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#174: How I Would Grow a Local Fitness Rehab Clinic with Facebook Ads

I want to do something a little bit different with you here today, and it’s something that I want to start doing more of on the podcast. I’ll be taking a business and sharing with you how I would market it on Facebook. Today’s business is a small fitness and rehab clinic, Fix Body Group, a local company that my wife and I are actually clients of.

Recently the owner of this business, Sean, introduced himself to me and explained the current marketing strategy that they’re using at the local level. I then gave him my suggestions on how they should be using Facebook, as well as Instagram, to grow the business.

Regardless of what type of business you have, my conversation with Sean is very relevant. I’d like you to take what jumps out at your and apply it to your own business, or for clients that you manage Facebook ads for. As you’ll see, you really don’t have to be spending a lot of money to implement an effective marketing strategy online!

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • The key step that you need to start with (and something Sean was missing)
  • Why having a Facebook pixel on your site isn’t enough, and what you need to be doing with it
  • What video strategy I recommend for them, and then what can be done with the content they’re creating
  • The types of ads I’d be testing in their situation
  • And much more!

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Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Connect with Fix Body Group on Facebook

Connect with Fix Body Group on Instagram

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Transcription of Today’s Episode

[00:00:00] This is the show where I bring you the best tips tactics and strategies for using paid traffic to grow your business on autopilot. You’ll also hear what’s working and not working right now from the top minds in online marketing so that you can get more leads in sales every day without having to empty your wallet in the process. Alright let’s jump into it.

[00:00:28] Welcome back to the Art of Paid Traffic podcast everybody. How’s it going my friends? Rick Mulready here. Really appreciate you forgive me your time today. Hope all is going well. Whatever you’re up to today. This is upset number 174. And I want to do something a little bit different with you here today. Actually this is something I want to start doing more of here on the show which is take a business and share with you how I would market it on Facebook. And that’s something to do with you here today. And I’m going to be taking the example again be using with you is a small fitness and rehab clinic here in my neighborhood here in San Diego. This is actually a clinic I’ve been going to for a couple of years now. Originally a couple of years ago it was to rehab my low back and then more recently over the past say seven months or so. I do personal training over there. I just walk over there it’s just a few blocks from my place. And now my actually my wife Amy also sees them to rehab her knee. Now during a recent well break before one of my recent training sessions the owner of the clinic came up to me and this is a guy who has worked with professional athletes. Everybody from hockey players to football players to track and field pretty much across the game when it comes to professional athletes which is a big reason why. You know I trust them so much and I like to go there a lot.

[00:01:48] So anyway the owner Shawn came up to me recently and asked me first of all he introduced himself and he said I understand that you’re the man when it comes to Facebook ads. I would love to. I got the inevitable question. I’d love to pick your brain for a few minutes if that’s cool with you. And so you know I’ve been going for a long time and I really like the clinic and what they’re doing. And so I agreed to sit down with him for a few minutes which is what I did last week and I met with him for about 20 minutes or so and I talked to I talked to him about you know sort of learn more about what they’re doing in their business right now to mark it on a local level and then took him through my suggestions for how he should be leveraging Facebook and Instagram to grow his business. And then as I was walking home I was like you know what I should be sharing all this with you guys here in the podcast so that is exactly what I’m going to do here free today. Take you through everything that I shared with him. Like I said it wasn’t a long conversation is pretty pretty basic stuff that we’re talking about but yet he like so many local business owners really had no idea the opportunity that existed with Facebook. And so before I dive into this you know really I want to make sure you understand too. Regardless of what type of business that you have the conversation that we’re going to have here in a second is very relevant. Pretty much regardless of what type of business that you have.

[00:03:11] So just because you are not a you know a gym or a chiropractic clinic or whatever this is going to be relevant to you as well. And at the end there are kind of wrap it up here for you. So by the way the name of this clinic is there called Fix body group. And so here is how I would market Fixx body group on Facebook. So the first question I asked him Sean was what are they currently doing to market their business. Are they doing anything to market their business right now. And so he said they were running a special offer ad on Yelp and he explained to me what it was it was like a half off sort of special offer. And I asked them how much they were paying for it. And then I said Do you know how successful it is. And he didn’t know the success of it. He didn’t know how effective that ad is doing so that is number one is you know you’ve got to know your numbers if you’re doing advertising right now obviously got to know how effective is it. Is it working is it not working. Is the money well spent that sort of thing. OK so that was the first thing. What are they currently doing to market their business. And then the second thing was OK what are they doing on Facebook. You know are they doing anything on Facebook. Can as I asked him this question he just kind of looked at me blankly and decided shaking his head side to side.

[00:04:33] So they’re really not doing anything on Facebook and I asked him I took a quick look at their Web site. You know do they have the Facebook Pixel on their site. They actually do have the pixel on there which I was impressed with but they very likely don’t have any audiences set up so at least they do have the pixel there but they still need to obviously set those audiences up and the site is actually pretty good. I don’t these kind of stock images on the on the site like so many small businesses do which I don’t love. But overall it’s a very clean and very easy to navigate website. So that was a good thing. OK. Now on their Facebook presence it was very stagnant. They really haven’t updated it in quite some time. So I wanted to kind of get a sense of sort of where his thinking was with that. And he really just didn’t know what to be doing on there. And so I explained to him you know they’ve got to consistent content on there on a regular basis will kind of start there. So let me kind of just recap real quick. Number one I want to figure out what are they currently doing to market their business. Is it effective. If they’re you know they were or are running a special offer ad on Yelp but they didn’t know what you know they didn’t know how effective it was. Then we looked at you know what are they doing on Facebook or are they creating any kind of content and the page was very stagnant. So that came the first suggestion that was my first suggestion is I would do.

[00:05:58] I had mentioned to him I would do more consistent content and I’d be doing a lot of video. You know I’d be creating you know video content for their Facebook page and also for their instagram. You know I’d be doing both regular videos and also Facebook Live video. So that is number one sort of the foundation is get more consistent with getting content on their social media platforms specifically Facebook and Instagram. And I’d be doing it with video sort of regular style video. And also Facebook Live video now when it comes to that video I suggested to him that I would definitely do a branding style video. So just kind of a video about the practice you know showing the practice. Nothing too crazy. You know just grabbing the smartphone and starting to record and doing some behind the scenes look at the business maybe interviewing Sean who is the owner there why he started the business what his background is you know maybe interview some of the different people who work there because they do physical therapy chiropractic massage personal training there’s lots of different people who work there. So interview the different people who work there and again get why they love to work there what their background is what their specialty is that sort of thing. They could be interviewing clients and really showing the behind the scenes of the business in the studio there and how it works letting people see what it’s like to go there and what what it’s like to get help there. OK.

[00:07:29] And again he sorted the glaze over as I was talking about this and I just sort of reassured him like look you don’t have to be hiring this big video production crew and spending a ton of money grab your smartphone make sure you have decent audio on it but just start recording. You know and I recommended that he could just simply use something like the YouTube director app to make it a whole lot easier to create this video. So you know a few minutes sort of branding style video that that would tell the story about the practice. So that’s sort of the foundational video that I recommended for him. The next one was just start doing videos on helpful tips you know because they work with so many different disciplines their physical therapy and rehab and chiropractic and so forth. I mean they could be doing videos everything from like preventative injury prevention overcoming injuries working out like strength in strength exercises flexibility stuff like they could be doing all kinds of different helpful video clips. And again these don’t have to be long videos and they can be doing just sort of more like in stories or again Facebook lives of a quick clip. Videos around the studio and so forth. The people working out and and whatever again telling the story of what it’s like to go to this clinic here. OK. And then as they’re creating these videos as a screen this content of course then they’d want to be creating engagement audiences of people watching the videos so that they can then target them later. OK. So coming up with a video strategy here that’s not overly complicated just using their simple you know iPhone or Android device whatever they have.

[00:09:21] Again getting some good audio and just using something as simple as like YouTube director app to make it really easy and guide them through creating that video. And then of course whenever we’re doing videos we want to make sure we’re creating those engagement audiences so that we can retarget them at a later point. OK so then once they’ve created some helpful content I would then look at coming up with some offers that they can use to attract their ideal clients to to the practice there. And as I mentioned they do a bunch of different things there like a physical therapy rehab chiropractic massage personal training. They do something called Feldon across there. So there’s lots of different opportunities to come up with different offers like 50 percent off your first session or you know free consultations or free sessions when you buy a package or whatever it might be. They have lots of different opportunities there to come up with different offers to attract their ideal audience to their practice. Okay. So content first and just started starting to get into. It’s not like they have to you know record a whole bunch of content before they come up with these offers it just sort of sort of the like strategic priorities I recommended for him you know get some content going and it be coming up with some offers that they can use to to attract their ideal audience and then once they’ve created some content and come up with those offers to test out I recommended that they need to be really crystal clear on who their ideal target audience is exactly who they want to be attracting into their practice. OK.

[00:10:56] And again completely relevant for all of us here being really really clear in who we want to be attracting into our into our business who is our ideal target audience. So coming up with that content and creating that content on a consistent basis coming up with the offers that we’re going to test out being crystal clear on our target audience and then once they’ve done those things I would then be looking to amplify the content that created the video content recruiting to those audiences. So the audiences that they have identified as their ideal target audience so ample are amplifying that that video content to those people putting some dollars behind it. Running some Facebook ads to show that content to their target audience and then also remember they’re building engagement audiences to which they can then use to retarget people with offers so if they’re you know putting that video content out there building those engagement audiences they can turn around and retarget those people who are consuming those videos with special offers. OK. Now as far as the advertising goes I would be sort of using that branding video as the foundation of their Facebook ads the video the branding video that we talked about before are you running that on a consistent basis literally for just a couple of dollars a day targeting the local Hillcrest area here in San Diego. Now in addition to that so that’s sort of your foundation for your Facebook ads. In addition to that I would be running targeted ads you know with those offers where they’re rotating and testing those various offers that they’ve got available to them. And remember they’ve got several different types of services that they offer.

[00:12:37] They can be testing out all the different types of offers in addition to that branding video that sort of the foundation. Okay. I’d be testing video ads I’d be testing regular image ads I’d be testing Carousel ads because they have multiple multiple services they at the clinic and the great thing is is that you don’t have to be spending a lot of money to be doing what they’re what what can be really effective for them I mentioned to him like look you could be spending maybe three to five hundred dollars a month on ads and seeing some really good results from it. And you know they could be spending like ten dollars a day to market the business with these special offers and then be tracking the success of these offers in these ads either through you know if they have a special Facebook only type of offer that’s very easily trackable or they could use offline events and be uploading their customer database into Facebook to track the success of their advertising via offline events. And the last part of it that I mentioned to him is they definitely want to make sure that they have a system and process in place for when people do come in to the clinic or when they call for the first time in there and having the front desk staff ask them have a process and system in place for the front desk staff so that they can be sure and ask these new potential clients where they learned about the business and how they got the offer that they are that they’re out there calling in or coming in about you know again it all starts you can bring leads in all day.

[00:14:14] But if you don’t have a good system system or process in place at the business or in your business then those you know that’s just a waste of money. So you’ve got to have a solid system and process in place for when somebody comes into the practice or calls into the business. So as you can see there’s lots of different things that they could be doing very simply to really frankly quickly gain a lot of traction here. More helpful organic content on Facebook and Instagram and I told him the easiest thing to be doing here is doing video and then doing some targeted ads testing different offers without having to spend a lot of money. And so he asked me as he listened to all that he said oh this sounds amazing. He’s like I completely agree with you. We do need to be doing this stuff. Let’s do it. And I said you know the next question for him was Well are you can do this yourself. Are you going to have somebody manager ads for you. And he said I think we should hire somebody to do that. So I was going to be helping him find that person so as to not do it himself but I did talk to him what I always talk about here on the podcast is you know him or somebody at the practice there should in the very least have enough knowledge about Facebook ads to make themselves dangerous so that when they do hire out you know they are able to check that person’s work and know you’ll speak the language and know what they’re looking at and stuff like that. Don’t go in this blindly.

[00:15:45] We talk about that a lot here on the show. So that is the conversation that is the sort of the outline of the conversation I had with him. And again the strategies that I’ve just gone through are relevant for for many many many different types of businesses not just you know not just a physical therapy and personal training clinic like we’ve been talking about here. So what I want you to do is take from this discussion what jumped out at you and apply it to your own business or to those that you’re managing as managing ads for. So I hope this was helpful for you like I mentioned I’m going to be doing this more about take a business and share with you how I would market it on Facebook and Instagram if it makes sense and kind of take you through my thought process on that. So I’d love your feedback. Let me know what you thought about this type of episode here. And speaking of feedback if you would like to win a 30 minute strategy session with me I’d love to hear from you over on Facebook Messenger. All you have to do is give me your feedback on this podcast and specifically I know what did you think about an episode like this. I’d like to hear what you like to hear more of on the show topics guests style of the show. You know frequency length. Any ideas that you’d like to share with me. I’d love to hear them from you too. So to share your ideas and feedback with me message me over on Facebook and I’ve set up a quick redirect link for you.

[00:17:11] Just go to Rick Mulready dot com forward slash messenger and that will pop your facebook messenger and you can message me right there with your ideas and feedback when I’m going to do is pick one person at random at the end of each month to win a free 30 minute strategy call with me we can talk about your Facebook ads growing your business marketing strategy growing a team whatever it is you like to talk about we can cover it during that 30 minute strategy call. So hit me up over on messenger Rick Mulready dot com forward slash Messenger with your feedback about the podcasts here. And thanks in advance for doing that really appreciate me you give me your feedback and thank you so much also for listening to the show today.

[00:17:56] Really appreciate it. Another great episode coming your way. Coming up in Episode number 175. So until then my friends as always keep testing your pay traffic to find out what works for you and your business. And then do more of what’s working. See you in the next episode.