ISM Episode 10: Ekaterina Walter, Intel’s Global Social Innovation Strategist

Inside Social Media PodcastEkaterina Walter, Intel’s Global Social Innovation Strategist is my guest this week on The Inside Social Media Podcast.

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Ekaterina is one of the most respected and visible people in social media marketing.  And, as I learned just before recording my interview with her, she has just recently announced that she’s leaving Intel to become the CMO of a start-up called Branderati, a brand advocate influencer marketing firm.

In my chat with Ekaterina, we discuss several social media marketing topics including:

  • Ekaterina’s new role, where she’s headed and what she’s going to be doing and this podcast is one of the very first places she’s announcing it.
  • We talk about how to avoid social media overwhelm.  With so many different social platforms out there, how does a small business know where to be?
  • I ask her about content marketing and how small businesses without many resources can still take advantage of the benefits of content marketing.
  • She boils down what social should look like for small businesses (or any brand for that matter) and gives a really cool recent example that involves egg delivery.

And we talk about a lot of other cool actionable things that you can take and implement into your business today.

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