Well Urey this is a great question but if you’ve been listening for any period of time I’m going to talk I’m going to tell you that this is just about testing right. This is about testing different types of strategies to see which one works the best for you.

[00:26:26] But if you’re looking for a best practice it really depends on the time of the audience that you are targeting. Is this a cold audience or is this a warmer audience right. So this is a warmer audience if you’re targeting people who have retargeting people who have already come to your Web site or maybe they’ve gone to the Add to Cart they’ve added a cart but they didn’t complete the purchase while that sales funnel is going to look very different than if you’re if you’re targeting a completely cold traffic. Right. So completely cold traffic like you just mentioned here drive traffic via video retargeting based on web visitors and video viewers et cetera. So I would look at that strategy for cold audiences. People that don’t necessarily know who you are more of an awareness type of play where you are using a video maybe or doing video views or maybe during engagement based on you just want people to watch that video. Then you can turn around and retarget people based on how long they’re watching your video if they’re watching your video for Say let’s say less than 50 percent. They probably need some more warming up or they weren’t really resonating with your with the video. So in that case there then you’re probably going to want to get them more content to move them further along your sales funnel if they’re watching more than 50 percent of that video. They’re probably primed for a follow up offer. Maybe it’s a discount code for the you know for the apparel that you’re selling or some sort of offer at that point that you can turn around and retarget them with.

[00:27:59] OK. But it really depends on the type of the type of audience that you are that you’re targeting. And as far as objectives go this is really about testing different ones you know playing around with video views or engagement and traffic and conversion and trying different ones. It also depends on how you know what the price point is for you know the apparel. I mean this is a $19 T-shirt or something like that that’s can be very different than a you know a $500 suit or a $1000 suit or something like that. So there’s lots of different ways here but that’s how I would be thinking about it what am I. You know as far as a what is the customer journey what do I need to do to take somebody who doesn’t necessarily know my brand know my apparel know my business all the way through to becoming a a paying customer. Right. And then we can use the different touch points along the way to leverage retargeting to move them further along. Our sales final and you brought up video here. I love the idea of video right off the bat and then you know using that to drive traffic but also to gain awareness and then building those engagement audiences and retiring those people again to move people further along your sales funnel into becoming a paying customer.

[00:29:13] Now if somebody is landing on your ad page right if they get the ad the carpet they don’t purchase that’s you know that’s going to be a different type of retargeting you’re just trying to move them from the Add to Cart rate into becoming a paying customers who might want to follow up with them like you know a little nudge or maybe it’s a coupon offer or something like that a discount code something like that to make them to help them get over to become a paying customer. OK one more question here and that is from Berrent Peluso my good friend Brant how are you Brant. He says best way what is the best way to get people to come in the door and actually use a 2 for 1 coupon that they opted in for. This is such a great question and there is really like this is a tough one because you know as Facebook advertisers are or if we’re advertising our business on Facebook here and we have a local business and we’re trying to you know we have our offer as a 2 for 1 coupon for example. And people are opting in for it and we’re building our and we’re building our email list. Okay that’s great but that’s only that’s only one step in the process right. What we’re really going for is to actually get them to walk into our store or a restaurant or a business or whatever it whatever it is. So there’s a few different things that I would that I would try for that. Number one is if they’re opting in for it you’re building your email list right so that at that point you want to be following up with them via email since they’re now on your email list and you can use e-mail marketing to again further push. I don’t want to I don’t want to say push because I don’t mean I don’t mean that in a negative.

[00:30:48] I certainly don’t mean that in a negative connotation to move them further along your sales funnel if you will to get them to come into your store. It also depends on what kind of information that you’re asking for when they’re opting in are you are you asking them for a phone number in addition to their e-mail. If you’re asking for their phone number you know are you asking for an A from the perspective of you know are you able to give them a phone call or is it more of like a text messaging thing if his phone number you know you could give them a call. You know and introduce yourself and start to build the relationship that way and invite them invite them into the business to take advantage of that coupon. Or you know you could wait a little bit and say hey I notice you. You know you downloaded the the 2 for 1 coupon but we haven’t seen you in. And then you know you can make another offer to them for just you know introduce yourself that sort of thing. You could also use text message reminders if you have ask for a phone number so you could do text message reminding. Don’t get you know don’t get don’t get obnoxious with a text message reminding but you know use it sensibly and with integrity and you could offer reminders that way. OK. But this is really one of those things like I was talking to somebody recently where they were offering some sort of coupon to come into their business. But there was no opt in.

[00:32:09] They just they just gave the coupon away and they were upset that no one like you know a very small percentage was actually coming in to take advantage of that coupon. So I would be asking for that e-mail address. In this case here so you can follow up and then again if you’re asking for additional information like a phone number for example maybe you know picking the phone up and giving them a call or doing a text message reminder as long as you have permission to do that. And I would be I would be testing those strategies out to get people to you know once they have opted in for that coupon to actually get them into the business. OK. All right. That is the end that’s as far as going to go today in this Q&A episode. Like I mentioned I have a lot more questions that I’m going to cover in a another Q&A episode which will be coming up very very soon so I do hope this was really helpful for you. And as I’ve been mentioning the past few episodes here if you like to win a 30 minute strategy call with me I’d love to hear from you all you have to do is go over to Facebook Messenger and give me your feedback on the podcast here. And specifically I’d like to hear what you’d like to hear more of things like topics guests style of the show frequency length. Any ideas that you’d like to share with me. I’d definitely love to hear them from you so to share your ideas and feedback you can message me over on Facebook and I’ve set up a very simple link for you.

[00:33:37] Rick Mulready dot com forward slash messenger shoot me a message over there with your ideas and feedback. And I’m going to pick one person at random at the end of each month to win a 30 minute strategy call with me. We can talk about whatever you’d like. Facebook Ads strategy growing your business online marketing strategy whatever it is we’ll talk about it during that call and then we’ll you will have that call here on the podcast as a strategy sessions episode. You know on a future episode here on the show so again it’s an easy link. Rick Mulready dot com forward slash messenger shoot me a message over there with your feedback on the show and I’ll be picking a winner at random to win a 30 minute strategy call with me. So thank you so very much in advance for doing that really looking forward to interacting with you over on messenger. I’m spending a lot of time on messenger right now talking with all of you because the feedback has been awesome. So thank you again. For

[00:34:36] doing that. That is all for today’s episode my friends. I’ve got a lot more coming your way here on the podcast. Until then as always keep testing your paid traffic to find out what works for you and your business and then do more of what’s working. And I’ll see you in the next episode.