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#116: How to Boost Conversions & Improve Your Marketing with Liston Witherill

December 21, 2016

I know it tends to be a lot of fun to focus on the strategies and results in online marketing…

You know…

The 6-figure funnel strategies…

Using paid traffic for 7-figure launches…

The “click-worthy” stuff, if you will.

But deep down, I know (and I hope you know!) none of that stuff matters unless you’re able to communicate your value in a way the connects with your target audience.

It’s all about having spot-on messaging throughout your sales funnels.

That’s why I was excited to interview this week’s guest on The Art of Paid Traffic, Liston Witherill.

Liston is a copywriting and conversion expert. He’s also the founder and Chief of Strategy + Data at Good Funnel — a company that specializes in helping businesses boost traffic and automate sales using data-driven funnels.

Here on Episode #116, Liston and I talk all about about how to solve some of your biggest marketing problems, simply by asking your audience the right questions and then allowing their answers to drive the messaging in your business.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn:

  • Liston’s advice on how to prioritize the messaging you use in your your sales funnels
  • Why your messaging is key when it comes to standing out among your competitors and staying fresh in your audience’s memory
  • How to ask questions that prompt valuable answers, so that your target customers practically write sales funnel copy for you
  • Simple strategies for collecting and using customer insights
  • A ton of quick wins you can apply to tweak, test and optimize messaging within your sales funnel
  • And a lot more…

Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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