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How We Made More in January Than In All of 2014

March 23, 2015

My bookkeeper reached out to me recently and asked me if the revenue numbers she was seeing for January were really accurate (in a good way).

Ha! Why yes, Diana, they are!

She had to ask because in January alone we surpassed all of last year’s revenue.

That’s right, in one month we blew past 2014’s income.

Pretty cool stuff.

And last year wasn’t too shabby, either.  I wrote all about it here: how I made six-figures in my business (and how you can do the same).

I don’t say all this to brag or anything.  That’s not the type of person I am at all.

Rather, I want to share what I did to have such an amazing January so you can do the same in your business.

So here’s what I did…

I relaunched my flagship online Facebook ads course, The FB ADvantage.  It had been closed for enrollment since last Summer.

If you’re not familiar with it (totally cool, but umm, that means I need to do a better job marketing it! 🙂  ) it’s a program that helps the more higher-level beginner/intermediate Facebook ads person take their or their client’s business to the next level.

Creating this course was the best thing I did for my business last year.

It allows me to help more people WHILE creating consistent income and building authority.

In fact, nothing had a greater impact on my business last year.  And already, it’s helped me get 2015 off to a bigger start.

Why exactly?

Because Facebook ads + training courses = huge revenue potential.  They are the perfect marriage.

I ran ads promoting live online workshops where I taught the latest on what’s working with Facebook ads right now and then offered the opportunity to join FB ADvantage.

It’s just one strategy I’ve used and it flat out works.

You Might Have Read About Nick S. Making $130K?

Again, I share all this with you because I want YOU to have the best year yet in your business.

Maybe you read my email from Saturday where I talked about Nick Stephenson who recently launched a training course for authors, teaching them how to market their books.

He built a small email list of his exact target audience through Facebook ads, guest posting and being a guest on podcasts. (He even 7x’d his return on his FB ads spend with his very first ads!)

With his launch he made $130K in two weeks.

Now, I’m not promising those kind of results or anything but Nick hustled his butt off and showed just how possible it is to crush it.

Having an online course can really quickly change the scope of your business.  The examples of people proving this are endless.

I Want You To Be the Next

Whether you already have an online course and want to sell more, you have an idea for one but aren’t sure where to start, or you’re simply looking for ways to make more money, this live online workshop is going to be for you.

I’ve invited back (by popular demand) the Jedi Master of online courses, David Siteman Garland, to do a LIVE webinar with me for you this week!

It’s this Wednesday, March 25th, at 9 AM PST/12p EST.

During the training, David will be sharing with you:

– His exact proven 7-step process to create, promote and profit from online courses (even if you’ve never sold anything to your audience before).

– The ONLY question you need to ask your audience to have them tell you exactly what they want in your course.

– The secret to pricing your course so you get the very best customers & generate the most revenue (this part alone literally changed David’s business)

– The biggest marketing/promotion mistake you can make that will kill your sales…and what to do instead.

And lots more.

David is THE guru when it comes to creating and profiting from online courses so you’re not gonna want to miss this special Live training with us.

Click here to register for this Live training

Here are the details again:

When: Wednesday, March 25th

Time: 9AM PST, 12PM EST, 11a Central (here’s a handy time zone converter)

How to Register:

Can’t wait to share this training with you. See you on Wednesday!

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