#165: (Case Study) Cyber Monday Facebook Ads Success for a Local Fitness & Tennis Club - Rick Mulready

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#165: (Case Study) Cyber Monday Facebook Ads Success for a Local Fitness & Tennis Club

November 15, 2017

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner in the United States, today I wanted to share a case study with you. Jackie Ellis is one of my students and last year she got amazing results with Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotions for the local fitness and tennis club she works at.

In this episode, Jackie breaks down how she generated over $30,000 in revenue from a Facebook ad spend of just $600, the pre-sale technique she used, her targeting strategies and the offers she used.

Things worked out so well for Jackie last year that she’s running the promotion again this year! If you want to do the same, remember not to wait to set up your Black Friday/Cyber Monday campaigns, as Facebook approval times will take longer due to the increased volume of ads there will be on the platform.

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • The original goal of Jackie’s campaign last year and where she got the inspiration for it
  • What challenges she faced with the Black Friday ads and what she did to overcome these
  • The video strategy she used, why it worked so well last time and what she would do differently to make it even more effective next time
  • How to determine how far to drill down when targeting, and ways your existing customers can help you in this process
  • What else you should be looking at after determining your ideal customer
  • How Jackie is building an audience to make her efforts this year even more successful

Coming up on the next episode I have something special that I haven’t tried before on the show. I’ll leave it at that, and you’ll have to tune in next time to see what it is – but I’m really excited to be bringing it to you!

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Transcription of Today’s Episode

[00:00:06] This is the show where I bring you the best tips tactics and strategies for using paid traffic to grow your business on autopilot. You’ll also hear what’s working and not working right now from the top minds in online marketing so that you can get more leads and sales every day without having to empty your wallet in the process. All right let’s jump into it.

[00:00:29] Hey hey what is up. Everyone welcome back to the art of pay traffic podcast Rick Mulready here. Thank you so much for coming out today really appreciate you give me your time. Hope all is going well. Whatever you’re up to today this is episode of 165 and with Black Friday and Cyber Monday here in the states right around the corner today I want to share a case study with you with one of my students who got some amazing results from a Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotion that she ran last year for a local fitness and Tennis Club. Her name is Jackie Ellis. And today we’re going to break down how she generated over thirty thousand dollars in revenue from a Facebook ad spend of just $600 last year with this Cyber Monday deal. It works so well obviously here that she’s running the promotion again this year with a few tweaks and we’re going to get into what she’s going to do differently this year. We talk about this presale technique that she use she breaks that down we talk about her targeting we talk about the offers that she made. What worked well what didn’t work so well and a whole lot more in today’s episode here with Jackie. Remember if you are going to be running Facebook ads on Black Friday or Cyber Monday Don’t wait to put those Facebook ad campaigns together.

[00:01:44] And the reason for that is approval time with Facebook is likely going to take a bit longer due to the increased volume of ads running on the platform those few days and especially that that that weekend and you don’t want to miss your window if you are going to be running ads and you want ads running on those specific days so get the ad campaigns set up and into Facebook for approval. Well in advance so that you can be running your ads exactly when you want to. We’re going to jump right into it today so let’s go hang out with Jackie Ellis.

[00:02:15] Jackie super super pumped to have you on the podcast here. How are you.

[00:02:20] I’m well. How are you.

[00:02:21] I’m doing great. We’ve been chatting here for the past few minutes before before going live and starting a record here about what you’ve been up to and I’m really excited to be talking to you today about this cyber monday deal actually and Black Friday also that you did last year for a four.

[00:02:40] Is it your fitness and Tennis Club. I mean is it you work there though right. Are you doing work for them.

[00:02:48] Yeah I worked there for four years. I’ve been to own the club. I started as a trainer and then interested in marketing. So now I do the marketing.

[00:02:56] Ok cool. And you’re getting them huge huge results and in full transparency and disclosure. You are. You took my local course a while back and you’re doing a lot of work with Facebook ads right now. And I really want to dive into this. Obviously this case study if you will of how you’re getting great results or how you got great results for this local tennis and fitness club where are you located.

[00:03:22] And by the way where in Bellingham Washington which is like as far northwest as you can go almost in Canada.

[00:03:29] Ok cool cool. I actually didn’t know Bellingham was way up there. Interesting.

[00:03:35] We’re up there.

[00:03:36] OK. OK cool. So let’s dive into this. This strategy here and it will start.

[00:03:41] Let’s start right off with why you wanted to do this campaign like what was your goal of the campaign when you were thinking about doing it.

[00:03:52] Well I’d like to say that I had to commotions that were going on on Black Friday and then we had Cyber Monday. And my Black Friday to be honest was inspired by Melanie Duncan. Last year she sent out like a holiday special kind of roadmap like that. And so I use that strategy just for creating more personal train sales. We sold some products. We had some things that were going to be on specials so we had like three training sessions for $99 three tennis lessons for $99 and then some products that we just wanted to move out that brought in about $4000. And I didn’t really run very many ads for that at all. Our Cyber Monday special was to drive memberships. So in the we’re in tennis and fitness club in the tennis area our tennis memberships are out this time of year because the weather is really just wet and gross. Sure. And we kept them so we were getting very close to our cap that we only had a limited number of memberships available and I just wanted those gone. I just wanted kept our membership so we offered a zero initiation which is a $500 savings. Got it. And with a 12 month commitment and then our fitness membership also zero initiation which was normally $125.

[00:05:16] And we just offered both of them even though I really wanted to cap out the tennis at two different types of promotions the Black Friday promotion you know personal training sessions and so forth and the Cyber Monday where you you wrote really can do to do memberships.

[00:05:33] Now with the Black Friday I know that this Cyber Monday was far more successful for you but you did find success right in the Black Friday campaign.

[00:05:41] Yes. And I think also the challenge with the Black Friday is being a local business we use we don’t use a lot of online software that’s compatible with Facebook ads I guess. Like I couldn’t put a pixel on my sales page or inch. Sure. So I created a landing page that looked like a sales page so it had all the different options. And if you click on what you were interested in it would take you to our Web site where I couldn’t track conversions right. So I just ran ads specifically for traffic on that one. And then just tallied up all the sales that came in you know separately. But I did cross-promote both of these promotions so they signed up for the one day Cyber Monday special and you signed up early and as you get information about the Black Friday and if you signed up for Black Friday you’d also get information about.

[00:06:33] This today. OK. And so for the let’s start with that Black Friday promotion. So you were you’re running ads you said you were doing traffic because you couldn’t place the pixel. What did your targeting look like. And that was the offer just the I don’t want to say just what was the offer the three sessions or whatever. For $9 it was the special offer. It was you were driving right to a sale on the sales page is that right.

[00:06:59] Right. So my but my Black Friday promotion like my Facebook ads were kind of generic. So we changed like our Facebook cover photo ransom just generic ads that said like save up to. Well I don’t know. Sixty five percent you know on services and products are Black Friday special and then it was the strategy that I got from Melanie Duncan was get on the pre-sale list. So then I had a couple e-mails series leading up to that that if you got on a preset list you actually got it a day early. I actually did it two days early because I kind of was annoyed with offering people things on Thanksgiving plate. Relax people don’t shop on Thanksgiving or I actually offered it to them on Wednesday. And so the ads were generic I didn’t say specifically what it was but once you got my e-mail then you got a link to my sales page. And the sales page listed out all the things that were available.

[00:07:55] Got it. So what days were you running those Facebook ads leading up to that to the Black Friday.

[00:08:01] I want to say it wasn’t even a week in advance. I had some kind hosting some just organic posts on the Facebook page and changed the cover photo to get on a preset list but I don’t run any paid ads and I ran very few paid ads honestly for them for that.

[00:08:17] Got it. OK.

[00:08:18] What was the incentive for people to get on the early interest list was that they were going to get there were limited quantities of things and that they were going to get it early early on Friday. I think I also threw in some extras extra offers that other people weren’t going to get. And really it was kind of interesting because it wasn’t that special to be honest. To get on the preset list. But the idea of being on the pre-sale list I think appealed to people.

[00:08:44] Sure. Yeah absolutely. Absolutely. OK.

[00:08:47] So you did the Black Friday you did a Black Friday deal and it was successful for you but it was I mean it from that compared like comparing the scope with the success of the cyber monday deal it was much less So let’s talk about that cyber monday deal. First of all what was the offer that you made because you were you were trying to get people to get into the boat the fitness and tennis memberships which are obviously you know you see a 12 month commitment bigger dollar value. What was the offer that you were making there.

[00:09:16] So the offer was just a zero initiation. That’s that. So if I got $500 got it. Yeah. So. And to be honest I was really scared to run these ads because we had not played around with a lot of Facebook ads before like this fall promotion was like our first big one. And now from going from zero to this I’m asking people to commit like fourteen right off the bat right. Yeah. So we decided to create a video and it was the goofiest video. I’m actually really embarrassed about it that I’ll share it with you if you want.

[00:09:52] Absolutely. You just want to see it. You haven’t seen it. No. I don’t know.

[00:09:58] I don’t know if I can send you a link lower on here or if you just want it after.

[00:10:02] Yeah we’ll do it after we put out the show notes for the episode today. Yeah.

[00:10:06] So we basically took the idea of just zero and we asked members and staff to like think of how they would say zero and it’s in a goofy way. So the video starts out and I went to my stammerers like this. And of course the video like the image is frozen on the right. And she’s like it looks like she’s whispering. So then you got to click on it to see like what is she whispering about. And she was like. And then someone holds up a sign like 0 and then it just got really goofy. And but it was fun and I got a lot of attention and that’s what I used for a lot of the retargeting for the promos so I think the video helped a lot. But the thing that I would do differently is pay a little bit more attention to the targeting that I use. I think I wasted money on targeting last year. I didn’t have to.

[00:10:55] So OK. So I want to talk about definitely talk about that. But I want to go back to this video right quick.

[00:11:00] So the strategy behind this video was to be a little bit goofy which works on Facebook. I’m assuming that you just shot it with your phone as I’m holding up my iPhone here right. So the like just shot with your phone. Not a big production no crew or anything like that. And so once you once you did that once you had this strategy here in it’s you know you’re having fun with it talking about you know zero initiation on that was the strategy there to not only get the word out but to build engagement audiences while people watching the video or what was that strategy.

[00:11:35] Yes. All of the things I’ll be able to get that video to do everything OK.

[00:11:40] When did you so cyber Monday a few days obviously after Thanksgiving here in the States. When did you start that video. When did you start the ads for it.

[00:11:49] I want to say it was probably 10 days before Christmas right. Yeah. I was not sure how long it was going to take to pick up momentum with the video because you’re never really used video for ads before. Yeah. And then now knowing what I know now like I would have done things a little bit differently to aggregate that social proof on that one video you know I’m sure I look back at our we have like the same video posted five different times five different ways you know. But yeah I think just the goofiness of it made that kind of fun and appealing and it did create a good audience for me to target.

[00:12:28] So before we get to how you retargeted I want to I want to hear how you actually targeted that first video because you said that the kind of wasted little bit money there that sort of thing.

[00:12:38] So how did you target that. Zerilli actually embarrassing Rick. I was like I just wanted that video to reach as many people as possible right because I thought in your area though right.

[00:12:52] Yeah OK. OK. You know I’m going to say OK I’ve tried it in our area.

[00:12:58] So I did some interests right. So I narrowed it down to like they think for tennis. I did a 10 mile radius. And ever since I did smaller because we don’t have a lot of fitness areas like in our little historic neighborhood in Bellingham we do we have tons. So I felt like we needed to be more narrow and less tennis areas in your area.

[00:13:26] No tennis areas.

[00:13:27] OK. So I think that’s really interesting. I love that you did that because you know you realize that there’s no tennis places in your area. And so you’re like all right. Well now I want to go 10 miles radius all for that but then I’m going to separate the fitness offer basically it’s the same type of offer but you’re going to separate the fitness. You’re communicating about the fitness in a different area a different way and you’re narrowing it down because there’s more fitness areas in your space. I love that you did that and I think that’s a really really good lesson for a lot of people too that’s understanding your business right. That’s understanding that the landscape in the local area that you are being very specific in how you are not only who you’re speaking to but also how your target.

[00:14:13] Well you made that sound very smart. But I something really stupid. OK. All right.

[00:14:19] Well thanks for more credit than I am that actually. So I should’ve targeted wider than 10 miles Flora because there’s no other tennis club within 60 miles. Interesting. OK. So if I would have layered in if I would have gone bigger with that targeting and layered in some tennis interests. I think I would have had a much bigger audience and it would have been more successful. However I’m happy I’m really happy with the results because I maxed out the opportunity that I had.

[00:14:49] But the other thing that I mean that you want to think about with that is how far you are how long is someone actually going to drive right to complete tennis if you’re doing 40 miles. Let’s just say like is someone really going to drive 45 45 minutes to complete. I don’t know.

[00:15:05] I don’t I don’t play that way maybe once in a while to have a membership. Probably not. Yeah. Though this year and I’m running the same special again I’m taking on things I learned last year and make them better. But the thing that I will do is I think the majority of the people come from 20 miles or less so I might say OK 10 to 20.

[00:15:26] Yup. Yeah and as a as a local business one thing that you can do to to learn more about that is to research who your existing customers are right and find out where they are where they live how far they’re coming and use that information. You’ve got Intel in your Facebook ads targeting. So. OK so you targeted that and then you layered in some interest what types of interest did you start with just the with the tennis what types of interest did you start to layer in there. I like.

[00:15:55] I layered and people that like famous tennis professionals. OK. So I had like Roger Federer and Coulston I had Maria Sharapova and you know I had tennis professionals and then I had people that like US Tennis Association in different tournaments and then I also had people that just had interest buying behaviors and interest in tennis in general. OK. A pretty big audience this is one reason that I had to separate the fitness people out from the tennis people because there’s actually at our club not a lot of overlap like our tennis people don’t really do our fitness area and our fitness people generally use tennis. So it’s kind of like running two different businesses as far as working.

[00:16:44] Yeah no I it totally makes sense I’m curious for it this year when you redo it are you going to do anything different on the targeting there because I have my own feedback on that. Obviously it worked for you. Right.

[00:16:56] But I’m just curious what you do anything different from a Chinese perspective on the interest targeting.

[00:17:02] Well this year well I’m really curious what you have to say. But this year I’ve spent a lot more time building audiences of our own. So I’m going to be targeting those. And then all the other Facebook ad efforts that we’ve done has also helped build our list. So I’ll be targeting our list excluding numbers. Yeah. And also be targeting look like some of our members and look alikes of our list. I

[00:17:27] love it. I mean so how big is the list.

[00:17:30] I want to say the list is around for my tennis probably around 5000.

[00:17:36] Wow kids are so decent size for a business like that. I mean so. So is your goal to start with that and not even not even test the cold target. You know the interest targeting the cold audiences or or what. Just want to try to gauge your thinking on that.

[00:17:52] No I think I’m in the test. I think I’m in the set of assets for everything that I can think of and then just start shutting things off as I’m not seeing results for those. Got it. Lately I’ve been seeing pretty good results for our lookalike audiences. Yeah. With some offers that we’ve been doing so I’m hoping that that’s where it is. But. So what did I leave out.

[00:18:17] No I mean something did leave out like I probably wouldn’t have targeted like you know people who are interested in Roger Federer or Maria Sharapova just because like for example I have it like I think highly of both Roger Federer and Risher Maria Sharapova. But I’m not a tennis player. You know what I mean like I’m not just income to play tennis but like I root for them because they’re you know like they’re big names and so forth. But I’m not necessarily interested in coming to play tennis. It’s kind of like if I’m if I’m in the if the golf needs for example and I’m targeting Tiger Woods you know people have an interest in Tiger Woods. Well I’ll probably not like there’s can be so many people are interested in Tiger Woods who don’t even play golf. You know that I’m getting a little bit too broad with that. That’s what they that’s sort of how I I start to think about that. But I love the fact that you’re doing like buying behaviors and people who are interested in local tournaments and stuff like that like I love that. I mean has this worked for you. Right. So it worked just like one thing that I would sort of shift to but I love that you have created these engagement audiences you’ve built these custom audiences Audrey doing look like audiences you’ve built that email list of all strategies that that I would definitely be doing and I’m super happy to hear that you you did that.

[00:19:35] Now before we talk more about what you might change for this coming year what you spent what like six hundred dollars or something like that on your ads last year.

[00:19:45] Yeah that’s I reminded him well actually that was including the Black Friday.

[00:19:49] Oh OK. OK. OK. What was and you brought it. What was the total revenue you brought in from that from the cyber Monday.

[00:19:58] It was about twenty eight thousand twenty thousand dollars.

[00:20:01] OK.

[00:20:02] And the Black Friday it was about 4000 so over 13000 dollars for it. But you know that is the 12 month commitment all wrapped ups each number ship. You know if everyone did up a tennis memberships It’s about fourteen hundred dollars. But the mix of tennis Shern Sure.

[00:20:22] So did about a little over 30000 dollars in revenue. And he spent about $600 in Facebook ads between these two.

[00:20:30] Are these two shows I guess. Yeah I think a lot of people who were listening and watching right now would love that kind of our like myself included.

[00:20:40] Nice work with that. So when you were did so did you end up retargeting people who watched the video. I know you’re building your building engagement audiences but did you actually do that. Ok cool.

[00:20:51] And so what was that what did that retargeting ad look like. Meaning like what was it. Was it just the offer to come in for the free membership or the no initiation.

[00:21:01] Yes because on that offer I was able to use. So they went to the landing page and then I mean even in the video. Right. So I I put up the video. I had a link to the landing page if they wanted to preserve their membership if they did then it just they gave me their information sent them to the thank you page and then I got the e-mail saying you know they’ve they’ve opted in. So I would call them and set everything up to come in and sign up for their membership. So when I retargeted I left out all the people that visited my thank you page. And I just retargeted them with an image. And so it just said Last Chance cyber Monday deal ends up.

[00:21:41] Got it. Love it. Have you guys had to use. I know that you said that your that your the system there of your members of your members and stuff like that isn’t set up for you know like pixels and stuff like that.

[00:21:53] Have you tried out offline events at all where you are exporting You know list of customers from your own kind of CRM system that you guys are using at the club there and then importing it into Facebook to try to use you know offline events or or what.

[00:22:09] No I haven’t. I didn’t understand how to do it honestly. And that’s kind of. That was one of the problems that I was having with these Facebook yeah well as I it was the only place that we advertised the cyber Monday I don’t do any ads in the newspaper or anything like that because I wanted to know that all of my results were coming from Facebook because I had a feeling that something was going to happen and it did happen. People would see the ad and instead of clicking on it and signing up they would call the club or they would come into the club or they would email me directly. So when I was looking at my results I was like oh my gosh this ad set is getting $50 lead or on average I think I was getting like $30 leaves which I felt like was OK for fourteen hundred dollar. Yeah. Well yeah but some of the Marines were saying up way higher than I thought. But I was still getting the results that I wanted. And I think that’s what you’re talking about with the off line right.

[00:23:06] Yeah I mean and keep it you said that you didn’t really understand how to do it. Keep in mind this is last year in offline events. We’re just starting to be around. But they’ve you know they’ve simplified it very much over the past several months here so even like a year ago. Not surprised that you didn’t really get into that but just know that that is an option. You know if you need to that’s an option for you this year. Pretty simple to do.

[00:23:30] You know uploading that list of customers basically and I’m oversimplifying here but uploading that list to customers from your from your database there at the club into Facebook Facebook will give you reports based on those people of those people who are customers in your list and who are engaging with your ads and so forth. So it’ll give you give you an idea of the success of that.

[00:23:51] Definitely do that year. Yeah. So what are you going to be doing. Oh act before we go on to that for this year. We talked about the tennis. How did you. You said that you targeted five mile radius for the fitness. What did you do differently. What other types of things you do do you do differently for fitness than tennis.

[00:24:12] Gosh it is really hard to target. I stuck with interests. I think our fitness area is kind of unique in the fact that we are focused like we’re not a weight loss emphasis kind of place we actually target more baby boomers. So I was looking at not targeting weight loss and things like gosh it was like really generic I can’t even believe that anymore.

[00:24:40] Kivalina everybody clicks on your ad and I can’t believe it.

[00:24:43] Honestly. Yeah. I still struggle with targeting the fitness.

[00:24:48] I mean one thing you could do there with when it comes to fitness if you know that your primary target is baby boomers is like all right what are baby boomers boomers enter into.

[00:24:59] What are they interested in. What are they buying what types of brands are they interested in. What are they watching where are they consuming. What publications are they reading that sort of thing. And just this is where it really gets into. And this is frankly where a lot of people don’t want to do that work to learn more about it I’m not saying this is the case here I’m just saying what we’re talking about here is looking at who your ideal target audience is but then taking a step back and saying OK yes they’re interested in fitness. OK great. But you know what makes up if you will that person what are they interested in on a regular basis. You know what types of things are they doing in their life and what are they what are they doing it from a hobby perspective and brands and all this type of stuff. So whatever you did last year worked I would do more of that.

[00:25:45] You know I just I tried it so easy with online brands I feel like I can target pages that you can target anywhere.

[00:25:52] And I keep having to stick with like a dog by the way what’s happening on here. That’s hilarious.

[00:25:59] That’s awesome. Is it because he’s chomping on like a little squeaky toy. Yes.

[00:26:05] I won’t even tell you that like two months ago she was hauling out dirty clothes out of the hamper and running through the living room. Nice nice. Yes I did target some of those interests. But then is that too general for for when I’m trying to.

[00:26:20] I mean it works for you. It works for you. I mean I would do. Obviously this is one of those things that do more of what worked and you know I mean this is an opportunity to learn more about your existing customer and rate your existing clients who are on the fitness side so well.

[00:26:39] So that’s here for the fitness I’ve been building audiences for the last couple of months. So I think that we’ll have a little bit more success with that plus we just did a complete remodel of our focus. So that’s been a lot of promotion. But some things that I’ve been doing to build the audiences are we use video to promote. A happy birthday offer which Mike Barnett that was on I’d cast us an idea after now. I have all original ideas obviously.

[00:27:09] And you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. I hope people will. That’s what I hope people take away from this show is that you know they take these ideas in and test it out for your own business.

[00:27:20] Yeah I mean that’s that’s been the the greatest thing that’s. I’m getting all the ideas so so I’m really targeting those audiences that watched that video or that I opted in for that offer. And then we also are doing a one week trial a free trial so all the engagement with that also is being targeted which is I think going to go pretty well for retargeting for the fitness membership because I know that they’re interested because they saw that free birth day it was a cycle class a free birthday ride or they took us up on the one we offer but got some enjoyment.

[00:27:54] This is great. So the biggest things that you’re going to do that you’re changing for this year. Are you going to do both black Friday and Cyber Monday or are you just going to Cyber Monday.

[00:28:05] I was just going to do cyber Monday and then I think that we’re still going to do the project.

[00:28:11] So it’s Friday. Cool idea. Ivy again it wasn’t it was last year right. Yeah. So I think there’s some big takeaways here of and I want to kind of really kind of drill down on as we wrap up here. You had great success with these campaigns last year. You were just trying things out. You know you were learning as you went. You’re like cringing right now as you as you think about you know some of the things that you did. But look I mean you spent $600 and made over $30000 in revenue. So obviously what you did were you were trying things out. You are you know you’re running with it. You went with the I loved the strategy of using the video to then build the reengagement audiences after that and then you went into this year where you’re like OK. I learned some stuff there. You’ve gotten smarter and you’re doing a lot more of Facebook ads as the years gone on here. And I think a real key thing that I’m hearing from you is you’re like you’re building these engaged audiences. Right. You’re putting out content throughout the year to build these engagement audiences that you can then create look like audiences uploading or e-mail as create. So you’re building your email list or create look like audiences out of that. So you can still test as you mentioned you can still test some of those you know cold audiences but you now have these greater you know the warm audiences are much bigger. So you have that you can dive right into that.

[00:29:40] I’m really keen to hear after how this goes. You know this year how well the if you even needed the I you going to test it. But if you even needed the cold audiences because you because your spots especially with tennis your spots are limited right you only have so many spots.

[00:29:59] I’m really curious if you’re all of your work that you’ve done this year to build these engagement audiences and warm audiences like that’s where your sales come from right off the bat. And then you don’t even need the cold audiences. I’ll be really curious to hear how that goes.

[00:30:13] Yeah. I mean to you know looking back it’s kind of a miracle that we’re just trying out some of these strategies actually work to generate some money. But I think that people should know that just trying things you know like you’re always saying you don’t know until you test you’ve just got a test test test you know and just enough you know by last fall to be able to test things and get results.

[00:30:39] Yeah I love it and I love that you did the goofy video I love I love that.

[00:30:43] You know you’re like I well because everybody everyone wants to know like well what should I do. And you’re like let’s do a give you video about saying the word zero in different ways how it.

[00:30:53] I mean like that. I love it. I love it. And that’s that type of stuff that works really well on Facebook because that’s how that’s the type of platform that it is. Jacki this has been really really good. I know that people are going to want to reach out to you and connect with you and maybe ask questions or whatever. If you’re up for it if you’re ready for that what how can people connect with you.

[00:31:15] What’s the best way. Yes. I put up our little page just for this purpose. OK. And as Jacki dot dash dot com and I am going to put up some jewels on that page also. If anyone’s curious to see what I did They’re just not there yet.

[00:31:37] OK. OK. So I came up with an idea. J A C E hyphen l s e l l i s dot com right. Yes. OK cool. Thank you for doing that I didn’t know you’re putting it up so that’s awesome. So people can check that out. It will put the video that you’re mentioning the zero video over there so people can check that out as well. Jacki this is a really really good. Thank you so much for chatting about this.

[00:32:01] Thanks for having me.

[00:32:03] Write hope you get a lot outhe’s for Jackie today. Something I haven’t done a whole lot of here in the show is to personally acknowledge those guys who are leaving ratings the reviews for the show over on iTunes and I want to change that today. I really appreciate the time that you guys take to leave that rating review for this show. It’s a huge help to the show so I want to make sure that I’m acknowledging those of you guys who are leaving ratings reviews and that’s going to start today with Kelly Youmans Kelly’s title there on the rating review says Rik’s realistic and relatable and she says this podcast is the one that I go to regularly looking for the greatest tips on Facebook advertising. I’ve implemented many of Ricks and his guests suggestions and feel so fortunate to have access to such uninhibited sharing. Thank you Rick for always showing up and always delivering free content that you could clearly charge thousands for winky face. Kelly really appreciate your feedback there and thank you so much for leaving that rating were up to 300 an 8 5 star ratings reviews for the show there on iTunes. Really really appreciate that. So if you’ve not yet left an honest rating review for the show over on iTunes I would love it if you take a second to do that. Your feedback is what keeps me going with this show. So thank you so much in advance for doing that. And before we head out if you want to win a 30 minute strategy session with me I would love to hear from you.

[00:33:29] Over on Facebook messenger all you have to do to be entered to win a 30 minute Friday session with me is to give me your feedback on the podcast here. And specifically I’d like to hear what you’d like to hear more of. Things like topics guests that you like to hear in the show style the show frequency link. Any ideas that you’d like to share with me. I’d love to hear them from you so to share your ideas and feedback. You could message me over on Facebook and set up a simple link that will get you right there. Just go to Rick Mulready dot com forward slash messenger. I also linked that up on the show notes for today’s episode which is Rick Millbrae dot com forward slash One sixty five but again that messenger link is Rick Mulready dot com forward slash messenger. And when you message me with your ideas and feedback I’m going to pick one person at random at the end of the month to win a 30 minute strategy call with me we can talk about Facebook Ads growing your business online marketing strategy growing a team whatever it is like to talk about we can hammer it out in that 30 minute strategy call. Thank you so much in advance for your feedback and for your ideas.

[00:34:37] And thank you so much for listening to the show today. Coming up next I’ve got a special episode for you something I haven’t tried yet here on the show. I’m going to leave it at that. I’m really excited to bring it to you. So until then my friends keep testing your paid traffic to find out what works for you and your business. And then more of what’s working and I’ll see you in the next episode.

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