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#122: Case Study: Creating Local Business Offers that Convert with Mike Barnet

February 1, 2017

As a listener of The Art of Paid Traffic, you might know that one of my favorite things to do is case study my students and to highlight the successes they are getting.  

On today’s show, I talk with Mike Barnet, who’s up to big things in the local business marketing space.

Mike has effectively used his skills as a videographer (honed through years in the television industry) and his knowledge of Facebook ad strategies to get amazing results for his local clients.

Today we dive head first into two campaigns he’s recently done for a local pizza restaurant…

The first campaign gave them one of their best weeks in sales ever and in the second campaign, Mike spent just $130 on ads which generated over $500 in revenue.,

As you’ll hear, Mike proves that the myth that you need large budgets for your Facebook ad spends to see results is simply just that… a myth.

A big part of what we discuss is why the offer is so important. Often business owners think that their ideal client is just going to magically appear, but without an offer that can attract your ideal audience, this just isn’t going to happen.

And since he’s building his own Facebook ads business, Mike also shares details about his pricing strategy and how he gets his clients.  

Whether you’re managing ads for other business or not, you’re gonna get a ton out of this episode.

In Today’s Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The types of campaigns Mike ran for the local pizza restaurant that got him such great results
  • The offers that that generated these results
  • How Mike gets his clients and the pricing strategy he’s currently using
  • The realization that Mike made that led to him create a business that serves others
  • Why a strong call to action isn’t just nice to have, it’s a necessity…
  • Do you need hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to execute a successful Facebook ads campaign?
  • How going too high-end when it comes to video quality can actually hurt your campaign, especially if the business is local
  • How Mike’s strategy for targeting birthdays via Facebook helped one of his clients boost sales – while growing their email list
  • And more…

To accompany this episode, I’ve put together a free PDF checklist for you…

The Ideal Client Checklist lists everything you need to consider BEFORE bringing someone on as a client.  

This checklist will make sure you’re setting yourself up for success right from the start when working with clients.

To download your Ideal Client Checklist, simply click the image below:

Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Check out the special case study page that Mike put together just for AOPT listeners here: www.iheartkitsap.biz/aopt

Listen to one of the more popular AOPT episodes on building a Facebook ads business: Robb Bailey episode: rickmulready.com/111

Pat Flynn’s site: smartpassiveincome.com

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Transcription of Today’s Episode

[00:00:00] The lightbulb moment for me was really discovering that I needed to make like direct response ads. So like whether that be like a limited time offer or come in here and mention this on a local level that’s what it was. Watch the video and then do this.

[00:00:23] This is the show where I bring you the best tips tactics and strategies for using paid traffic to grow your business on autopilot.

[00:00:29] You’ll also hear what’s working and not working right now from the top minds in online marketing so that you can get more leads and sales every day without having to empty your wall in the process. All right let’s jump into it.

[00:00:46] So one of my favorite things to do here in the podcast is to case study the work that my students are doing a lot of my students who when they join either one of my programs or start working with me and my six month small group coaching intensive they come to me and they say Rick I want to be your next case study on the podcast or I am going to be your next case study on the podcast and I’m like oh let’s do it. Game on here. And that always excites me to hear that so I’m really excited to welcome one of my students here on the podcast for today. Welcome to episode number one hundred and 22 everybody of the art paid traffic podcast. I’m Rick already. Hope this finds you well. Thanks a lot for coming to hang out with me today. And as I mentioned Mike Barnett is one of my students and he’s doing some really smart things with Facebook ads in the local business space. And I first met Mike back in December of 2016 so not too long ago he came to my FBA live event here in San Diego and I noticed what he was talking about what he was doing for local businesses and the types of results that he was getting. And my ears perked up because he was saying that you know he learned all this stuff from me and the podcasts and so forth and we kind of dove into what he was doing. And he’s actually now part of my current intensive.

[00:02:01] And so we’ve been able to really take a look at what he’s doing for his local business clients and it’s really really smart. So we’re going to get into all of that today. He’s a local videographer or I should say he kind of started off as a local videographer in Washington State and he’s now building a business managing Facebook ads for local businesses and he’s getting great results for these initial clients that he’s getting. So we dive into two campaigns specifically today that drove huge results for a local pizza restaurant that he was working with. Now the first campaign gave the restaurant one of their best weeks in sales ever in the second campaign. Mike spent just $130 on ads and that generated over 500 dollars in revenue for the pizza restaurant so we get into the types of campaigns that he ran to get these results. The offers that generated these results which is the really key thing I want to focus on today and the episode where our talk around offers it is so important to have an offer that’s going to attract your ideal audience. And frankly one of the things I see out there especially with local businesses is they’re so afraid to make an offer they want people to magically walk into the door or start you know start calling them up and you’ve got to have a really good offer that’s going to attract your ideal audience. We also talk about how Mike is getting his clients to build his business how much he’s charging his clients as he gets his business off the ground and a whole lot more.

[00:03:30] Before we dive into it with Mike if you’re considering starting your own business as a Facebook Ads manager or maybe you’re already doing that right now working with your ideal clients makes all the difference in the world. That’s why I put together a free PTF checklist for you. It’s the ideal client checklist where I listed out everything that you need to consider with potential clients before you bring them on as clients and this checklist is going to make sure that you’re setting yourself up for success right from the start. When working with clients so to download this ideal client checklist just go to show nauts page for today’s episode which is over at Rick Mulready dot com forward slash 1 2 2 Rick Mallery dot com forward slash one to two. All right without further ado let’s go hang out with Mike Barnett. Mike

[00:04:18] Barnett Welcome to the art of paid trappy podcast body. How’s it going man.

[00:04:22] Really well thanks for having me.

[00:04:24] I am super pumped to have you on here. And I met you for the first time in person at the FBA live that we had here in San Diego in. When was that early December 2016 and you were sharing some of the stories about what you’re up to from Case studies everything. I was like Man I’ve got to have you on the podcast to talk about this before we dive into you know what I’ve been doing and these are some of the cases that you tell me about share a little bit about who you are and what you have been up to.

[00:04:54] Oh sure. Yeah.

[00:04:55] Well I am a local videographer here in Cook County and which is just a little small county outside of Seattle across the water. And I work with local businesses and started like just making videos for them and trying to help them promote their business and get their message out. And as I was doing that I realized I could make nice looking videos I just couldn’t. The return for investment wasn’t stellar. And so I began my journey trying to figure out a better way to. My my skills for services but also give a better return for the client. And so that’s when I think I fell upon first. Pat Flynn just by accident because I was listed for stuff and this was probably about four years ago and I kept listening to him and eventually it got to you and you’re doing another that and I was just stoked I realized that’s what I needed to do and I listened for a long time but didn’t take any action. Being completely honest I was just nervous and scared to do so and it wasn’t until you recently said hey we’re doing this Facebook local MP lives here and I was like OK it’s time and so I signed up and was went through the training and devoured it and just went in full bore. And so now that I am there I started working on some case studies. And it’s been night and day from what was happening previously till now.

[00:06:22] So I want to kind of touch on a couple of things that you mentioned there but first with the videographer business how are you getting those clients and kind of like take us through what that sort of exchange look like when you were getting a client and kind of sharing with them what you could do for them kind of take us through that.

[00:06:41] Oh sure. So I kind of had some hometown advantage because I actually grew up here and I once I graduated from high school I left without the California and ultimately started working in television. And so I gained a lot of skills there. And then eventually I was ready to come home with my wife after our son was born and it came back home. And so I was just kind of able to go to the local businesses that I grew up kind of going to saying hey listen I have got these skills from doing television. I think I can help you grow your business. And here’s what I’ll do. So with the whole process of telling them what are we trying to accomplish. And things like that. I never was really able to give the thing that was missing which is so obvious now was like even called the actions and then really having a strong like what do you want them to do after they watch the video you know. But so the process was I’d have to grow up and kids up around me and they took a chance on a hometown kid.

[00:07:34] So you just kind of identify the businesses that you’ve gone to growing up. You went in there and explain to them what you were doing and just be like hey I think you know video can work really well for you guys. Were they paying you up front were you kind of doing the work to kind of prove that this would work. How did that work.

[00:07:49] Sure. Yeah when it first first started out it was I was definitely just kind of going in because we’re still trying to prove the concept I was going in and chatting with them and saying hey here’s what I can do. Do you want to try it. I’ll do it for a reduced rate. If anything we can actually use these commercials we can even use them on cable television. So it was a real way for them to have a reduced rate. And then also as well like if whatever advertising I did didn’t work out necessarily we get always resort to using local television. So that’s how it started. But then after I got the process down it became more of OK here’s what we do. Pay me up front and then I will deliver this to you.

[00:08:26] Got it. OK. So you were telling them you’re going to create a video for them and then use that video to market their business online. Exactly.

[00:08:33] And it was and before. Like before I actually started educating myself it was more of hey I can make this video it’s going to look great. And then we’ll put it online and people will find you which is not really the case. You know it was it started off like I said with flash. But even more so I ended up finding James Wedmore and took a course that he did on the creative live and it was basically video audio and that really opened my mind a ton and was like oh OK maybe I can do this and try to help people break higher in the search engines you know. Yeah. And that helped but it still wasn’t getting the absolute results that I was. I was hoping for at least by saying hey I can help your rank. I was able to offer them something tangible versus just marketing. You know right.

[00:09:16] But then from there you decided to get into more of a paid traffic like leveraging the video that you were creating and paid traffic to really kind of attract. Guy. That’s correct. Take us through that you mentioned that you were nervous and scared to take action. Yeah it’s something that a lot of people get. You know like a lot of people experience that so kind of take us through that as well as you were kind of getting started with the paid traffic part.

[00:09:39] Sure. So what I had realized even a few years ago like no one was really doing video and no one was really driving pay traffic. There were some I was doing some stuff on YouTube but there was no expression on Facebook no one’s really doing that. And it was such a rarity. And I was just in my spare time testing things just putting up videos on Facebook to see what would happen.

[00:09:59] And I was getting so many views expressed on the local level that I was realizing also that there’s something really here I just didn’t even though I got your course and I think I took someone else’s course. It was so much more focused on less of local and less on physical products and more on all my products I was having a hard time connecting you know. Yeah. And so the fear came in where I was like I would make these videos and and try to figure out how to create something that could work but I could never figure out anything. And I was burning my wheels and trying to figure out whether I use our editor or just the you know the ads manager or just how to even use the dashboard. And so I was getting so frustrated that I just like to throw my hands up and I quit because there was really no one saying hey here’s how you can kind of do local stuff so I did have the smarts or the time or maybe it was the fear that was paralyzing me that maybe I could figure out how to really do it.

[00:10:53] And so you take that step and this is not about the course at all. But you got into the course and you learned how to do that. So what was that sort of lightbulb moment for you that once you realize hey I can like all my experience that I’ve had up until now is really helping me.

[00:11:09] Now we can kind of hone in on the local business level what was that sort of light bulb moment for you of the light bulb moment for me was really discovering that I needed to make like direct response ads. So like whether that be like a limited time offer or come in here and mention this on a local level. That’s what it was. Watch the video and then do this and I know you’re even think about it now. That was even kind of the same thing before and the other courses I had taken. But for some reason it just clicked this time. Yeah. Oh OK I can do this. So it was just recognizing that I needed to for local businesses have them do. There’s a few things you can go by but at least to get sales going. It always appeared to me and my experience now to do a direct response type of THAT GOT IT.

[00:11:55] Got it. And so when you say direct response in this instance here that you’re talking about what does that look like. Because I know that we’re going to we are going to talk about a couple of case that is very specifically but what specifically are you talking about here when it comes to a local business.

[00:12:10] So for a local business a very simple one would be for a limited time.

[00:12:14] Our wings are three bucks come in now to try. Got it. So that’s it. So is the offer. Yes.

[00:12:23] Yeah I mean so many. I mean working with so many local business owners myself who were in the program one of the questions I get asked all the time is what should my offer be. And you know it’s one of those questions where I’m like why can give you some ideas. You’re the business owner you know your business better than anybody. And so you know what you can offer what kind of offer that you can make to get people in the door whether that is your goal or not because it could be like maybe your personal trainer and you want you know you have your middle of the day available and you want to fill three or four spots every day or something regardless of whatever it is that your business is you know what it is you want to achieve. And coming up with an offer that aligns with that is what’s going to allow you to do that. And it sounds like that’s sort of the aha moment that you had as you know as far as like oh you know what these videos need to focus on some sort of call the action some sort of you know look this is the offer and we want you to do this in order to get this correct.

[00:13:24] And once you started to do that what did you see kind of happen while it was going to say it was almost immediate but it was definitely like I was seeing responses do we just want to hop in the case now or do you want me to show. Well I don’t know. We’re vague Yeah.

[00:13:38] Let’s we’ll get into the case study because I want I do want to talk more about sort of what your experience is like getting the business going from an ADS management perspective. So it’s what we’ll get it in a case that he’s there.

[00:13:51] The one that really turned out really well for me is it’s a local pizza place that I eat at too much. They have this amazing amazing brick fired pizza and they’re friends of mine. And so after taking your course they’re the first people that I approached about trying to use the new things I had learned. And so what we simply did was create like again it was for a limited time any of their pizzas were $9 and all they had to do was come in and mention the Facebook ad and it was nine bucks. And so what we did is because I wasn’t even ready to do an ad we just did a boosted post and the boosted post ran for you know a short amount of time I think we ran it from September late September to about mid October and we spent thirty bucks I believe on the boost to post overall and during that time frame they had some of the best sales that they’ve had since they had a review in the local paper months and months a month two months prior and their reviews on Yelp went skyrocketing. And really during the time during that time it was it was amazing and like they showed me like their sales chart. And you can see that definite spike from as soon as we posted that boosted post to the end of the run. It was incredible and really like it was like a real pat on the back for me I was like oh was so awesome to see this work. But what I did because I know boosting isn’t necessarily the best but I so wanted to get involved.

[00:15:26] I retargeted those people who had watched the video and 95 percent of the video and sent them another ad that was a reminder to hey come in this is you know limited and that as well had so thousands of views and tons of shares. And for this area of so I think the combination of that boosted video post with the retargeting Yeah allowed them to have awesome results.

[00:15:52] So you just boosted it to that pizzerias fans.

[00:15:56] Is that right to the page. Correct. That’s all I did. So I boosted the fans on there. Actually it was fans of the page and their friends is what I Bosso. And then I retargeted to the people on that fan page would watch 95 percent of the video.

[00:16:10] Got it. Now I’m looking at what I’m looking at stats and we’re going to share later on here at the end of episode how people can come check out as you put together this page here of just like stats and an example of the videos that we’re talking about here. So we’ll see how people can get that. But I’m looking at this and I’m seeing that your video ad very like how did you target this. From an age perspective and I’m putting you on the spot. I didn’t tell you is going to ask you this but your recall how you targeted from an age perspective and the reason I’m asking is because on the ad here your entire ad copy has three words pizza beer and whiskey. And then you have your video which it looks like really really well done you know a higher quality but not like this massive production or anything like that. Did you target anyone one plus I’m just curious about you’re in.

[00:17:03] Yeah I did target 21 plus and I actually had to change it because the first time I boosted it Facebook there was like no you know because it was for 18. Right. I had recognized it so it was a good lesson for me to learn so I rebooted it and I did it was 21 it got to. Yep.

[00:17:19] And you had over 22000 people reach over 13000 views on it. You had 295 reactions comments and shares all with a 30 dollar spent to boost this post do you recall how many fans they had on the page when you started this.

[00:17:37] I believe they had less than fifteen hundred less than fifteen hundred.

[00:17:43] OK. So not all. Not a lot. And these are you know obviously people are sharing this you know getting getting other people too. And I’m looking at the number here 34 shares and so people are sharing sharing the video because it’s such a great offer. You also have a screen shot here on the page of the sales and you have this massive spike during that time. I love this what was there. What was the client’s reaction. Obviously I mean this was really successful for them. What was the client’s reaction to this.

[00:18:12] I loved it because like my bros. You know my friend so they were kind of like yeah I’m like Let’s do it. You know whatever. You know and once we started getting responses it was exciting to see them be super excited you know so like we’re like what this is like any for viewership.

[00:18:27] And like I know all of us were in the marketing world online and like it’s really great to get those pretty views but like they’re freakin out there right.

[00:18:35] There is no way that you can only spend a penny and make this every turn you know several years now. Yeah yeah yeah.

[00:18:43] And you mentioned that one of the challenges that a lot of local businesses have when they’re thinking about running ads like this running Facebook ads is like how do you track it. How do you track the success. And you mentioned that say hey come on in and mention that you saw the ad on Facebook is that right. Correct. They keep track of that like do they have some sort of system at the business itself that were they were keeping track of that. How’d that work.

[00:19:09] You know for this particular promotion you know we were kind of really just fine but if she ever passed on it trying to figure it out you know I wish I wish we would have taken better numbers.

[00:19:19] But I can only. And they would only ascribe the spike in sales to that video because that’s the only form of promotion that we did during those two.

[00:19:27] OK. OK. How did they do. Speaking of other forms of promotion do they do any kind of other advertising like you know like the local mailer or the like the coupons you get in the mail or do they do anything like that.

[00:19:38] You know they hadn’t been I think they were. I know they are going to do some newspaper stuff but they really weren’t doing that prior. They really weren’t doing that much advertised.

[00:19:48] Got it. OK. OK. I mean I asked that question because that’s something that comes up a lot too when talking with people who are managing ads for local businesses is that one thing I encourage people to do is really make sure that you’re tracking all the different marketing channels that that local business is doing you know whether it’s ad words whether it’s you know the paper or radio or billboards or weekly mailers whatever it is so that you can compare how well your Facebook ads are doing from an hour away and spending everything compared to those other channels. Now before we start talking about this second case study that you have here because it’s the same business did you get paid to do this. First this first campaign for them because they were your friends or how did you what did you do there.

[00:20:34] Pizza pizza and high fives. Not I would say it’s not going to put food on the table.

[00:20:44] Literally it is pretty. So yeah. Is it were you just went into them because like hey like I I want to help you guys out. I want to try something out for you guys.

[00:20:52] Yeah. Yeah. And again like I knew those guys for Bryer. So like it was just browes saying hey you know let’s try this and see what happens. OK.

[00:21:00] And for the video did you just how do you shoot that did you shoot it on your phone what kind of what you got.

[00:21:06] No I did not shoot that on my phone but I have shot stuff on my iPhone so I would still very much suggest that you do that. But for this particular video I shut it down. Yes.

[00:21:16] OK. OK. But again nothing super nothing super fast.

[00:21:20] Yeah I try very much especially with local businesses. I try not to make it look too high end because you want to keep it to a certain degree you don’t want to make it seem like these guys are super high production value because it kind of ruins the experience of being local. So it’s a fine line. You’ve got to walk when you’re doing local advertising. I want to make it seem too cheap and local. But at the same time you don’t want to make it look too high. Does that make sense.

[00:21:43] Yeah absolutely. It’s such a great that’s such a great point. You did a video game. Yeah you did another video for them. Take us through the second case that you did for them.

[00:21:52] OK. So the second case study was really built on some ideas that I gotten from other people and in particular Rob Bailey who was on your show I consulted with him and took some ideas from what he had suggested and kind of change it and made it my own. But I’m calling it the birthday funnel and the idea was to market to people having birthdays in that particular week interest that you can select on Facebook in the audience. And so it’s yeah it’s people having birthdays this week. So the idea was to market a free pizza to anyone having a birthday to get them as a lead to come into the restaurant you know to have pizza. And the hope was that they were going to one they would join the contact list. And then too the hope was that they would actually bring in people with them to kind of compensate the sale of that one pizza and that free pizza. Actually that’s a loss leader.

[00:22:49] Got it. OK. And so you targeted people both men and women interest. People having birthdays this week in a geographic radius around the pizza restaurant he did this I noticed noticing on mobile and desktop news feed now. Was this another boost or did you actually do an ad on this.

[00:23:06] No this was I went back and I went through the training that you know and I really was like OK I’m going to try to do an ad I have to make this happen. So that’s what I did. I actually went to the steps to make it an actual ad. So yeah that’s what it was.

[00:23:21] So was this for them to test those is the name of the pizza place. So how did they track this one here. How did you track the success of this.

[00:23:30] Yeah. So how it works is that there’s the commercial hey happy birthday you know come in for the free pizza or go here to do so. So once you clicked on it you went to the landing page and on the landing page you gave you a few steps that was first to watch the video if you hadn’t watched the video. The second was to tell us where to send you your free pizza.

[00:23:50] And then from that would pop up the sign up page. So I asked for their name asked for their email and I also asked for their phone number. So once I got that information we’d automatically send them the voucher for the pizza and then oh and also on that pop up so as to what day are you going to come in to redeem your pizza. And so once I got that information the day before they were scheduled to come in I would text them and say hey we’re stoked to sing happy birthday to you. Bring your friend so that we can make sure we hear them singing for you. You know so yeah. So that’s what we did. So when they would come in they would just simply show their ID and then show the coupon that we sent them on the smart phone. So nothing too elaborate but just show us your birthday and then show me their coupon and then we’d give them the free pizza.

[00:24:41] Now your cost per lead on this. You spend $5 a day total of about $130. So not not a lot your price per lead range between 33 cents and 47 sentence which is which is amazing. You kind of asked for a lot of information on that landing page. Do you recall what that what the conversion rate was once people went on the page and put you on the spot here.

[00:25:05] You’re putting me on the spot so let’s see here. I can’t say you know that I know we reached about 9000 people and there was about 200 in about 80 clicks to the Web site about. Yeah. And so ultimately we had the official numbers from when I was there when I spoke with the guys at the restaurant. We ended up getting 60 people onto their e-mail list contact list. OK. But ultimately there was the official numbers were 14 people who came in to redeem and their average ticket was about $37. So in total they made $500 and 32 cents OK so I’m spending 130 over that time frame. They made $500.

[00:25:48] OK. So in about 280 clicks to the Web site 60 of those people actually opted in gave you their information the email and phone number so about a 20 percent conversion or so on the winning page which is good. Fourteen of those people actually redeemed that free pizza. Let you mentioned just kind of recapping what you said here. The average table spend was a little over $37 for a grand total of about $500. Yeah. And you spend $130 on your ads.

[00:26:19] Yep. And I can’t say like won’t give the unofficial total. But like when I was working with the guys they really didn’t have some of the stuff was it like really sold or actually actively participating in collecting the information.

[00:26:32] So they actually made more than that a bit more than that but because you know they were officially able to officially track in those numbers they can I don’t want to share those numbers so it’s actually a lot better than what I’m telling you now. But even with what I’m telling you though I think it was a great experiment.

[00:26:51] Yeah I mean right now it’s about 5 x the spend. You’re saying that it’s actually a lot more than that which is correct which is really good which brings up a good you know it’s a good lesson there and on a couple of different things like if you are a local business listening to this it’s one of those like if you’re going to run Facebook ads or promote your business you have to have if you’ve got employees at your business and lake where someone’s going actually going to walk in or call you. You’ve got to have a system in place so that you know all this the effort and the money that you’re spending on your ads doesn’t go like you can have all kinds of traffic coming in. But if you don’t have the system in place once somebody walks in or calls the business it’s all for not like you have to have a system in place for and a process for take in these you know incoming calls or people walking into the business here. Another thing Mike that you’re talking about here is very common that you don’t always get the entire picture. You don’t always get all the information from the business that you’re working with. So you kind of have to do the best that you can with the information that you are getting and you kind of experience that and granted it was you know what you heard after it was like even better results but just the lesson here is you’re not always going to get the information the full picture if you will from the business. Right.

[00:28:12] So did they pay you for this one or was it more pizza and more High-Fives it was more pizza more High-Fives.

[00:28:18] However from that I was able to figure out a good way to charge future clients which I’ve done OK and I’m doing now. So it was well worth for me investing the time and these guys to figure out how I could actually make a business model out of it in the future.

[00:28:34] OK. So now I want to talk about that because what you’ve done here and most people do. You got pizza and high fives. Most people do you know their first few campaigns to kind of get their feet wet. And they do it for free. I mean yes you are doing it for free but you were getting you know you’re getting something out of it but you’re getting the experience you’re getting like you showing them that this stuff works. Most people when they’re just starting out and they’re just looking for you know the first few clients you know I encourage them to kind of take the approach that you’ve taken here where you go into a business that you know that you can help and just be like look like let’s try this out. You know no skin off your back. You pay for the ads. And let me show you that this can work. You did that with two different campaigns here. Now you’re kind of taking this experience and you know moving into other businesses and growing your ads management business. Are you staying with the restaurants or are you bitching down. How are you getting new customers and what types of new customers are you focusing on.

[00:29:34] Right so the plan is for the next few months here to really focus on getting it down with restaurants. Okay. And just staying in that vertical for a while there are other direct response or offer based campaigns that I’m working on I really like. Let us make dinner for you. So like the takeout campaign. OK. So things like that.

[00:29:56] So I’m really wanting. I feel like there’s a lot that I can experiment in for these next you know three to four months to really get that down. And once I understand that then I will try to move to another vertical whether that be health or even maybe jewelry you know. But so I’m still trying to figure that out. So right now I’m just I’m going to sit down.

[00:30:16] I love that you’re doing that because it’s like you mentioned the talk to Rob Bailey Rob Bailey is one of my former students. He was a guest on the podcast episode 111. So Rick Mulready dot com forward slash 111. You know we talked about how he built his ads management business and one thing that he’s done very very well that has really added to his success and really kind of sped up his success if you will is the fact that he’s niche down and you know it sounds you’re doing that here with restaurants Mike which I love the fact that you’re doing it because you can take the result that you got from you know Tesla’s pizza here and move them into other restaurants and be like hey this is what I did for them. This is what I can do. You know for you and then this is what this is what goes into all that. Now before we get into like how you’re charging and how you came up with that stuff you mentioned as far as like offers go like you know I forget exactly what you said as far as like you know we’ll cook for you tonight or something like that. Are you going to these restaurants with offers in mind or are you just having that discussion up front because again you know for people who are starting out with their ads management and approaching businesses they often assume that you know the local business knows you know what kind of thing that they can offer but that’s not always the case unfortunately.

[00:31:30] We’re talking about before so how are you approaching that.

[00:31:32] Yeah. So generally when I go in I have about three different campaigns that I can offer them to do. OK.

[00:31:40] But with that said I first want to figure out what they need and what they want first. Like they may want to and this is how I figured out about doing the takeout part talking to another restaurant they wanted to increase their takeout. So I was like Oh I hadn’t thought of that so often I’ll say hey these are things I can do. But what do you want to see. What do you want to see grow what do you want to actually is or area that shooting or something you want to have grow or is it an area that’s not doing so well that you want to see better. So it’s a combination of talking you know sometimes they go for the offers that I have or we’ll create something completely different.

[00:32:17] Got it. And are you approaching it from or are you sticking with the videos or how are you. How are you going or not.

[00:32:22] I’m also doing the videos because that’s what I think my unique proposition that I can offer and then I can also do image and retargeting if they like or if they want to get funky and do another you know retargeting video that’s fine too. You know I’m definitely trying to sell the fact that I can make videos and that has me stand out a bit in comparison to maybe the other forms of advertising.

[00:32:44] Got it. Take us through that conversation though. So when you’re having a cup or you’re coming in there you’re approaching a new restaurant you’re sitting down with the manager who or whoever it is the owner and having that conversation with them you’re talking about the offers that you potentially could have or you’re hearing from them what their goals are what is that conversation kind of take us through that what that conversation looks like and where. I’d love to hear from you is because. Because so many my experiences so many business owners have these just crazy expectations and you know they want it like OK if you can do this in the next two weeks great. Otherwise we’re not going to waste our time and money. How does that end when it’s really that’s not reality. What’s that conversation look like for you.

[00:33:31] You know what I found a short amount of time is that I need to focus on restaurants that are one used to advertising man to maybe have multiple chains that are smaller or at least understand the importance of advertising in general and have a budget to do so because it’s less of a time of educating on why it’s just more so. Yes you’re advertising why don’t you try this versus trying to get them to think oh I got to open my watch why I don’t have this money anyway. I’m going to find it. You know and it has to work right away. So that’s how I’ve gotten past trying to convince people to advertise was just I just look for people who are already advertising. So we’re doing that. You know there’s like the value packs that you can look at and you know see who’s there. You

[00:34:16] can do all my research you know of like the mid-level local restaurants. There’s a few that are kind of mid-level they’re not national chains but they’ve got a few chains here in the state and locally that I can reach out to things like that. Got as you do on the ground work up front. Correct. I

[00:34:34] love it. I love it. And going back to like the Val pack and that’s that. I couldn’t think. I’ve been trying to remember that name what the name what that thing is called for weeks now. You just saw that man with the alpaca I mean that’s a great example of what we’re talking about before where you know it’s like hey do you know what your are A-Y is on on the Valproic.

[00:34:53] You know you’re spending X amount of dollars to be in the value packaging and these coupons out do you know what your are A-Y is and that’s. Now you can take that information and compare it to the result that you’re getting with Facebook ads. Yup yup. Take us through charging. How are you coming up with how you’re charging the businesses and then what does that conversation look like.

[00:35:15] Yeah right now I’m still keeping it fairly low because I’m trying to figure out it’s mostly a lot of testing but it’s $500 really a month plus or ad spend for me to manage. And then depending on if they want to video there’s a fee on top of that to create video of still working that out. You know that’s how it goes.

[00:35:33] And what’s the reaction. What’s the reaction kind of Ben when you do bring that up you know say hey it’s $500 a month plus whatever the ad spend it is that you want to but you want to what’s generally been the reaction from the businesses they’re talking to it’s very it’s.

[00:35:47] It’s either been a while it’s a lot or. OK let’s try it and the people here well that’s a lot I either figure out a way to talk my way out of it or keep it very short and try to lower their expectations very quickly just to let them know listen you have to spend and if you’re not I can’t spend the time to try to convince you to do so. So I don’t want to I don’t want it to be arduous on you. I don’t want to be are just all me.

[00:36:11] So it’s a kind backpedal. OK.

[00:36:15] And are you having these conversations in person or you are the NCAA generally because you know there are local people. I’m just you know reach out to them first either making a phone call or via e-mail. Luckily I can kind of show them my work a private so they kind of go oh that’s that’s kind of cool when differences are low and then go from there you know. And also because again I really sell them a local guy you grew up there.

[00:36:39] So I have had the culture of being here. You know that helps. Yeah.

[00:36:43] You’re hustlin man you’re pounding the pavement getting the stuff done. Yeah I love it. I love it. See the $500 a month up front plus the the ad spend plus if you do a video for them you’re charging them for that. Correct. What other kind of challenges have you come up against. You know outside of like proving the concept. Are there any other challenges that you come up against as far as just kind of getting this business going for yourself where you’re managing ads for local businesses.

[00:37:10] You know it’s sometimes the ads don’t work or sometimes something the walky more you know. You know sometimes it’s working with personalities you know. So it’s those are the small things that are. I feel like you’re just airing them out and then just me figuring out what it means to be an agency. Still like figuring that part out too you know. So it’s mostly those kind of things but mostly I’ve found that I’ve been successful because I love to learn and I’m also trying to teach these clients what I do as well so if they think they want to do it later it might be a way for them to come back to me later as a consultant. Yeah. You know so I’ve been doing that. That helps a ton. And it also just helps me go Oh yeah. It reminds me that that’s what I needed it. You know what I need to do. So it’s really just I’m just repeating myself by not teaching them and it’s getting easier each time.

[00:38:01] Correct. You do this. Yeah. Are you are requiring like a certain amount of time that like you know like a three month commitment or is this just month to month or how are you sort of setting that up.

[00:38:12] Yeah like I said all right I’m still figuring it out. But right now it’s just kind of not so much. OK. You know OK.

[00:38:17] I love it man. I love it. You’ve done so so well. So I want to let people know where they can go check out this. You put together this amazing page which has examples of the videos that you did for test use pizza. Has the two case studies that we talked about examples of the ads and stuff like that where can people check that out.

[00:38:36] Yeah. So if you go to my Web site which is I heart kits up that’s K I T S A P is forward slash a o p t r I’ll say traffic.

[00:38:47] Ok cool. I heart kit sap. BIZ slash AAPT. I’ll be sure and link that up on the show notes for the episode today. Mike thanks so much for taking us through this. Man you are doing amazingly well and I’m looking forward to seeing you know sort of where this takes you and I have zero doubt. As I told you when we met in person in December I have zero doubt that you are going to have more clients than you know what to do here. You’re going to have a team work for you. You know if this is all what you want of course I have no doubt I should say that this is coming to you very very quickly because the type of work that you’re putting in the hostel that you’re doing isn’t just a good dude and you’re doing such a good job for these people so congratulation and thanks so much for coming on the show.

[00:39:31] Oh I really appreciate those kind words and the encouragement and I have to tell you bad.

[00:39:35] This is like it’s odd for me to be on your show because I remember thinking just way back even four years ago never even thinking I would remotely ever speak with you so. And here you are man. Wow podcast. Wow. Amazing yeah. Thank you sir. You bet. Thanks buddy.

[00:39:51] All right I hope this episode today with Mike was helpful for you as I mentioned the top of the show if you’re considering starting your own business as a Facebook Ads manager or maybe you already have a business right now working with your ideal clients makes all the difference in the world. That’s why I put together a free PTF checklist for you. It’s the ideal client checklist where I’ve listed out everything you need to consider with potential clients before you bring them on as clients. This checklist is going to make sure that you’re setting yourself up for success right from the start. When working with clients to download this ideal client checklist. Just go to the show not page for today’s episode which is over at Rick Mulready dot com forward slash one to two. Also there on the show notes page you’ll find the link that Mike mentioned where he’s put together a page with the case studies of the examples that we talked about today including results the targeting that he used and he included the videos that he use for these ads. Now actually since we recorded this episode I’ve been talking a lot with Mike because as I mentioned the top of the show he’s in my six month small group coaching intensive. And since we did this interview in I think it was early January when we did this. He’s building his business really really quickly. He’s got I think he told me like three or four brand new clients that are paying him more than pizza and high fives. And he’s doing a really good job in building his business so he’s definitely one to watch.

[00:41:16] This is something that you’d like to do also again the shout outs for the episode say to get all the links and everything that we talked about here today is Rick Mulready dot com forward slash one to two.

[00:41:27] So thank you so much again for listening to the episode today really appreciate it. Got a lot of great episodes coming your way in the upcoming week. So until then my friends keep testing your paid traffic to find out what works for you and your business and do more of what’s working. And I’ll see you in the next episode.

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