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How to Sell More “High Ticket” With Zero Selling

March 25, 2022

In today’s quick tip episode we’ll talk about high-ticket sales. Specifically, how to sell more high-ticket offers, with zero “selling.”

I want to define “High-ticket,” as an offer that you sell that is north of $5,000.

$5k and above. Whether it’s a coaching program. Whether it’s one-on-one, group coaching. Whether it’s a mastermind. Whether it’s a certification. Whatever it might be. 

Maybe you sell something that’s $5,000. Maybe you sell something that’s $25,000. Maybe you sell something that’s $50,000. Whatever it is, that’s what I’m referring to as high-ticket today.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • A new way to approach high-ticket selling
  • Strategies for building stronger connections with your customers
  • The key to letting your offers sell themselves
  • Why consistent content is so powerful in driving high-ticket sales
  • Should you be more concerned with your platform’s stats & data?

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Rick:
Alright. What’s up, my friends. Welcome back to the show. I’m Rick Mulready. Thank you, as always, for tuning in today.

If you’re not watching my episodes on YouTube, you’re missing out, because we do weird things while I’m recording these episodes. It’s the Art of Online Business channel over on YouTube.

I also have a clips/highlights channel over there in addition to my Rick Mulready episodes. We are beginning, finally, to release YouTube-specific videos over there.

Before we start talking about high ticket sales today, many of you, I’m sure, can relate to what I’m doing right now.

I’m recording this in the middle of the afternoon on a Wednesday. On my desk sits our baby monitor and I’m watching my daughter a nap.

For those of you don’t know, I have a three-year-old daughter. Her name is Maya. She is my everything.

She’s why I do what I do.

My office is right below her bedroom. It’s probably not the best thing to be recording when she’s trying to sleep, because she can definitely hear me, but I have to keep an eye on her because I’m on daddy duty this afternoon.

Some of you can relate to that, right?

So, in today’s quick tip episode we’ll talk about high ticket sales.

Specifically, how to sell more high ticket with zero selling.

For the context of this episode I want to define quote unquote, “High-ticket,” as an offer that you sell that is north of $5,000.

$5k and above. Whether it’s a coaching program. Whether it’s one-on-one, group coaching. Whether it’s a mastermind. Whether it’s a certification. Whatever it might be. Maybe you sell something that’s $5,000.

Maybe you sell something that’s $25,000. Maybe you sell something that’s $50,000. Whatever it might be, that’s what I’m referring to as high ticket today.

Before I even get into what I want to offer you here today. I want to set the foundation.

If you’re selling your offer, if you’re trying to close people on your high ticket offer, I want to challenge you to think about it in a different way.

Right? Don’t try to close people. Don’t try to like hard sell. Right. So for example, when somebody applies for my Accelerator coaching program and if their application is approved, the next step in our process is to jump on a zoom call. You know, I take some of those zoom calls, because I love to have those conversations or somebody on my team, but

When I jumped on the phone or with it, you know, if my team jumps on a zoom call


I’m not there to sell you. I’m not there to hard close you. Right? So many people like jump on the, jump on a zoom call and they’re like, oh, waiting for the close, waiting for the hard pitch. You’re not going to get it right. So if you are trying to do that, to sell your high ticket offer, I want to offer you a different way.

Right? This is all about understanding the person who has raised their hand and said, I’m interested.

And working with you at a deeper level. Again, whatever that is, coaching program, mastermind certification, what have you understanding what their specific problems are, what their challenges are, and then you are there to present to them.

Number one, that you understand their problems and challenges and number two. share with them how you can solve those problems, how you are uniquely positioned to solve those problems for them, how you’ve helped other people share examples, et cetera. And then you share what the offer is, right?

You’re not trying to hard close them

And trying to like sell to them. You know what I mean? It just feels kind of like icky and kind of scammy if you will, that’s scammy, but you know what I’m talking about. Right. You know, we’re not trying to close people. Right. If you’re doing high ticket sales, just present what you have to offer, make the case and show them why you can help them, how you can help them.

And you know, you’re trying to help them make a decision. You’re not trying to push them in one specific way. Okay. So now that we have that out of the way here is how to quote unquote, sell more high ticket.

Sales, how to make more high ticket sales of your high ticket offer. And that is through a consistent content strategy, but not just any consistent content strategy I’m referring to one that allows you to create a more sort of intimate relationship building with that person.

I E a podcast or a YouTube channel where they get to see you on video or consistent short form video, whether it’s on

TikTok or whether it’s on, Instagram reels or what have you, ideally is something like a podcast or YouTube channel? Because like, if in a podcast right now, you know, I have been at, I’ve been podcasting now for seven and a half years.

All right. It is a very. It’s a very intimate experience. Like you’re listening right now. Some of you are listening right now with your, like your AirPods in,

Or, you know, whatever to, you know, you’ve got your headphones on or what have you, right. You’re out for a walk you’re in the house or you’re driving some while you’re not, hopefully not listening to using AirPods in the car.

But the point is, is that I’m in your earbuds. You’re listening to me right now.

And for those of you been listening for a long time, or you’re just, maybe this is your first episode, right? This is the beginning of my journey with you, where I get to build a relationship with you. And I get to show you what type of person I am.

I get to share value with you, create value for you by delivering

Free episodes to free episodes. Every single.

Week, right. you get to learn about my values. I just shared. At the beginning of this episode that I’m doing this right now with my, with the baby monitor on my desk right now, watching, you know, watching over my, three-year-old daughter and she’s everything to me.

Well, that says a lot about my values, right? So it’s, it’s stuff like that, that builds up over time. And then you get to make a decision, whether you want to work more with my team and me in our Accelerator coaching program. Right. And so. It’s that type of relationship. That is of highest value when you are trying to quote unquote, sell your high ticket offer.

So the first question I want you to ask yourself and look at your businesses. Are you creating a consistent content strategy where it goes beyond just like, you know, writing emails or writing blogs? Nothing wrong with that. But when you create a podcast, when you create video, you are building relationship with the viewer, with the listener on a whole different level.

Right. And so, number one, are you doing that? Number two, if you do have that, how are you leveraging that platform to drive sales of your high ticket? And oftentimes it really just comes down to the relationship, building people, listening over time or people watching over time. And then finally they make the decision.

Yeah, I’m ready for this. I’m ready for what this person has to offer. I want to work with them more because

I’ve been listening for a while. You know, I’ve learned enough about them, about their values, about their expertise, about how they can help me specifically. I’ve heard about all the other stories about how they’ve helped so-and-so well, that person is, or unlike just like that person.

I want more of this. Right. And so how are you leveraging that platform

To drive more high ticket sales? I want to share with you two, two specific examples. One of which is a recent Accelerator member. She recently joined Accelerator and, I actually get on the zoom call with them after they, you know, it’s application only by the way, just to clear something up here, I get this question all the time where people are like, oh, when is we know when is enrollment open for accelerate?

It’s open my friends. Right? We’re all about helping you when you need the help. And this is not like not a case of like, oh, I need help right now. Well, you have to wait until June when enrollment’s open again. No, like we’re here for you. Right? And Accelerator is for established course creators, online coaches, teacher entrepreneurs who are already averaging at least eight to 10 K per month in revenue from your online business.

And you’re looking to scale, but you’re not really sure what to do. You’re not really sure what next steps to take. You’re not really sure how to get out of your own way. You’re doing all the things in your business. Something I hear all the time. you’re not really sure how to build out your team.

You’re not sure how to scale your marketing and your sales. It’s cetera, or what we help you do is create more profit, more impact with less hustle. It’s not about adding more time to your plate, right? It’s actually reducing it and increasing your revenue and profit in the process. So again, it’s application only if you want to apply.

And yes, you can read it.

More about the program and a whole bunch of case studies and so forth forward slash Accelerator. So getting back to this member who recently joined, get on a call with her, and she said, I’ve been listening to your podcasts, this show here for about two years.

And she said, I realized over those two years that I wanted in, I wanted to be a part of Accelerator. I just seemed to make sure that I got my business to the point where I quote unquote qualified. To work with you all in Accelerator. So it was this podcast here that did the quote unquote selling for me.

I’m not selling you, right. I’m presenting you like with value and building relationship with you and I’m not doing it. Like I don’t do this podcast to, in order to

Do that. Right. I do this podcast because I truly love helping.

And the scope and impact that we’re able to have through this medium.

And I love podcasting. Right. so, so anyway, so this person has already made up the decision, like she’d made up her mind long time ago and she was just waiting to get her business to a point where like, okay, cool. I’m finally there. Let’s do this. And so there was no selling. There’s no selling there.

Right. And if they decided not to join, that’s totally fine too. Okay. So that’s just one example that consistent content that this person was consuming of mine helps her make that decision. And I’m not here to close or convince anyone.

Another example. Okay. And so I was having a conversation with this person fairly recently and they said, so they have a, and they have a podcast as well.

And they said that they weren’t really, increasing downloads on the podcast. Wasn’t super important to them. They weren’t really caring so much about increasing downloads. and in fact, they didn’t even know how many downloads the podcast does. Right. And so as a podcast, I’m like, holy cow, I start breaking out in hives.

When I hear somebody say that who’s the podcast. I’m like, what? You don’t know how many downloads you do

Anyway, I check every day. But, and by the way, real Dow, the number of downloads are all relative. Right. I would much rather have, you know, a thousand downloads a month from four episodes. You know, weekly episode, a thousand downloads a month where, you know, raving fans, right?

Like, like people that take action, listen, you know, leave reviews, you know, just give you feedback, DMU like super engaged audience, as opposed to A hundred thousand downloads and it’s none of that. Right. And so, anyway, so number of downloads is all relative. However, you do need a baseline.

And so where we’re going with this in my conversation with this person, you know, I said, well, do you have any interest in growing your podcasts? Like where is it at? How are, you know, how are you doing like everything? And they’re like, eh, you know, I just do. I don’t really care too much about growing it, at this point, just because it wasn’t a high priority for them.

Well, come to find out. As I dug deeper, we found out that the majority of this person’s high ticket students and they were selling they’re selling, I think it’s a 20 or $25,000. Oh, I think it’s $20,000 offer. And. Most of those students, not surprisingly are listeners of that person’s podcast. They listen to the podcast, develop that relationship you know, with our students.

And then they decide, holy cow, I want more of this. This person has established themselves as the authority. I understand their values. I know how they can help me. I want in, right. So the podcast is doing the selling for our student here. And so when we realized that we have to flip our thinking on its head and say, okay, if the podcast is driving, most of our high ticket sales, well, logic you know, logically speaking, if we grow the podcast, we are going to grow the number of high ticket students that we have.

Right. So it’s like, okay, How can we give more attention? How can we put more focus on growing the podcast and make a hypothesis that if we grow the podcast, then our high ticket sales will increase as well. So this is something that we did for this

Member and it became, okay, how do we, create the type of relationship.

Where somebody gets to know, like, and trust you and then deliver the value, show them how good you are, what you do, show them how you completely understand their situation, their problems, their challenges, and how you can help them. And then boom, high ticket sales. Just keep coming in for this person.

That’s what this is about. Creating a consistent content strategy. Where you are, in their ear or right in front of them on video, that is one of the best ways to sell quote unquote, more of your high ticket offers without actually doing any of the selling because you’re building a relationship with them through the content that you are consistently putting out and they are consuming.

So if you have no idea

How your tie tickets. Students are finding out about you or finding out about your program. I want you to start asking them so right when they sign up, ask them, how did you hear about me? How did you hear about, you know, name of the program? Ask them right there. Also, if you haven’t been doing it up to this point, go back and ask your current students the same exact question, ask your past students.

And then what that information allows you to do is say, okay, most of my, most of the people are listening to my podcasts.

Let’s double down on growing that podcast with quality listeners. “Oh, most people are watching my YouTube videos?” Let’s double down on that. Let’s double down on growing the YouTube channel, or what have you.

That’s what this is all about. This is something that is always right in front of us, but we’re too close to our own stuff for us to see it. We all have those blind spots in our business. I have a ton of them, but that’s why an outside set of eyes is so helpful.

So, a consistent content strategy.

One that you’re creating a next level of relationship with the audience that you’re trying to attract, creating content that is specifically for the audience that you are here to serve.

That is how you’re going to sell more of your high ticket offer without actually doing any of the “selling.” Your content is doing the selling for you. They’re just like, “Hey, how do I work with you? How do I sign up? Let’s do this?”

It means that your sales cycle might be a little bit longer, but that’s to be expected if you have a high ticket offer.

Your content is doing the selling for you.

Alright my friends, shoot me a DM over on Instagram. I’d love to get any feedback from you on this episode.

If you’ve got a high ticket offer, I’d love to hear any feedback on how you’re selling it.

There’s a whole bunch of ways to do that. I have an episode coming up talking more about what I just alluded to at the end. So many students that we’re talking to don’t have any idea where sales are actually coming from, and we have to have that insight.

We’re going to double down on what’s actually working, do more of what’s working. Well, we can’t do that if we don’t know where sales are actually coming from.

So I’m going to be sharing with you some ways on exactly how to do that.

But until then, my friend, thank you so much, as always, for listening.

Appreciate you.

Be well, and talk to you soon.

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