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#39: Facebook Video Ads – Part II with Keith Kranc

Today’s episode is Part II of my interview with my buddy and Facebook ads expert Keith Kranc.

If you haven’t yet listened to episode #38 with Keith where we talk about how to use story-based Facebook video ads to increase conversions, make sure you listen to that episode first because this episode has some updates to what we discussed.

That’s how fast things are moving with this stuff.

As a background for why I wanted to do a Part II for this interview, Keith reached out to me after we did our initial interview and told me he had some updates he’d love to share with all of you.

Here’s what the updates were about:

He and his agency had been invited by Facebook to attend a special agency-only webinar training put on by the Facebook marketing team where they were sharing the latest stats and updates about Facebook video ads.

And then, he and his agency took what they learned in that webinar and are now running some Facebook video ads tests for a couple of their clients.

Today, Keith shares what he learned on the webinar with Facebook as well as early results of the client tests they’re running.

Some really interesting updates and insights from Keith here in Part II.

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Digital Marketer article that Keith mentioned in part I.

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