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#149: 3 Components of a Facebook Video Ad That’s Getting Big Results with Jasmine Star

August 9, 2017

On today’s episode, my good friend Jasmine Star rejoins me to share a case study where we dive into the 3 components of a Facebook video ad that has given her the best results.

Jasmine was my guest back on episode 106 where we talked about How to Strategically Attract Your Ideal Facebook Ads Audience and if you haven’t listened to that episode yet, definitely check it out at rickmulready.com/106.

It’s a great episode and I got a ton of feedback from people wanting Jasmine back on the show, well, here she is again.

Jasmine is a marketing strategist, a branding expert and she’s also been voted one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world.

In today’s episode, she reveals how she split tested a 25-minute Facebook Live Video Ad against a short professionally done video – with results that may surprise you.

Jasmine always suggests we “pay attention, to get attention” and she talks a lot about how you can use this philosophy in your own business right now…

She also gives a lot of great information on how to figure out what content your audience wants that you can then incorporate into your marketing, and how to overcome intimidation and stay focused and productive. She also shares some quick and easy video editing apps and resources that she’s been implementing into her Facebook ads strategy.

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • How (and why) she always approaches her ads with the creation process in mind
  • How to overcome the intimidation factor when creating your FB ads
  • What she considers to be the “holy grail” of an ad
  • Why it’s important to watch Facebook algorithms changes – and the big trend she is seeing at this moment
  • How she personally responds to each comment she receives on social media – and why she’s really doing this
  • What to consider when trying to decide on the production quality of video to use
  • How you can use topics being discussed in other niches to customize your own ad content

As you’ll hear, Jasmine is now very intentional with everything she does, but she wasn’t always that way. It was interesting to listen to her talk about her journey because it’s when she did get highly strategic and focused that things really took off for her with her business.

Jasmine’s Examples:

“Free Photos You Can Share On Instagram” ad

Screengrab of the 25-minute Facebook Live:

Screengrab of the professional video:

FB Live on how to create a marketing schedule:

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