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ISM Episode 5: Gary Vaynerchuk – NY Times Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur and Speaker

April 15, 2013

Inside Social Media PodcastGary Vaynerchuk, NY Times best selling author, founder of Wine Library TV and VaynerMedia, and much sought after speaker on social media and entrepreneurship is my guest this week on The Inside Social Media Podcast.

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I’m really excited to chat with Gary because he’s so passionate about the use of social media to grow your business.  And, he brings his trademark high energy to our discussion.

Not only does he back up what he preaches but he always tends to be way ahead of the digital marketing curve.  He sees what the “social” trends are well ahead of most business people.

Gary is able to give us a unique perspective because he started out in small business with his family’s wine store.  After growing it to a multi-million dollar business, he became one of the best known experts in social media and now consults the biggest brands in the world on their social strategy through his company, VaynerMedia.

You’ll hear that Gary’s approach to social media is largely about creating great content within the proper context (i.e.- social platform).  He preaches giving, giving, giving before you ask for the sale.

He also answers two questions I get asked all the time: how to go about building a thriving Facebook fan page for your business and how to measure your social media return on investment.

Here are the top tips and strategies that Gary and I discuss, that you can take and put into action immediately for your own business:

  • Create content where you’re telling a story.  It’s never been easier to reach your customers with relevant content.  Give them great content, talk about what’s relevant to them, talk about what’s going on in the world and only then do you try and sell them something.  (This is what Gary likens to jab, jab, jab, right hook which is the title of his next book) 
  • With the intense scale that Facebook and Twitter have, if you’re not marketing on these platforms, you’re doing your business a huge disservice.
  • Vine, the six-second storytelling video app, is a very compelling platform for small businesses.  Try and figure out how to tell a six-second story around your business as often as possible.
  • When looking at measuring your social media efforts, quantify your “ask”.  You’ll know clearly whether you achieve it or not.
  • If you are constantly throwing sales messages at your customers you’re spamming them.  You MUST offer tons of value in the form of great content before trying to sell them.
  • Audit what you do every day in your business and then hire an $8-10/hour employee to do the 10-20% of the tasks you shouldn’t be spending your time on.  This will give you more time to spend on the things you should be doing, creating content and connecting with your customers.
  • Take your new found time and put effort into your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  And, if it makes sense, other social platforms where your customers might be.
  • Give first, and then worry about asking for something in return.

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