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#26: How Kimra Luna Turned $18K of Paid Ads Into $900K In Under a Year

April 2, 2015

Today on the show I’m happy to introduce you to Kimra Luna. If you don’t know Kimra yet, I’m guessing you’re gonna start hearing a lot about her because what she’s created with her business in a very short amount of time is remarkable.

Kimra just finished up a launch of her flagship program called Be True Brand You where she did over $720,000 in sales while spending about $13,000 in Facebook ads.

Not too shabby.

I’ve gotten to know Kimra a bit over the last few months, first meeting her in December at a mastermind that my good friend James Wedmore hosted in Laguna Beach, CA.

We geeked out about Facebook ads and she began telling me her strategy for how she uses them to grow her business.  She’s got an inspiring story which you’re going to hear all about today.

In Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The strategy behind how Kimra turned $18,000 worth of Facebook ads into $900,000 in just 10 months
  • Why Facebook video ads played such a big role in her program launch
  • How her experience in community building has really been key in turning cold leads into raving fans
  • The strategy Kimra used to figure out exactly what content to include in her flagship training program
  • AND The one tip that Kimra suggests is critical for highly converting Facebook ads and what you should go and do right now

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This is a service that I normally charge $197 for so if you’d like to win one, head over to iTunes, leave an honest rating and review of the show, and then email me at support@rickmulready.com with a screenshot of your review and I’ll be selecting one at random each week.

Thanks so much, in advance.

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Kimra’s website – kimraluna.com

Reserve a free spot for Rick’s Facebook Ads for Beginners: How to Create Killer Facebook Ads On Less Than $10 A Day webinar: fbadsfornewbies.com/webinar

Rick’s Facebook Ads flagship training: The FB ADvantage: Automated Facebook Ads Made Simple

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